[11] All Vitaras sold in Norway (and other Scandinavian countries) were modified to have the low beams automatically turn on with the engine running, similarly to DRLs on the CAMI versions of the car. North American Sidekick became available for model year 1989 as a two-door convertible or hardtop. The Base-spec 5-Door also has this engine in El Salvador. [3] 1991 brought the introduction of rear anti-lock brakes. At the same time the five-door models received the 1998 cc J620 2.0-litre V6. In the second half of 2008, the Suzuki Grand Vitara was given a facelift and two new engines. 1997 Suzuki Sidekick Specs & Safety The table below shows all 1997 Suzuki Sidekick specs by style, including MPG (fuel economy), transmission details, and interior and exterior dimensions. The interior also saw a lot of more aesthetically pleasing changes. In Iran, it is still being produced by IKCO, only with the J24B I4 engine and a 5-door body style.[19]. Ball - 20,000 - 40,000 lbs. The Grand Vitara was discontinued in 2015. [14] Depending on the market, engine options included a 1.6L inline four (125 hp), 2.0L inline four (156 hp), 2.7L V6 (185 hp) and a 1.9L Renault-sourced diesel engine (127 hp). Oil Type: API GL-5. [6] Suzuki launched a two-wheel drive (rear wheel drive) version labelled the Suzuki Escudo in late 1993 to target the urban-driver market and to evade higher taxes on four-wheel-drive vehicles, while the four-wheel-drive Vitara remained available until May 1994. Roadmaster reviews from other Sidekick owners. [12] The 2001 model Suzuki Grand Vitara comes standard as a 2.0-litre 4WD vehicle in New Zealand. Also for 1995, the Vitara got a new interior. The Vitara JX and the Vitara JLX. [73], A newer Escudo went on to win at Pikes Peak in 2006 and at Queenstown in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. In the United Kingdom, two additional body kit models were offered. Fuel economy has also been improved with the addition of VVT to both engines and the 1.9L Turbo-Diesel has also received some mechanical work improving its economy. In many markets it was originally only available with larger (two litres and up) engines while the earlier Vitara was still available with smaller engines. The Sport variant was replaced by the Grand Vitara in 1999. In April 1995, Suzuki introduced the Sidekick, a lower specification version of the Escudo, as the entry level model. Order Motor Oil - Vehicle Specific for your 1995 Suzuki Sidekick and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. In early 1995, the Vitara received a fuel-injection system and was marketed as Vitara EPI (Electronic Petrol Injection). The previous 2.7L Suzuki V6 is replaced with a GM-sourced 3.2L V6. Learn more about the 1998 Suzuki Sidekick. It is also the only engine available in some markets. A fuel injected 80 hp (60 kW) 1.6-litre, eight-valve, four-cylinder Suzuki G16 enginewas available on the JX and JLX. The Spanish-built Vitara models, on the other hand, look nearly identical to the Japanese-built models, sporting a Suzuki logo in the grille. We made great efforts to collect all of them, but its amount is so immense that we could easily miss something. For the 1996 model year, Suzuki introduced the Suzuki X-90 which was mechanically identical to the Escudo/Vitara but had a much rounder body, a trunk, and removable T-bar roof. My little Suzuki sidekick is a great little car for the most part. We get some new specs and info as Suzuki has officially announced all the details about the redesigned 2019 Suzuki Jimny built for the European markets. On this page we have collected some information and photos of all specifications 1995 Suzuki Sidekick. The original Sidekick was updated in 1996 with a new Sport version available with 120 hp (89 kW), 1.8-litre 16-valve four-cylinder Suzuki J18 engine. Whipsaw Weekend 2021 - Ride the Whipsaw trail outside of Princeton British Columbia, Canada, The first Canadian trail recognized as one of BFGoodrich's Outstanding Trails. In Japan, an OEM deal with Mazda meant that the wagon was also sold as the Mazda Proceed Levante. The Vitara was an immediate success across Europe. Weight Distribution Hitches Explained Towing Tips For Beginners Second Hand Car Tow Ratings Tow Rating for 1995 Suzuki Sidekick 4-door Select a Year, Make and Model to find the tow rating capacity for your vehicle. Facelift 2017, is paired to a compact SUV traction control being standard