I work in a university setting and we have several different computer models deployed across campus. Let’s say you work in education and want a collection showing all staff computers, all student computers, and computers that are used by generic users/non staff or student users). No Comments on ConfigMgr : Collection of Devices Based on Primary User Group Membership In the spirit of ‘eating your own dog food’ I often test new deployments on my team’s client devices – to make this easier I’ve created a WQL, query-based collection of all of their client devices based upon Primary User’s group membership. 0. And with this Query i would have to enter all usernames by myself. Thats the right way! If there are only 6 like above then it’s an easy job and you might consider doing this manually at first, however if there are 50… you might not. Type All Servers as the name of the query rule. The first two would use the collection query language from above. The lazy Properties is a list of another object instances' properties and values, we need to use SwbemServices.ExecQuery() COM interface in VBscript & PowerShell, or Get … I was looking at how to create SCCM collection based on configuration baseline as a validation step before running upgrades on Windows 10 devices. PowerBI Reports for Windows 10 Feature Update Compliance; Using a LiteDB portable database with your PowerShell project text/html 12/5/2012 5:08:54 PM MSSU User Services 0. Install Client. It is the main location that … The Operator can be set to : is equal to. If you want to deploy software to a particular AD user group then create a User Collection and use the following Query Statement: Remember to make sure you have Discovery set up on your AD or specific OU containing groups. Device and User collections are another different types of collections. Thank you for any help! How to Create a Dynamic Collection. Change the default search for Resource class and Attribute name to User Group Resource and User Group Name. To create a collection like this we need to setup a collection based on a query, the attributes that we will use will be.. Device collections are only for managing devices. Browse to Assets and Compliance, right click on Device Collections and select “Create Device Collection”. Creating Collections based off Collection Membership (WQL Query) Creating Collections based off Collection Membership (WQL Query) hidefind. Quote; Share this post. Kicked this off. We can’t add user resources into device collection and device resources into user collection. In the following sections, I will teach how to create an SCCM dynamic Collection. Latest Free Tool: ConfigMgr Client TCP Port Tester Recent Posts. The selected collection is included in this collection by using an Include Collections membership rule. This is especially useful if you target collections based off OU membership. In Configuration Manager, your application uses the SMS_Collection Server WMI Class to define the attributes of a collection, such as the membership rules and the refresh schedule. You can use the same method to create SCCM dynamic Device collection and dynamic User collection. Copy User/Device Collection Membership; Create collections with folder structure; Delete devices collections with no members and no deployments; Delete all collections older than x days for a specific folder in SCCM; Multilingual User Interface Pack kit for hardware inventory in SCCM 2012; Set of Operational SCCM Collections ; SCCM Report Manager Tool; Delete old SCCM Deployments; KB; … Device Collection based on OU. Below is the criterion properties I select. To use a … Now picture each of these OUs having multiple devices and we need to create a device collection for each of them and add the devices within them to that collection. However on the next screen when I attempt to select a value it is completely blank. Sign in to vote. studio I have remote sites that I can do per subnet so that part is covered. It turns out that you can quite easily create SCCM Collection Based on Configuration Baseline. 05/29/2016 10839 views. That way when a users logs into a computer SMS will then run an advertisement for whatever computer they are on. I have about 3000 clients in the All Systems collection so I will choose another smaller collection for this example. 1. I am working on developing a device collection based on the membership of a user collection. I would like to create collections based on their models (ie. A single WMI Query will not work on this, neither do the default 'Create Device Collection Wizard'. Copy User/Device Collection Membership; Create collections with folder structure; Delete devices collections with no members and no deployments; Delete all collections older than x days for a specific folder in SCCM ; Multilingual User Interface Pack kit for hardware inventory in SCCM 2012; Set of Operational SCCM Collections; SCCM Report Manager Tool; Delete old SCCM Deployments; KB; … Now it is becoming to much work with pcs being moved and not being notified. For instance, when you use the All Systems collection as the limiting collection, the new collection can include any device in the Configuration Manager hierarchy. as well as when users are moved base on new job position. Then, in Limiting collection, choose to Browse to select a limiting collection. That way for the computers with IE already installed on, it won't reinstall unecesary. Attribute Class: System Resource. You would create three collections. Values should be available when you click the value button. Give the query rule a name, then click Edit Query Statement... Click Show Query Language; Copy and paste your query from Notepad into this window. Trying to create a collection that will automatically query and update based on users in an OU. This query creates a collection for all devices between the IP range: – select * from SMS_R_System where SMS_R_System.IPAddresses like "[1-9]" Computer Model Collections All Dell Systems But a collection cannot have both the user and devices. User collections are for managing users. All updates (full and incremental) can be removed to avoid any type of load. To do this click Administration>Discovery Methods>Active Directory Group Discovery. 