It’s natural to find one or two that you like and they’ll usually end up forming the bulk of your garage organization plan. There are plenty of wall storage systems, but none of them give you the flexibility that Gladiator does. I’ve written reviews on each and buyer’s guides on finding the Best Slatwall, Best Pegboard and Best Track System. Gladiator® garage storage includes cabinets, shelving, wall systems, workbenches and more to help you keep your gear organized, protected and ready to go. The second place I use GearTrack is to mount my Gladiator cabinets. One on the opposite wall above my large workbench. Each GearWall panel can hold a maximum of 50lbs. An example of well made pegboard is Wall Control‘s steel pegboard. You’ve probably walked past the displays of Gladiator garage organization products at Lowe’s or Home Depot dozens of times by now, or seen them on Skip to Content. Where they differ is mainly in the size of the panel and how the hooks connect. I will say that this particular section isn’t permanent. Here’s how I’m transforming my garage into something I can be proud to show off to others. Great! ... GearWall® Panels and GearTrack® Channels make it easy to get your stuff off the garage floor. If you go with deeper shelves, they’re more than enough to stack a few totes of winter clothes to get them out of your closet. I’ve have it in my garage for a few years and I love it. For example, I picked up a starter Which is good. Gladiator’s GearWall and GearTrack are the bast garage organization slat wall systems. I bought my first sections of Gladiator Geartrack back in March of 2018. Any hooks, bins, baskets and accessories that Gladiator makes will work on both the GearWall and GearTrack channels. The pack is cheap enough, but I feel like I’m wasting half of it. (FAQ and Buyer’s Guide), Rubbermaid FastTrack Rails are Awesome…But Not For Me, The Best LED Shop Lights for Your Garage 2020, Best Garage Overhead Storage: Buyer’s Guide. They’re functional and really Each GearTrack rail can hold a maximum of 75 lbs. Your garage walls are one of the best places to store your tools or mount cabinets and shelves. The L-Hooks hold my smaller hand tools. Overall, they’re both a clean simple design that wouldn’t look out of place in really high-end garages. thinking they’re the same product. There’s a short tab at the top that slides in underneath the top section of the channel. Because there are so many Both warranties won’t cover product failures due to incorrect installation. wall system for a few years and I think it’s time for a full review. Rated 5 out of 5 by Gearwall devotee from Great product deserving of a great review Expertly packaged and shipment arrived quickly without damage. time to try to organize them here for you. L-hooks are passable, but they feel really cheap. Signs That You’re In A Healthy Love Relationship, The benefits of the Gladiator wall system. So you won’t be able to stack as much weight on the GearWall as you would on the GearTrack channel. So that’s where the PVC flat wall comes in. Proslat has a variety of different hooks and shelves that work well with their wall storage system. All of my exposed GearTrack edges have the endcaps and I really like them. Slatwall is most commonly found in retail locations, but lately it’s finding a home in residential garages too. GLADIATOR™ GARAGEWORKS GEARWALL ™ PANEL AND GEARTRACK™ CHANNEL WARRANTY TEN-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY For ten years from the date of purchase, when this product is installed, operated and maintained according to the instructions attached You’ll notice it in my upcoming review of the Rubbermaid FastTrack system. Like many of the other reviews you’ll find, I wasn’t impressed with the quality. At first glance, it may look like all garage track systems are more or less the same. The GearWall only holds a maximum of 50 lbs. GearTrack shelf if you have a table saw, but it’s a huge time-saver if you don’t. It’s really nothing more than cheap, plastic trim, but it does the job and doesn’t look out of place. Far from it. to my kitchen, I’ve got a single RTA cabinet. They’re By contrast, GearWall panels are 12″ high and come in 4′ or 8′ lengths. If you’ve been following along with some of my other articles, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. basic dimensions of whatever accessory you’re looking at, including how much There are, of course, exceptions to those warranties. My first section of GearTrack is on the opposite wall above my long workbench. version that felt more solidly built and maybe included a padded hook. This does not mean Rubbermaid and Proslat are not worth a look. Many hold much more than that. Fleximount shelves will look great next to any of the wall storage systems we talked about earlier. Thankfully, I was able to get them all out, but it caused a lot of wasted screws in the pack. Securing it to less than three studs will lower than weight limit. had a plastic handle, but I feel that’s a design flaw in the hook. per square foot. The Gladiator Garageworks is a composite slot wall system. That’s not to say that I don’t use any Gladiator GearTrack in my garage. Best of all, every accessory is compatible with both the GearTrack rail and the GearWall slatwall. Hooks and claws are a popular solution. Important Note: Remember to consider the maximum weight of It just looked horrible. Garage Transformed also participates in affiliate programs with CJ, ShareASale, and other sites. If that sounds like you, then Wall Control pegboard may be just what you’re looking for. It’s made up of large panels of wood or PVC with aluminum rails for support. The way it’s supposed to work is the padded part of the hook holds the broom’s handle in place with friction. In my garage, I have an 8′ section of GearWall with multiple rows of garden tools. I really like the clean design of the Gladiator – both GearTrack and GearWall. Each GearWall panel allows for three hooks or accessories. It is strong, flexible and has a great reputation. That easily earns them the top spot on this list. I use that section of wall to mount any other garage storage options I’m testing out. Build a garage your car will be proud to call home. Unless you’re finishing your garage walls entirely in GearWall panels, skip these two accessories and go with different storage solutions instead. They all have brackets on the back that slide in to GearTrack or GearWall channels. It comes in both track system and slatwall: Depending on how you want to use it, you can have a single GearTrack rail or multiple GearWall sections to create a slatwall type of system. You can cut both GearTrack and GearWall panels to size easily using a table saw, or even a hand saw. Date published: 2020-10-30. Pros:⦿ Super compact bike storage⦿ No lifting required⦿ Swivels out of the way, Cons:⦿ May need a different sized rack depending on how thick your bike’s tires are.
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