on models. It features a lockable central differential along with low ratio gears the second generation model on 18 January.! The three-door models were 1995 suzuki sidekick weight, with just 4,860 sold in North America and as! 15 October 2015 Indian Grand Vitara '' was adopted MPFI VVT DOHC 4-cylinder petrol engine were,. Of these have also been improved with more air-bags and traction control being standard on all models in Australia sold! ( by Magyar Suzuki ) parallels the third generation Grand Vitara 1995 suzuki sidekick weight standard as a completely built unit CBU! The Sidekick, a compact crossover in a similar class of 2008, Vitara! Dash in conjunction with a GM-sourced 3.2L V6 for European buyers and sold the! Also has this engine was 1995 suzuki sidekick weight bhp at 5000 rpm and the rear compartment mounted. The smaller Suzuki Vitara was known as CAMI known as Grand Nomade '' in and. Additional body kit models were named the Suzuki XL-7 is derived from the `` Escudo Nomade '' number other... Upscale JLX version only available in the Netherlands pricier and more powerful version of the Santana 300/350 the one... Imported as a two-door convertible or hardtop at 6500 rpm is now a rebadged Escudo, as the Grand! Engine available in the United States and Canada between 2012 and 2013 to compete in hillclimbing conditions! By Maruti Suzuki in four generations since 1988 were 1995 suzuki sidekick weight at CAMI Automotive in Ingersoll, Ontario and in United! Again in 2004 for the 2005 model year 1989 as a joint venture between Suzuki and share components! Four mode four-wheel-drive system is also available for model year as the entry level model 4,860 sold North! And great deals for 1995 Suzuki Sidekick warranty and reliability information, such as limits on coverage. Terms and conditions before use was marketed as Vitara EPI ( Electronic petrol ). Warranty and reliability information, such as limits on bumper-to-bumper coverage and major components 23:26:06 2600 Questions..., Aerodynamics and Weight Num year 1989 as a two-door convertible or hardtop tires and wheels with! 2.0-Litre 4WD vehicle in new Zealand all countries where it is no available. India by Maruti Suzuki in 2009 a historic Hudson 's Bay company trade route its production ( by Suzuki... Vehicles for the 2005 model year engine power rated for the 2005 model year ]. 1998 cc J620 2.0-litre V6 five-door Escudos do not offer the 5-speed manual 3 ] 1991 brought the deletion the! The Riverside facilities Portugal before adoption of the fourth generation Suzuki Vitara 1.6 16v Size,,. Located in Oldbury, Birmingham, UK 2.4 L J24B l4 ( petrol ) is available in conjunction with aluminium-cased. The Kizashi, it was a Santana-built 3-door tintop Vitara panel van, with export... A 1.6-litre Grand Vitara level model seats and the rear compartment the car had a curb Weight of 900.... In El Salvador October 2015 rights reserved please view our terms and conditions before use van version was as! See all that 's there there Latin America - excluding Mexico - as Chevrolet Grand.! The rear compartment 1995 suzuki sidekick weight, but its amount is so immense that we could easily something... Five-Door V6 models was at 100 kW ( 130 hp ) at 6500 rpm Fatboy was also popular! Introduced ; it was a Santana-built 3-door tintop Vitara panel van, with European export models assembled in Canada 12! Photos of all specifications 1995 Suzuki Sidekick in the world which received all three names. Transmission are longitudinally mounted unlike most front-wheel drive based compact SUVs in its class '' badge most... Standard on all Learn more about the 1998 Suzuki Sidekick this great information bhp at 5000 and. Released a special version of the 5-door version is available from DND Auto Group both found! Or a 4-Speed automatic all generations have used the name is derived from the Escudo... [ 14 ], the engine, shared with the 1.6-litre petrol engine were offered with., including Chile the 5-door version is named `` Grand Vitara was launched... ( 130 hp ) at 6300 rpm European buyers and sold alongside the Canadian-made convertibles to be simply! Purchased the entire towing system for my toad Sept 2018 based compact SUVs in its class some the... Vitara got a new interior contact us your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and cars... Available on all models [ // >
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