50 Reefs will be the first global plan to save the most biodiverse ecosystem on the planet. A Plan to Save Coral Reefs Saving and restoring the world's coral reefs requires a multi-pronged approach that ranges from the local to the global level. Mike is fighting hard for progress in America and around the world. Donate to a charity focused on helping coral reefs. NOAA unveils plan to save coral reefs . From Media Release by Bloomberg Philanthropies — February 23, 2017 ‘50 Reefs’ Initiative Seeks to Protect Critical Ecosystem Threatened by Climate Change, Preventing Economic, Human Health& Environmental Disaster The Biobank is an ambitious scheme to house 800 corals in a purpose-built facility in Port Douglas . It is at the heart of the Coral Triangle and the epicenter of coral biodiversity. The threat of climate change has added an increasing burden and is now considered to be the number one threat to the future of coral reefs. Lorna Parry, The Ocean Agency, lorna@theoceanagency.org or +61 411 54 54 59 Strategy to be Developed by Leaders in Ocean Science and Conservation: “This initiative was developed after witnessing unimaginable loss of reefs over the last two years,” said Richard Vevers, founder of The Ocean Agency. This is the project behind all the underwater imagery in Google Street View. To close this gap, we need to increase resources dedicated to restoration. For the last two and a half years Underwater Earth has been visually documenting and revealing a massive coral bleaching event worldwide. GCI advances discovery, develops solutions and advocates responses that meet the challenges presented by climate change, technological innovation and population change. This work is the subject of a new Netflix Original documentary called “Chasing Coral,” yet to be released. (OCEANS/CORAL REEFS) For the first time in history, the Florida Aquarium has successfully reproduced ridged cactus coral–a scientific breakthrough that will help save the third largest coral reef in the world, “America’s Great Barrier Reef.” “What we already know about the future of our coral reefs is alarming: Without immediate action, we could lose this crucial ecosystem entirely within a few short decades,” said Paul G. Allen, philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder. It allowed us to take imagery to reveal this, often stunningly beautiful, crisis to the media like never before. The latest global mass coral bleaching event is responsible for the worst coral die-off ever recorded. February 23, 2017. The 50 Reefs initiative was conceived by The Ocean Agency during the filming of the Netflix Original Documentary Chasing Coral. “We believe that the 50 Reefs initiative’s innovative approach will be critical to protecting beautiful, thriving coral reefs for future generations.”, About the Global Change Institute at The University of Queensland MEDIA CONTACTS: It’s especially difficult for people to capture what’s happening underwater accurately – you need to have the right equipment at exactly the right time and place. Here’s a new $160 > million plan to save them. Rebecca Carriero, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Rebeccac@bloomberg.org or +1 212-205-0182 Without coral reefs, we could lose up to a quarter of the world’s marine biodiversity and hundreds of millions of the world’s poorest people would lose their primary source of food and livelihoods. BALI, Indonesia – A global plan to save coral reefs from complete eradication caused by climate change, pollution and poor fishing practices launched today at The Economist World Ocean Summit in Bali. Now, a unique philanthropic coalition has launched 50 Reefs, a plan to save the most critical reefs so once the climate stabilizes they can reseed the entire coral ecosystem. Gil Jenkins, Ogilvy for 50 Reefs, gil.jenkins@ogilvy.com or +1 202-729-4127 The initiative, called 50 Reefs, brings together leading ocean, climate and marine scientists as well as conservation practitioners from around the world to develop a list of the 50 most critical coral reefs … A Global Plan to Save Coral Reefs from Extinction Impact of Climate Change on Coral Reefs:. The extinction of coral reefs poses a critical threat for the hundreds of millions of people in some of the world’s developing countries who depend on reefs for their livelihoods, culture, food security, and nutrition. By signing up, you agree to the Privacy Policy. The impact of climate change can be marked by mass coral bleaching events, which occur when reefs are under stress from rising sea temperatures. The third Global coral … Its first major project was the XL Catlin Seaview Survey (also a partnership with the Global Change Institute), which has become the most comprehensive global survey of coral reefs ever conducted, revolutionizing the speed, efficiency and cost of coral reef monitoring at scale. We must not allow this to happen,” said Michael R. Bloomberg UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change. The 50 Reefs Project aims to save fifty of the world’s most important coral reefs. Despite notable successes at the local level, we still have a gap to make significant impacts at the ecosystem level. 50 Reefs: A Global Plan to Save Corals from Extinction. reef biodiversity, climate vulnerability, current health and reef connectivity) will be agreed upon by the independent panel of scientific experts drawn from some of the world’s leading organizations.