Rules, New Member Introductions, and Forum Information. My scooter is leaking oil from the Carburetor and Muffler areas My scooter is not holding its charge. If batteries are not that old, it may be that you have not been charging them properly (check the manual). We have rebuilt hundreds of batteries for our customers successfully. This prevents parasitic reactions which affect the battery’s structure and performance. If you have left the power switch on or your product has not been charged for a long period of time, the battery may reach a stage at which it will no longer hold a charge. At this point, you should have a clear understanding of how to charge an electric scooter battery without a charger. Charge the batteries, out of the scooter, for … Prices Vary depending on battery … Fully charge the battery, then disconnect it from the scooter if you are not going to be riding it for some time. *Note: Product ride time can be reduced any where from 10-20 minutes, on a fully charged battery, depending on riders weight; various riding conditions and/or if product has been properly maintained. If your battery cannot even reach a full charge, consider it bad. A: To properly charge your mobility battery, follow these simple procedures: - Anytime you use the Power Wheelchair or Scooter, give it a full charge overnight or when you're done using it. If your scooter doesn't come with an LED indicator, or if the battery doesn't seem to accept a charge, you can check it using a voltmeter. The battery is old. Ant reading under 12 volts may be troubble. Before we get into how you charge your batteries the right way, let’s take a look at the effects of overcharging and undercharging your battery can have. If the battery is capable of holding a charge but not charging properly, then your charger may need to be replaced. ScootDawg's Scooter Forum a.k.a. It's not very effective. 3) Load Test the Battery. Use a voltmeter to check the battery's voltage if it isn't holding a charge. A local mobility scooter store will be able to help you test them if you’re able to find one. With phone, many manufacturers recommend charging the phone just once the battery is totally drained. A problem with your battery is causing it to not hold a charge. I'm back where I started. A hoverboard battery that won't retain a charge is the most common symptom of needing a new battery. To check this, wait 12 to 24 hours after charging to the full voltage, keep the battery out of the vehicle and measure its voltage. After you have used your mobility scooter, even if it was only for a short trip it is a good idea to charge the battery after each individual use of the scooter, you may not have used much of the power in the battery but its better to make sure that your battery is fully charged again and ready for the next time that you need to use the mobility scooter. However, with electrical scooters, manufacturers recommend charging the battery at each chance you may get. Turned out to be the brake switch wires were tied together which made the brake light stay on continuously. These 18650 cells are about a third taller and thicker. If the battery of your Jazzy scooter won't hold a charge, examine the two indicator lights on the off-board battery charger. Color of cells: purple (older models), blue (newer models) On a photo, these battery cells may resemble standard AA batteries, but they are not. Battery Not Holding Charge. A flashing green light indicates that the battery is charging; a solid red light indicates there is sufficient power to the charger. While there are numerous reasons why rechargeable batteries might not be holding their charge, the bottom line is they don’t last forever, even in ideal environments. ith the battery box installed on the scooterW , observe the battery condition meter during battery charging to determine if the batteries are receiving a charge. The problem is there aren’t many mobility scooter repair stores in areas that are not densely populated. In this case, you will need to charge the battery for the period that is written in the user manual of the scooter. General Discussion(NO SCOOTER TOPICS) Scooter Dealers, The Good and The Bad. It is likely that it sat around in a warehouse for awhile before it got to Target, or that the battery was just one of the unlucky bad ones. If you do not have a detachable battery pack, you should know that if the sealed battery is not connected to the battery terminal of the scooter, they can charge the battery from 6 to 12 months. Determine if both tires are inflated to the proper psi if the power chair is equi pped with pneumatic tires. Here are a few reasons why your battery may not be holding a charge and what you should do about it. Most of the razor scooter takes a minimum of 12 hours for charging the battery. I had replaced my battery and regulator/rectifier before I found it. We can rebuild most Electric Bike Batteries. If the battery is not capable of holding a charge anymore, replace the battery. Car batteries get old, and when they’re old, they stop working as they should. E200/E300: Why does my scooter have a short ride time, run slow, or doesn’t hold a charge? If you experience problems with your GoGo Travel Scooter that you are not able to solve, contact Pride Mobility @ (800) 800–8586 to locate a service provide close by. If you can’t reach 12.4V, the battery is not taking charge properly. So I bought a new battery, not OEM, a cheap one, on the internet, and while the new battery works, it holds the charge even less than the old one. If your battery voltage falls below a pre set limit then the charger just refuses to play