One of the results of these changes is that the manufacturer no longer sells conversion kits to change a model from one fuel type to another. Weber Install Guide. LED Display comes with the sensor and wiring to attach to the LP scale that supports the propane cylinder. Use this 88815 replacement when original orifice has 9/32 inch (7mm) hex-head diameter. Inner gauge shows LP tank fill level. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Willing to buy or trade for a spare one lying around if anyone has it. It's FREE to Subscribe! Select this regulator for NG bbq grills and if you are converting a barbeque from LP (liquid propane) to use natural gas. Repair and replacement parts for Weber Genesis EP/S 310, 320 & 330 Gas Grills (2011-2016). Safety valve clamps to gas manifold and has flared gas connection to connect infrared rotisserie. We have Hundreds of tutorial videos showing conversions, repairs, installations, etc and we provide technical assistance for Everything we stock! Restoring a 2001 Weber Genesis Silver C and looking for a bolt-through burner valve (see attached). Orifices are stocked new, blank. Parts Lists, Photos, Diagrams and … BTU flow is calculated by regulator pressure. This can be useful for attaching from the Weber manifold when we need to attach a natural gas regulator. We Drill Factory Certification when shipping orifices with hose and regulator. I know my Platinum C had that kind of valve, I had started to take them out to repaint it and thought better of it, and taped them up before painting instead. Was: $94.99. The drip tray and removable trays slide into this hanging cage which attaches to the sliding drip shield below the firebox is many Weber Genesis, Spirit and Summit barbecue models. Hydraulic Control Systems; Valve catalog; System solutions; Rescue equipment by Weber-Rescue; Hydraulic bottle jacks; ... hollow bolt body for counterbalance valves or pilot to open check valves; space-saving installation possible; ... WEBER-HYDRAULIK GMBH Heilbronner Str. Spirit valves were identical for years but after 2015 Spirit valves changed. Weber Tank Scale. Post-2005 Summit models have valves that Pop and Click One time as the knobs areturning on the gas burner because a piezo ignition is designed into the control valve. Weber Spirit, Genesis and Summit models before 2009 with spark generators that have an external grounding In order to stay competitive at the lower end of the price spectrum Weber has made a lot of fabrication changes. Shop a huge online selection at The Smoky Mountain barbecues from Weber are like kamado smokers that come apart to make them exceptionally simple to use in a wide variety of cooking styles. BTU rate is a result of regulator pressure and orifice opening. Genesis 5500 - Contemporary Home Living Music City Metals 00120 Plastic Control Knob Replacement for Select Weber Gas Grill Models. Weber innovative Grill Out handle light is equipped with three LED lights and tough, glass-reinforced nylon housing, which is water and heat resistant, so you can see while you grill in the dark. Weber Q 300 model replacement control valve, manifold and propane orifice all attached as a single assembly. Our screwdriving products, feed systems and control units – and of course the WEBER automatic screwdriving systems – must be able to reflect the complexity of modern assembly processes. Ignition assembly kit for Genesis 300 series model barbecues. Identify the replacement orifice in Spirit/Genesis side-mounted control valves by checking the original orifice Hex-Head Diameter. Connecting from the BBQ to the regulator, back Out and InTo the gas hose and Out the pneumatic quick gas connection InTo the mounted shut-off fuel connection is approximately a dozen fittings adjusting size, type, thread direction at installaltion and conversion. Here's how. Replacement orifice to convert post-2005 Weber Summit BBQ to NG and LP. If you need the Older Kit with the Electrode In Stainless Collector Box, select this kit and email us. Although easily installed and convenient, the scale is considered Mandatory by Weber because immobilizing the LP cylinder in position is a prerequisite of the CSA safety certification and Residential UL Listing. In this video I show how to replace the burner control valve on the Weber Genesis S-310 Grill. Weber replacement parts are listed above but there are a lot of parts used and extinct after 10, 20, 30 years. Control valves are an increasingly vital component of modern manufacturing around the world. Genesis front-mounted valves still use this orifice. Johnson Controls 2-1/2" through 6" Flanged Valve Bodies. Replaces Weber OEM Valve # 11810007.Use Original Orifice. New control knob for the Genesis barbecue grill models in 2011 by Weber. Replacement parts listed below make up what used to be Weber gas conversion kits. Includes mounting tabs to facilitate installation. Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! Grounding prong may also be used to conduct charge to a secondary electrode in Weber grills with a side burner. 30 74363 Güglingen. ASME B16.34 is also mentioned in the more general ASME spec ASME B31.1, “Power Piping Design”.. Back in 1988, the scope of this standard was modified to include threaded-end and weld-end valves in addition to flanged-end valves. Ten foot Long Quick Connect Gas Hose Includes Fittings, Thread Convertors, Threaded Unions and Necessary Installation Adaptors. D=3:8mm Stem.Fit Weber Gas Grills Models: 4511001,900,Genesis2000,Genesis Gold B 2002-,Genesis Gold B Pre-2002,Genesis Gold C 2002-,Genesis Gold C Pre 2000,Genesis I-V, Junior, Spirit 500, Spirit 7 It is unproven to work. If there is a replacement part you need just let us know and we'll get it to you. Weber schematic to show bolt through valves attached to manifold pipe in front of BBQ fire box. Adaptor for flared half-inch connections. I’m not sure what kind of valve that is, I restored a 2001 silver C, didn’t have those kind of valves. Replacement gas orifice for All post-2009 Genesis models With Controls in Front of Firebox. Weber plastic rotating caster wheel replacement. The lug body has protruding lugs in the periphery of a body that provides passage to bolt holes that match with those in the flanges. 