2. Boundaries can be either an IP subnet, Active Directory site name, IPv6 Prefix, or an IP address range. Make sure Simple Value is selected, click Select and choose System Resource as the attribute class and … In the “Create Device Collection Wizard” enter a name for this new collection and you will want to limit the search to either “All Systems” or another collection of your choosing. Thanks. Once the resource is located you can choose to create a new collection and set the limiting collection to “All Users and User Groups”. For more information, see How to create collections. The problem is maybe you want to have a collection of computers not the users. Create a device collection. I guess summer time means “time to cleanup/fix all the broken clients” A couple of years ago I create another similar scriptRead More Today I got a call from a System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM/ConfigMgr) customer that wanted to automate the creation of device collections for each SCCM client version, that was in their environment. Make sure System Resource is selected as the resource class and click Edit Query Statement. Select * from SMS_R_System Join SMS_R_User ON SMS_R_System.User_Name0=SMS_R_User.User_Name0 Where SMS_R_User.department0 ='Finance' in the other hand on the SQL mgmt. But i can't deploy this application to the USER COLLECTION. Would like to set it up so we can add more queries that will populate users from other OUs as well. Opens the Create Device Collection Wizard where you can create a new collection. The New-CMDeviceCollection cmdlet creates a collection based on a specific limiting collection. Query based collection based on IP range. During this process I wanted to automate collection memberships based on the results of the validation. Because of that i created a USER COLLECTION with the Users which i need. To all SCCM 2012 gurus, I am in need of assistance in regards to creating a device collection based on computer model. This one works great for creating collections based on the main build number, but i need to be able to differentiate between the different sub builds. (Make sure you limit the collection to computers with Client installed and Active) else you will get all computers who do not have sccm client installed . In the next screen, click on “Add Rule” and then click on “Query Rule”. Right click and choose Properties. Be sure to select the “Not collection limited” option when creating the query. SMS has a nice feature that allows you to create a collection based on users. So to ease the thing I wanted to create a collection that would contain only the computer that don't have IE8 installed on and assigned the software to that collection. Choose to add a Direct Rule. I used this Query but it doesn't work on SCCM WQL window. Use All Systems as the limiting collection. Use All Systems as the Limiting Collection… Navigate to SCCM console – Assets and Compliance – User Collections; Right-click and select “Create User Collection” from Device Collections node; On the General page provide a Name and a Comment. With those solutions, here is the process to create a device collection based on user properties. I wanted to build a device collection based on that collection. Attribute: System OU Name. Create collection using below WQL query for list of computers with Primary Device is NULL. Example: Your … Opens the Install Client Wizard. The purpose of the device collection is to provide us with the capability of deploying software to users while the users are logged off their systems. Although the default client settings in Configuration Manager apply to all devices and all users, you can create custom client settings that apply to a collection of devices or a collection of users. The limiting collection determines which devices can be a member of the device collection that you create. Attached you'll find the criteria quey I'm doing, but it doesn't seem to work. A collection can contain users or devices. When i try to build a collection based on 18363 it works, but if i try to use 18363.720 it will not return anything. Create a query to select devices based on user properties using SMS_G_system_SYSTEM_CONSOLE_USAGE.TopConsoleUser to join them. I had a OU built with each department having a seperate OU and pcs were being moved to those. I first enabled Active Directory Group Discovery. The MemberClassName property contains the system-generated class name that contains the members of the collection. Create a Device Collection with the name All Servers. I'm trying to create a device collection based on a query. But this will get my all the devices which this user has been loged in. My thought was to put a txt file in the image and then create a device collection based … Give the collection a name, click Next, then choose Query Rule from the drop down list. The above query is a User collection, so go there to create a new user collection. Systems Deployment Miscellaneous Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) SCCM 2012 sccm WQL Query. Device Collection on the basis that a file exists Our company is imaging all computers this summer and i need a way to tell if a computer has been imaged or not from the SCCM console. Click Add Rule and select Query Rule. 09/20/2016; 5 minutes to read; In this article . These collections can then be used to perform a number of tasks, such as deploying software, compliance settings or task sequences. I’ve outlined 4 of the most common collection types below. Navigate to SCCM console – Assets and Compliance – User Collections; Right-click and select “Create User Collection” from User Collections node Will help with software distribution after training. I have a user collection based on user AD security group. WQL query uses wmi class (SMS_UserMachineRelationship) which store the information only about UDA relationship. I am attempting to create device collections via query from an Active Directory Security Group that contains strictly computers.
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