All this means that according to Keynes money can be used to change the level of income and employment. The General Theoryfocuses on refuting the classical conclusions that employment is determined by the price of labor, and proposes that employment is actually determined by spending, or aggregate demand. B . . According to Keynes, the employment level is determined by the expected demand for the product and the technical conditions of production rather than wages (Arestsis and Skott 1995:43). The Federal Reserve affecting the supply of money is known as, Policies designed to affect the quantity of money are, The diagram that shows the income received and payments made by each sector of the economy is the, In the circular flow diagram, the different payments made by firms to households include, A household that spends less than it receives in income during a given period is. The actual degree of change is determined by what Keynes called the “ consumption function” (that is, the level of spending that is based on disposable income). According to Keynes, the productive capacity of the economy sometimes behaves erratically, affecting production, employment, and inflation. B) Aggregate demand. According to Keynes the most important determinant of consumption A. According to Keynes, aggregate demand price and aggregate supply price will be equal at full- employment only if investment demand is sufficient to cover the gap between the aggregate supply price corresponding to full-employment level and the consumption expenditure out of income at the full-employment level. The major lesson of the circular flow diagram is that A) saving must always be less than investment. In the diagram the equilibrium is at E1 where savings intersects investment curve At this point, I=S. According of Keynes, the level of employment is determined by ? Keynesian model, recognising the assumptions upon which the model is build According to Keynesian theory, which of the following should be used to increase aggregate demand? 60 B. The ________ can change the quantity of money in the economy. C) price and wages. Keynes used his income‐expenditure model to argue that the economy's equilibrium level of output or real GDP may not corresPond to the natural level of real GDP. Therefore, the reduction of the unemployment rate will come primarily from the strengthening of effective demand and not by reducing wages. 1. Increase in demand beyond full employment causes prices to go up. It has become conventional to classify an economic downturn as a recession when aggregate output declines for, If the labor force is 500 and employment is 450, then the unemployment rate is, Between a trough and a peak, the economy goes through a(n), Between a peak and a trough, the economy goes through a(n), Unemployment implies that in the labor market. An increase in the value of an asset over the price initially paid for it is a, If Tomas purchases a share of stock for $150 and one year later sells it for $225, he will realize a. If Juanita purchases a share of stock for $20 and three years later sells it for $120, she will realize a A) dividend of $100. Which of the following is a CORRECT statement? Prices that do not always adjust rapidly to maintain equality between quantity supplied and quantity demanded are, The demand for corn has increased in May without any change in supply. Saving C. Income D. Investment 93. The equilibrium level of income determined by the equality of AD and AS does not necessarily indicate the full employment level. The line I 1 E 1 is the investment curve (imagine that it can be extended beyond E as in an S and I diagram) which touches the S curve at E 1.Thus OY 1 is the equilibrium level of employment and income. Mcq Added by: … Economics. In the equation C = 60 + 0.6 Y, MPC is A. According to Keynes, effective demand is determined by the following factors: 1. Promissory notes issued by the federal government when it borrows money are known as, A promissory note issued by a corporation when it borrows money is a. The portion of a corporation's profits that a firm pays out each period to its shareholders is a, To get the economy out of a slump, Keynes believed that the government should, To bring the economy out of an inflationary period, Keynes argued that the government should. Define Keynes concepts of equilibrium aggregate Income and output in an economy. All this means that according to Keynes money can be used to change the level of income and employment. Which of the following is a topic studied in Macroeconomics? the OPEC recession. Which of the following is NOT a topic studied in Macroeconomics? [1] Keynesian economics developed during and after the Great Depression from the ideas presented by Keynes in his 1936 book, The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money . 3. In the Keynesian two sector economy, ADI C. S
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