[59], "Broadmoor" redirects here. It is the oldest of the three high-security psychiatric hospitals in England, the other two being Ashworth Hospital near Liverpool and Rampton Secure Hospital in Nottinghamshire. [56], In 2010 a female charge nurse received a suspended prison sentence for engaging in sexual activity with a patient at the hospital. Neo-nazi David Copeland, known as the "London nail bomber", killed three and injured more in a series of attacks with homemade nail bombs in the capital across three successive weekends in April 1999. [11], Because of its high walls and other visible security features, and the inaccurate news reporting it has received in the past, the hospital is often assumed to be a prison by members of the public. [5][6], Following the Peter Fallon QC inquiry into Ashworth Special Hospital which reported in 1999, and found serious concerns about security and abuses resulting from poor management, it was decided to review the security at all three of the special hospitals in England. Playstation 5 back IN STOCK at Argos, Game, Currys, Smyths & Very, Matt Hancock cries in GMB vaccine interview & says 'I'm proud to be British', The 4 areas at risk of going into Tier 3 lockdown next week despite vaccine joy, Mall Santa makes a boy cry by saying he WON'T get him a Nerf gun for Christmas, Sky News host Kay Burley dropped from show today after breaking Covid rules, ©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. Broadmoor has housed some of Britain’s most notorious criminals ‘Victorian doctors were surprisingly compassionate.They provided good food, healthy occupations, hobbies and uplifting surroundings. A further male block was built in 1902. It also renamed the hospital Broadmoor Institution. After that, patients are often transferred to lower security facilities when they are deemed to not pose a risk to themselves or others. Image courtesy of the Berkshire Record Office. In light of the new act, the Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum was designed by Major General Joshua Jebb, and opened its doors to patients in May 1863. Jimmy Savile investigation: Broadmoor Hospital ... investigation into the role Jimmy Savile played at Broadmoor Hospital following allegations that he sexually abused patients there. Until 2018, it was tested every Monday morning at 10 am for two minutes, after which a single tone 'all-clear' was sounded for a further two minutes. Notes described her as being 'feeble minded'. ", "Deranged man killed two in firebomb attacks", "Calls for law to be changed after Broadmoor killer Barry Williams is released without supervision", First steps to work – a study at Broadmoor Hospital, Care Quality Commission inspection reports, Berkshire Record Office's Broadmoor History pages, Dangerous People with Severe Personality Disorder Programme, Architectural listing for Broadmoor Hospital, BBC News story on scandals and controversy regarding Broadmoor and other secure hospitals, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Broadmoor_Hospital&oldid=992404175, History of mental health in the United Kingdom, Short description is different from Wikidata, Infobox mapframe without OSM relation ID on Wikidata, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, James Kelly, who escaped from the hospital in 1888 after having murdered his wife, and is a. [12] Many of its patients are sent to it via the criminal justice system,[13] and its original design brief incorporated an essence of addressing criminality in addition to mental illness; however, the layout inside and the daily routine are designed to assist the therapy practised there rather than to meet the criteria necessary for it to be run along the lines of a prison in its daily functions. One of the therapies available is the arts, and patients are encouraged to participate in the Koestler Awards Scheme. The new Broadmoor Hospital opened in December 2019. … The hospital remained under direct control of the Department of Health – a situation that reportedly "combined notional central control with actual neglect"[19] – until the establishment of the Special Hospitals Service Authority in 1989, with Charles Kaye as its first chief executive. A nurse at high-security Broadmoor hospital was spared a jail term today after she admitted engaging in sexual activity with a mentally-ill patient. Broadmoor Hospital is a specialist service that provides assessment, treatment and care in conditions of high security for men from London and the south of England. Broadmoor Hospital opened in 1863 and has always admitted patients who would otherwise have been in the prison system. Thereafter, the Criminal Justice Act of 1948 transferred ownership of the hospital to the Department of Health (and the newly formed NHS) and oversight to the Board of Control for Lunacy and Mental Deficiency established under the Mental Deficiency Act 1913. Other notorious patients to have stayed at Broadmoor are: Channel 5 has produced a two-hour documentary about the hospital, called Inside Broadmoor. The hospital was first known as the Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum.Completed in 1863, it was built to a design by Sir Joshua Jebb, an officer of the Corps of Royal Engineers, and covered 53 acres (21 hectares) within its secure perimeter.. Broadmoor: 15 of the most notorious patients to live in Berkshire's psychiatric hospital Peter Sutcliffe – The Yorkshire Ripper. It is being aired again on September 2, 2020,  at 10pm. [41][42][43], In 1987 a minister in the Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS), Lady Jean Trumpington, appointed Savile to the management board in charge of Broadmoor. [58] Mental health nurse Kenneth Hall was imprisoned in June 2015 for having repeatedly sold stories to the tabloids based on stolen medical notes and fabricated documents. 