They really make the portfolio interesting. Although I've been in this field for many years, the nature of my previous jobs were such that I haven't worked on any "big projects" or done anything that I considered *mine* or seemed especially impressive or noteworthy. Thanks one more, Ye, cool post! If you use the text or examples provided here, please give due credit to the author, Christopher Dobrian . And of course feel free to critique the examples above. There's no better way to do this than to write a blog. great input indeed. Writing a blog can be a lot of work, so I suggest you consider whether or not you'll have the discipline to post regularly. I can help you offer your clients a great online experience.". In this article, we show you 10+ company portfolio examples and templates that you can use to create an award-winning portfolio that gives you the best chance of nailing down that business. 2. I should have included a word of caution about respecting NDAs and asking for permission before including something in the portfolio. This page contains examples of basic concepts of Python programming like loops, functions, native datatypes and so on. The examples were written for use by students in the Computer Music Programming course at UCI, and are made available on the WWW for all interested Max/MSP/Jitter users and instructors. Below you will find links to over one thousand computer programming project ideas. It’s a chance to demonstrate your personality, your technical proficiency, and your creativity. “Hard skills” refer to measurable abilities that are developed over time through practice or study. Do you want to show that you have a wide breadth of knowledge? Translations in context of "computer programming" in English-Arabic from Reverso Context: Even though he uses complex computer programming, the core of his model can also be built from Clay, just like the world-famous pottery of @Robby, I've been in situations where I've had the knowledge, but haven't been offered the job because my experience is a little thin. I will create my own portfolio soon. Let's say someone wants to hire you, how do they do it? @Robby True that a portfolio isn't proof of expertise, but really what is? Beginner Projects List on Reddit (26 projects) Beginner Projects List on having a portfolio is a great wy to organize your thoughts. I know when applying for a job its good to have a portfolio of programs you've created to sort of show how good of a programmer you are. Years of experience (1+, 5+) 4. @Jess, you agreed that a portfolio is not proof of expertise, but wondered what really is. Doug, The main difference is that articles are meant to be more permanent, so it's not as important for you to update the content regularly. Very valid point. @fluminis Great images on your portfolio! Other Ideas The landing page, portfolio section and blog cover pretty much all your bases, but you might want to include a few other things in there too. That means you still need to show off your writing skills and your initiative. You could make a dedicated contact page. Obviously, you only want to include your best work – this is a chance to showcase your talents. Most companies require employees to sign NDA's. Computer Programming - Characters - If it was easy to work with numbers in computer programming, it would be even easier to work with characters. Thanks for your post, I wanted to include my portfolio - I believe it is a very good example of a stream-lined, concise, developer website. grokcode portfolio looks kind of bad with all the broken image links, Thanks for your article! After narrowing down the project list, include relevant details for each project. Hie, If I were designing a portfolio for myself, I'd have a missions statement like: "Hi, I'm Tyler, and I build websites that are easy to use. The easiest way to do that is to maintain a portfolio website that promotes your personal brand. By writing interesting blog posts related to your area of expertise, you can show off your communication abilities and it also lets you demonstrate that you are actually interested, knowledgeable and passionate about your field. If you can handle that, great. Blog So far you've made pages that demonstrate your technical and design capabilities. These are very valid concerns, and nobody wants to be left open to litigation. I'm not against having a portfolio, in fact, I think it's a great idea. So it goes both ways. And also, it show prospect employers your commitment to your job, and that you've been taken proud in what you were doing. Good luck getting your portfolio set up! It provides a great talking point during an interview, and gives more insight into your work than a resume alone could. The core to any online business is a good landing page, and that's the most important thing for you to focus on with your portfolio. I sometimes have great difficulty writing resume because I am not sure what I should put in. Preface About this Book This book provides a quick introduction to the PureBasic programming language. @Sourabh I've struggled with the same thing. Consulting company employees sign non-disclosure, non-compete, proprietary intellectual property confidentiality agreements all the time. Thanks Justin. If any of the work was open source, you could include source code examples. I often recommend that developers have their own web site. Some links broke during the domain change from to, I'm hoping I caught them all now. Or do you want to leave the impression that you are an expert with a specific language or technology stack? a professional LinkedIn profile is one thing, but you can really show your skills using your own portfolio site 