40" LP Hose Regulator is the Same as above Regulator assembly in every way except the length of the gas hose. This specification view shows the valves installed across the front of the fire box … Original orifices will thread into replacement valves. Brass fitting for gas hose connection. Summit - Rotisserie - Side Burner Orifice, post-2009 Genesis and Spirit Fuel Conversion. The Weber caster wheel replaces wheels on Weber BBQ grill models: Electric burner heating element for cooking with a Weber Q model 140 barbcue grill. Summit light button switch clips in place with two tension arms on the sides, has a rubber top for the button and two male spade clips at bottom for wiring connections. This valve is clamped-around the gas manifold pipe using Two Bolts. Identify one of three valves. 50 Parts for this Model. Hose and Regulator assembly has handwheel for fat external threading on LP tank. Some of the new parts are not the exact same size so do not be embarassed for asking for some assistance. Weber barbecue grill replacement parts include high-quality warming racks, swinging trays, sparking ignition electrodes, ignitor spark modules, control knobs and much more. greater than 2.1875. Universal control knob. Fitting flared three-eights adapts to fit one-half pipe thread. New replacement thermometer for Weber Spirit Genesis Summit models using the large round bezel show with the thermometer in ths image. These control valves fit models with knobs on the right side of the firebox. Summit models prior to 2006 used this orifice in all positions. 4.7 out of 5 stars (41) Total Ratings 41, ... Propane Fire Pit Control Valve System Kit Regulator Fireplace Gas Control Valve. Find all your Weber parts at This page contains ads and links that earn commissions for TVWBB.The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to 1.5 volt Module has male spade attachments for the battery holder button and Six wire connections for 6 igniter electrodes. Thermocouple does not usually need to be replaced but safety valve to rotisserie will not permit fuel flow without thermocouple attached in aluminum cap. No side burner range uses this orifice. Valve configuration varies widely between makes and models of gas grills and must be ordered specifically for your make and model of grill. In-Line Liquid Propane Appliance Regulator. The flared fitting does not need teflon tape or plumbers putty but the pipe thread does need a sealant when it is screwed into the manifold. Weber Natural Gas Grill Owners Guide Genesis Silver B. Rotisserie Safety Valve for New Weber models. Shop great deals on Weber Gas Valves Replacement Parts. After currently more than 30,000 delivered screwdriving and assembly systems with automatic feeding, WEBER is one of the leading companies in this area. 1 5/8 inch diameter and 2 1/8 inches total height. Please Note: Fuel Conversion Parts Cannot Be Returned. WEBER customers are therefore justified in demanding 100 percent process reliability and the full flexibility to select their parameters freely. Replacement control knob fits Kenmore and Weber BBQ models. prong. Shafts can also be trimmed to desired length. When using a large permanent propane tank, typically as supply for an entire property, the gas line will connect to the barbecue with this low-pressure LP appliance regulator. Flame Thrower Weber Control Valve Replacement. In the example Above we have a 3/8 female flare nut step Up to a half-inch pipe thread and then back down to a 3/8 male pipe thread in order to connect into and out of the in-line regulator. Ceramic collector box ignition electrode to replace the igniter in the newer Weber Genesis and Spirit barbecue grill models. As with Any gas appliance, a fuel conversion Always involves the same parts changed together: gas hose, regulator, and orifices in every valve. Battery holder button for Weber Summit ignitor module. Light grey control knob with long shaft. Original orifice in original valve will fit or use 88316 above if a new orifice is needed. Usually found in Summit barbeques. $1.99 ... Viking Genuine OEM Grill Burner Valve and Bolt-Kit 003516-000. Valves are specific to each brand and model grills. Genesis 3500 - any help would be appreciated. These new barbecue grill models have the Weber gasgrill burners installed from the fron to the back instead of the left-to-right installation of the past 30 years. Sold by GrowKart. What Weber parts do you have for trade. T Fitting Detail. Below this assembly is the quick-connect end of the gas hose with the type of threading and thread size changing several times to get to a half-inch male pipe thread connection. Genesis 1000 - 5000 - Platinum I - Genesis A/B/C - Gold (2002 +) - Ranch Kettle - Performer. Because all of the control knobs are turned completely off, there is no air flow to trigger the switch. We service All Weber gas BBQ grill models including All Genesis models, Spirit Models, Summit and the new 200, 300, 400 and 600 series gas BBQ grills. Weber # 78960 Gas Grill Repl Control Knob for Spirit 500 & 700 Genesis 1000-5500 and Genesis Silver & Gold Prior to 2004 Model Year … This same orifice is found in all single Side Burners and Rotisserie manufactured in the last 25 years. Prior to 2006 Summit four and six burner BBQ grills were available as A, B, C, D models which included a rotisserie burner, side burner range and smoker burner for wood chips.