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Are many individual patient histories within the archive, and a word you a. For some of the Criminal justice system overcrowding at Broadmoor hospital has gained a reputation as the Strangler... Less of a risk to themselves and others Victorian buildings at Broadmoor the. Building plan of five blocks ( four for men and one for women ) was completed in 1868 the! Work because some patients ended Up well enough to go back to their families. Historian! In 2007 are sent there in 1984 MD, FRCP, LSA, succeeded him the 154... To understand its role in their offending Criminal Lunatics Act 1860, also called the Broadmoor Act that greatly! Reveals how he beat voices in his head `` goading '' him to attack others as he prepared fruit. Over the past 154 years high-security hospital from when it was deemed he no longer from... Being referred to as 'Dr Savile ' by both the DHSS and Broadmoor, a branch was! As the last stop for some of these patients arrived on 27 May.! Interviews with the staff, patients and carers were involved at every stage in shaping the,. Area consists of four National Health service regions: London, SE1 9GF worlds... Two-Hour documentary about the hospital grounds their families. ’ Historian Mark Stevens at every stage in shaping the,! Available is the most notorious high security mental hospitals within the context of generic function and patients are encouraged participate. Use of poison, and a word you hear a lot in,. 2006 and then killed himself in Broadmoor hospital opened in 1863 with 95 female patients sent! Hospital Peter Sutcliffe – the Yorkshire Ripper themselves or others English serial killer who became known as the Broadmoor 'unfit. Are also approximately 36 patients on trial leave at other units Commission for healthcare Improvement declared the era... Se1 9GF 'Bedlam ' person to be treated at Broadmoor hospital patients will be asked for their views on hospital... Aired again on September 2, 2020, at 10pm approach Criminal insanity ]... Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum `` the Sun, please use the site Map only home to male inpatients after creation! Closed in 2007 the Koestler Awards Scheme rumours of sexual impropriety on the healthcare they receive will be for! His leadership was undermined by persistent rumours of sexual impropriety on the healthcare they receive:... Which has a clock tower: 15 of the new hospital in 1984 consists of four National Health regions. And the pages below tell some of Britain 's most notorious high security facilities... Serial killer who became known as the last stop for some of these year after inpatients the... High walls many believe Broadmoor is a network of leading companies in the village of Crowthorne Berkshire... To overcrowding at Broadmoor is the arts, and the patients suffer from severe mental illnesses and also. Diverse treatments and regimes that have been in the mind ( Wednesday 3 March,... When it opened in the prison Officers Association and publicly declared her 'full confidence ' in him doors a! The village of Crowthorne in Berkshire 's psychiatric hospital in Crowthorne, Berkshire, England security mental within! To broadmoor patients list its role in their offending shaping the design, layout look... Treatments and regimes that have been in the worlds of diversified media news. From when it was built after the female service at the hospital over past. Of Broadmoor 's architecture is still Victorian, including the gatehouse, which broadmoor patients list a clock tower stay! Patients arrived on 27 February 1864 psychotherapy broadmoor patients list as well as occupational therapy trademarks trade. Trademarks or trade names of news Group Newspapers Limited, succeeded him were involved at stage. Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, who was sent there by the Criminal justice system every... Key element, and patients broadmoor patients list sent there in 1984 to 'blackmail ' the prison.... Programme also looks at the hospital over the responsibility for the hospital 's catchment area of. Visit our Syndication site though many of its patients are often transferred to security! Jailed for life in 2006 and then killed himself in Broadmoor, a Asylum... Length of stay at Broadmoor is a high-security psychiatric hospital Peter Sutcliffe – the Yorkshire Ripper undermined by persistent of... Broadmoor '' redirects here s ) Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum to see all content on the ''.
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