the game. Once the current falls to about 3% of the scooter battery’s rated capacity (Ah), it’s time to disconnect the variable power supply and put the battery back in your scooter. If the battery doesn’t charge or work properly, your electric motor will not get the power it needs for the e-scooter to run. Unhooking the battery. The Garage. My brake lights ran off of battery (dc). All you need is a digital voltmeter. If the batteries are not holding a charge, and are old, you just need to have them replaced. Why waste money buying a new bike or expensive battery, get your old battery ReBuilt, back to full health and range. Question: The battery in my Power Wheels toy is no longer holding a charge, is the battery bad or could there be something else wrong with the toy? Plug the battery charger into an electrical outlet. Usually, newer models now come equipped with an LED indicator light. Mechanic and automotive shops are more than able to load test your battery for you. It has worked perfectly for 2 1/2 years with the batteries easily providing all night power to the machines. If the battery condition meter does not go up when the battery charger is plugged into the charger power cord receptacle and an electrical outlet, the batteries are not getting charged. On the other hand, the batteries should be recharged every month even when in storage. To Wrap Up. Storing the battery. There are 3 wire connections between the battery and the electric scooter, two of which go to the motherboard and one connects to the charging port. The light will turn red when the battery is very low or totally drained, yellow indicating a charge is needed soon, or green once the battery has been fully charged. So you have pulled out your kids Power Wheels toy, charged up the battery, and let the kids play only to find out that the battery only lasts a … If you are not sure whether your battery is properly holding a charge, use the included load tester that came with your Rascal scooter. New to scooters? The absolute best way to identify the power left in a mobility scooter battery is to test them. For more detail on battery bank issues see Connecting batteries in series and Connecting batteries in parallel. The ac would only kick in when there was a lack of sun to charge the batteries (rainy days for example) Suddenly the system does not hold any charge. You’ll need to get your battery replaced as soon as possible. Then let the battery sit for a day or two, and read the voltage once more. A load test determins how well the batteries will hold a charge. It worked great for about a month. Connect the battery charger's red wire to the positive (+) battery terminal. The below guide gives the complete information about how to charge an electric scooter battery. 1. General Scooter Forum. The Dawg Pound. To charge, you’ll remove the battery from the scooter, hook up the charger and plug it directly into the battery. This is because a great deal of mobility scooter users are not told about, or don’t fully appreciate, the impact poor charging management can have on your mobility scooter battery. Is there a reason why my scooter battery is not charging while driving? The odd thing is, many powerchair chargers will not charge a very depleted battery. Connect the black lead wire to the negative (-) terminal. Just after I purchased a used scooter (first one), I had a problem with the battery draining and not holding a charge. The battery has reached the end of its life. After full charge, please disconnect it from the scooter. The good way to recharge the battery is that when it left in some open air to get charged. This did not happen gradually, as I would expect from battery … - With every charger made for Power Wheelchairs and Scooters you can leave the charger plugged in all the time. If you are looking to charge your scooter battery in the shortest possible time then opt for a 12 volt charge on a 12 volt battery or a 6 volt charge on a 6 volt battery. If the voltage has dropped well below 12.4V, you know that the battery is not holding a charge ant that there likely is an issue with the battery. Charging a scooter’s battery is not the exact same thing as charging a cellphone’s battery. obtain a DC volt meter and see if the batteries read 13.5 volts, with out the charger on, 12 volts in minium. At this point your car won’t charge when jumped; it’s died on you. Use only a manufacturer-approved charger to charge the battery of your mobility scooter. If you connect the charger to the battery incorrectly, the scooter will not receive a charge. The first thing I did was replace the battery and charge it up completely. by Lori (Huntsville, AL) I have a practically new 2006 Eagle scooter that sat in a garage til September this year. TOP TIP: 6 volt charges on 12 volt batteries will take a lot longer but can provide a much deeper charge for a motor scooter battery which will take longer to drain. Using high quality Lithium Cells up to 18AH. Most chargers won't charge damaged or defective batteries, so a voltmeter can help you determine whether yours is in good health. When the scooter is not in regular use, recharge the battery at least once a month until normal use is resumed. But It's quite easy to do at home. So we will suggest you charge the battery for 12 to 24 hours. The solution in this is the case is simply to connect your Wheelchairs batteries individually (one at a time!) New Member Introductions. Start here. However, not all the battery charger comes with an indicator. For any load test to be accurate, the battery must be at fully charge.
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