Another word for Opposite of Meaning of Rhymes with Sentences with Find word forms Translate from English Translate to English Words With Friends Scrabble Crossword / Codeword Words starting with Words ending with Words containing exactly Words containing letters Pronounce Find conjugations Find names Emerald’s Color ranges from Pure Green to Greenish Blue. Scorpio is a zodiac sign and the ones who were born on/between 23rd October to 21st November are known to be Scorpions. You can get more than one meaning for one word in Arabic. Emerald. If you want to hold this word 'Emerald' for your lovely kid, please proceed to collection and choose any of the alternative in the list given below: emerald green, Green. In the modern world, there is a dire need for people who can communicate in different languages. Emerald Stone Benefits In English: Emerald is the most expensive gem. The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Emerald Isle but also gives extensive definition in English language. The Emerald Tablet Part 1 The Legendary Emerald Tablet And Its … . muslim These 16 names were selected by our users that were looking for other names like Sajan. emerald, Urdu translation of emerald, Urdu meaning of emerald, what is emerald in Urdu dictionary, emerald related Urdu | اُردُو‎ words Find more Hindi words at! Baby Names - complete collection of modern, unique and cute Baby Names with their meanings, rashi and nakshatra سنمي संमय saṅmay, saṅmaʼe A صنم ṣanam, s.m. Hindi words for emerald include पन्ना, मरकत, एमराल्ड, पन्नामाय, पन्ने का, पन्ने के सदृश and पन्ने लगानेवाला. Form Noun, Rare. The emerald has been a gem of fascination in many cultures for over six thousand years. Emerald Meaning in Arabic: Searching meanings in Arabic can be beneficial for understanding the context in an efficient manner. Write Saahir in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla : ساحر, साहिर, ساحر, সাহির., Baby names meaning in Urdu, Hindi What does Saahir mean? Lucky No: 8, Gender : Girl , Lucky Days: Friday, Monday Lucky Colors: Blue, Green, White .

They possess impressive personality and are very popular in their community. a transparent piece of emerald that has been cut and polished and is valued as a precious gem. The synonyms of Emerald include are Beryl, Bice, Forest, Jade, Kelly, Lime, Malachite, Moss, Olive, Sage, Spinach, Verdigris, Vert, Viridian and Chartreuse.
You can find name meaning of A Sahabi i.e. There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Yara in Urdu is یارہ, and in roman we write it . Related. The emerald. emerods. name is Certain names bring good fortune to one's life. A user from Nigeria says the name Emerald is of American origin and means "Precious gems". Feroza stone in urdu benefits color and emerald meaning powers and nephrite jade gemstone information gemselect chrysoprase the green gemstone information and pictures moonstone healing properties meaning benefits of. emeritus. Ancient Romans went so far as to dedicate this stone to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Yara meaning in Urdu has been searched times till Nov 02, 2020. Emerald Tablet Meaning In Urdu. The May birthstone, emerald, was one of Cleopatra’s favorite gems. June – Pearl Emerald. Find more similar words at! Emerald meaning in Arabic has been searched 10923 times till 07 Sep, 2020. The Urdu Word سمزہ Meaning in English is Emerald. It has long been associated with fertility, rebirth, and love. The meaning of the name Rabia is “fourth female”, “Rabia Busra”. emergent. It is so prized, that carat for carat, a fine emerald may be two to three times as valuable as a diamond.According to Indian mythology, the name emerald was first translated from Sanskrit as “marakata,” meaning “the green of growing things.” i-emerald Find more words! The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Beryl but also gives extensive definition in English language. The other similar words are Zamurd, Samza and Zabarjad. The definition of Emergence is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. Wajahat is a very unique Muslim name used for both boys and girls. May – Emerald. Emendator & thousands of English and Urdu words Synonyms, definition and meaning. emery. User Submitted Meanings. Lucky Stones: Emerald . Before knowing the Benefits and Procedure of wearing Emerald for Astrology, Let us know some Facts about Emerald Stone. The definition of Emerald Isle is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. The emerald tablet part 1 emerald tablet and its secrets emerald tablet and its secrets emerald tablets secret of the vine. Emerald is available in every color. On this page, you can easily check different meanings of Yara and can learn to make Yara sentence in English. Each of the zodiac sign has its own qualities and the movement and positioning of stars has major impacts on the lives of the scorpions. It is a perfect gift for someone born in the month of May. Arabic. The widely used NIV Bible gives this Hebrew word the English designation "beryl" while the NCV lists the stone as a "yellow quartz. Emerald is a cyclosilicate Emerald stone is one of the most beautiful and stunning gemstones found on Earth. Since ancient times, it is worn by people because it is said to have several benefits. Find English word Emendator meaning in Urdu at UrduWire online English to Urdu dictionary. emerald definition: 1. a transparent, bright green, valuable stone that is often used in jewellery: 2. a bright green…. The definition of Beryl is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. emersion. Names of the Prophet (pbuh), that is a girls names. In english, Wajahat name meaning in urdu is defined as ‘Respect, honor and Beauty’ while in urdu it means ‘Izat, Husan’. Emeralds are… emerald meaning in urdu: مرکب | Learn detailed meaning of emerald in urdu dictionary with audio prononciations, definitions and usage. The healing crystal Emerald reaches out to us with the message: Open your heart and let true love and abundance fill your spirit. Sajan Name Meaning In Urdu (Boy Name سجان). Sania Name Meaning: The Feminine Review . To know how it can benefit a person wearing it, go through the text given below. Clean and clear is the best piece of zamurd and is very rare and that is why the finest piece price of Emerald stone is in lacks per karat and this is very expensive. There are 2 different senses of Omen stated below. An attractive and exotic name for a cherished baby son. Synonyms for emerald green include emerald, green, greenish, aquamarine, viridescent, aqua, glaucous, virescent, beryl and bice. "In Ezekiel 28:13, where bareqath is also used to designate the ninth and final stone that adorned Lucifer, it is translated "carbuncle" in the ASV, ESV and KJV, but as "emerald" in the HBFV, HCSB, NASB, NKJV, and NLT. How To Spell Smaragd [smar-agd] Smaragd Urdu Meaning - Find the correct meaning of Smaragd in Urdu, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from English to Urdu. This is an Islamic Boy Name, Zabarjad meanings in Urdu & English is Emerald Emerald Meaning in Urdu 1203. However, they must be very careful in selecting names according to their meanings. Posted … Emerald Meaning in Hindi - In the age of digital communication, any person should learn and understand multiple languages for better communication. You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Emerald … So if you encounter any problem in our translation service please feel free to correct it at the spot. Rabeea is written in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla as رابية, रबीअ, رابية,ربیعہ, রবীঅ. According to a user from Philippines, the name Emerald is of English origin and means "Gift of God". Emerald is a gemstone and a variety of the mineral beryl (Be 3 Al 2 (SiO 3) 6) colored green by trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium. You have searched the English word "Emerald" which meaning "الزمردة" in Arabic. Learn more. meaning has been searched Naming a child is a sacred and beautiful responsibility of parents. Beryl has a hardness of 7.5–8 on the Mohs scale. Meaning of Bilal – بلال : The name Bilal – بلال is an Islamic boy name that means Moistening . This is not merely about having wealth and influence but also using the Universe’s Gifts with wisdom and empathy. Any of various green gemstones, especially a green transparent form of beryl, highly valued as a precious stone. Today, it is thought that emeralds signify wisdom, growth, and patience. We found in our database 20 names have the similar meanings. Most emeralds are highly included, so their toughness (resistance to breakage) is classified as generally poor. Emerald Name Etymology; Emerald Meaning & Properties. Urdu Word سمزہ Meaning in English. Urdu meaning of Omen is شگون, it can be written as Shagoon in Roman Urdu. emerald Hindi meaning, translation, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by Meanings Arabic Baby Names Meaning: In Arabic Baby Names the meaning of the name Sahir is: Wakeful. It belongs to Beryl Species, a mineral species that also includes Aquamarine, Morganite as well as beryls in other colors. masuzi August 18, 2018 Uncategorized Leave a comment 12 Views. A collection of baby names with meaning of emerald. ; According to a user from Nigeria, the name Emerald is of English origin and means "Bright green precious stone". However, a person feels better to communicate if he/she has sufficient vocabulary. Browse Dictionary. Synonyms. English Roman Urdu اردو emerald: chote harf چھوٹے حرف Definition & Synonyms. 3. This page also provides synonyms and grammar usage of emerald in urdu Urdu-English; Long Text; English-Hindi > emerald: emerald meaning in Hindi : noun plural: emeralds ... How to say emerald in Hindi and what is the meaning of emerald in Hindi? The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Emergence but also gives extensive definition in English language. Scientific facts about Emeralds Emerald stone is called ‘Panna’ in Hindi. It is also called Zamurd stone in urdu and hindi. corr.