2 Write letter to guest (use the format to help you) 3 Find a portfolio piece from math, science, and humanities 4 Complete a Portfolio Entry Slip for each PureBasic’s popularity has increased significantly in the past few years, being used for many purposes such as rapid software Awesome post. I’m currently looking for new ways to hone my full-stack development chops. It makes it really easy to find relevant experience when there are a lot of projects. How to write a computer science cover letter step-by-step (even with no experience). These range from standard website design through to ecommerce solutions and specialised programming and consulting services including bespoke development.. Every Computer Science doctoral student is required to assemble and submit a portfolio for review no later than the date specified under Portfolio Calendarbelow. For example, linux, android, iOS and windows are operating systems. When possible, make sure you link to working copies of the projects. Portfolio Archives About Hi, I’m Jess. It makes your achievements concrete and memorable, which makes you yourself memorable. I guess I like the portfolio approach because say I am the only developer on a project, an interviewer would be able to tell pretty quickly with some basic questions about the project if I really did the work or not. I know that most of this conversation is as old as fossils, but here are some thoughts. There are three key elements your portfolio needs if you want to elegantly display all of these skills: Selling your programming services isn't any different than selling a product. Leave a link to your own portfolio in the comments if you think it would make a good example, or if you would like it critiqued. I wouldn’t try to make a combination portfolio and resume – it is very hard to combine them well, and I have trashed resumes like this because they are too disorganized. White Night Logic’s Portfolio 3. You could also include a short bio to give yourself a little more personality. Example showing problem-based quadratic programming on a basic portfolio model. Operating Systems. An operating system is a computer program that provides a standard environment for users and for running other computer programs. Once you've got your design figured out, it's time to figure out the content for your landing page. Judging by the candidates I have interviewed, I would guess less than 5% take the time to put together a portfolio of their work. a friend of mine suggested the same idea of creating a portfolio. Chose the work to include based on how you want an interviewer to see you. Provide the name of the client / company the work was for, especially if they are well-known. » The Power of a Programming Portfolio, Scientifically Proven Tips For A More Productive Office. Portfolio Checklist x 1 Schedule a date with a parent, guardian, mentor, etc. I’m currently looking for new ways to hone my full-stack development chops. Use this list to hone your coding skills or start building your online portfolio. It can stand alone. You’ve stumbled upon the portfolio of Molly Jameson (game programmer, hard worker, and Tetris enthusiast.) This will set you apart from other programmers (who generally have bland and ugly sites). Here are a couple examples of effective portfolio pages:, Work Examples Blog More JAKE YEATMAN WELCOMES YOU Welcome to my portfolio. A programming portfolio is a great way to showcase your best work, and highlight your involvement in challenging projects. and it landed me quite a few project already. The resumes are usually done with help from the college, I I do have some FAC bar napkins documenting some of my successful design solutions ... only natural since free thinking thrives best in an unrestricted thinking environment. Just list all your projects in a clean format, and explain a little bit about them. i will start with mine today. You can also find more inspiration from these attractive portfolio examples . Obviously you'll need a section of your site devoted to your previous work. googled few tips about creating a portfolio and got here. It can serve as both an online notebook (that's what mine is) and a portfolio at the same time. Thanks! Computer programming language, any of various languages for expressing a set of detailed instructions for a digital computer. In this post, I'll suggest how programmers should approach making their portfolios, and I'll give a few examples of portfolios that I like. Using your portfolio during an interview provides the interviewer with visual cues that bring your work to life. View our programming portfolio which includes custom php programming, ajax development,CMS websites,dating websites,job sites,MLM websites,open source programming and more. New portfolios shoul… As with many other fields, computer programmer skills can be grouped into hard and soft skills. Computer programming is the process of designing and building an executable computer program to accomplish a specific computing result or to perform a specific task. Having spent the majority of my own career as a consultant, every consulting company and client whose environment I worked in (creating my innovative solutions to resolve their business problems) all considered my work to be "client confidential and proprietary". Thanks! i will soon come back here to have your views on my soon to be website portfolio. Selecting Projects for Your Programming Portfolio It’s important to constantly tweak and tailor your portfolio to give you the most advantage in your current job search. You can have new articles delivered to your inbox. See my portfolio at:

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