Consolers of the Lonely is the second album by American rock band The Raconteurs. It was released on March 25, 2008 on Warner Bros. Records in most parts of the world, and a day Salute Your Solution 3. hahahahaha...) (ahahahaha... ahahaha I'll double check that...) Haven't seen the sun in weeks My skin is getting pale Haven't got a mind left to speak And I'm skinny as a rail . These songs illustrate all the ways that Jack White's stubborn stylization pays off -- they're quite deliberate in their conflation of the traditional and modern, yet they never sound over-thought, they kick and crackle as pure kinetic music. [24] The New York Times echoed those statements about the "chaos" of the album, but concluded that "that desperation only makes the crunch of the music more euphoric. There's the very nature of the album's release: how it was announced to the world a week before its release when it then appeared in all formats in all retail outfits simultaneously; there's the obstinately olde-fashioned look of the art work, how the group is decked out like minstrels at a turn-of-the century carnival, or at least out of Dylan's Masked and Anonymous. "Consoler Of The Lonely" lyrics. Hold Up 7. A video for the first single from the album, "Salute Your Solution" was released on the same day. (Lyrics) (Daddy, will you tell me the story about the chicken? However, the CD was released on April 5, thus allowing the album the next week to ascend 32 places to reach its peak position thus far of No. Barcode and Other Identifiers Rich Kid Blues 13. "[10] Commenting on the band's chemistry and freeness, Rolling Stone said the album is "a blissfully stoned conversation between White and Benson about their favorite bands: Led Zeppelin, the Who, Badfinger", though it added, "that freedom is not always satisfying. 30 Comments; 0 Tags (Daddy, will you tell me the story about the chicken? Tracklist: 1. Cohen, Jonathan (March 18, 2008), "Raconteurs Album Being Rushed To Market Next Week". The title of the record comes from the inscription in the side of a Washington, D.C. post office written by Charles William Eliot, which reads in full: And this is indeed "concepts" in plural: how cult hero Terry Reid is used as a touchstone for the band's progressive blues-rock via a blazing cover of "Rich Kid Blues," or how there's an evocation of the old weird America in all the album's rambling centerpieces, or how half of the record fights against pop brevity, while all of it is a deathblow against the idea that the Raconteurs are power pop sissies. Released 25 March 2008 on XL (catalog no. [7], According to the band, the album was finished during the first week in March and was released less than three weeks later. Simpson, Dave (March 28, 2008), "Film & Music: Rock & pop reviews: The Raconteurs: Consolers of the Lonely". From the british tv show: From The Basement. Pareles, Jon (03-24-2008), "Miserable Exuberance From a Yin And Yang". Consolers of the Lonely by The Raconteurs, released 25 March 2008 1. 50 on the Australian ARIA chart on April 7, 2008, based on digital downloads. The Switch and The Spur 6. After being folded out the scene then depicts the band on stage with a woman exiting from a door in the back. Many Shades Of Black 9. Salute Your Solution, 3. Haven't got a mind left to speak Album Rating: 4.0Jack White never disappoints! Once opened up, it is noticed that the stage is empty and the bass drum in the back says "Sanitary Workers Band.". "[26], The album was nominated for Best Rock Album and won Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical at the 51st Grammy Awards. The Raconteurs performing Consolers of the Lonely. Consoler Of The Lonely, 2. Empire, Kitty (March 30, 2008), "Review: Critics: Releases: CD OF THE WEEK: The Raconteurs want to tell you a story: The Raconteurs Consolers of the Lonely". ", "Reviews for Consolers Of The Lonely by The Raconteurs", "The Raconteurs: Consolers Of The Lonely", "The Raconteurs, Consolers of the Lonely", "Album: The Raconteurs, Consolers of the Lonely (Third Man/XL)", "The Raconteurs: Consolers of the Lonely", "The 20 Best Albums of 2008 | 20) GNARLS BARKLEY, THE ODD COUPLE", "Day26 Upends Danity Kane To Debut At No. Enjoy. [5] It is available on CD, vinyl, and MP3. [27][28] 1.1 Consoler of the Lonely 1.2 Old Enough 1.3 The Switch and the Spur 1.4 You Dont Understand Me 1.5 Salute Your Solution 1.6 Hold Up 1.7 Many Shades of Black 1.8 Carolina Drama 1.9 These Stones Will Shout 1.10 Rich Kid Blues 1.11 Pull This Blanket Off 1.12 Attention 1.13 Five on the Five 1.14 Top Yourself H 0.41 W 12.19 L 12.39 2. Shipping and Delivery . The band premiered "Five on the Five" during their last tour. Check out the tab » Brendan … No byline (March 19, 2008), "Raconteurs' critical escape". Now, I have to say that this is a guitar heavy band, not drum heavy. Old Enough, 5. You Don't Understand Me 4. 8 on the UK Album Chart, No. "[25] Allmusic concluded that the album is a "lop-sided, bottom-loaded album that's better and richer than their debut. Led by singer-songwriter-guitarists Jack White of The White Stripes and Brendan Benson, The Raconteurs relocated to Nashville and moved to Warner Bros. The album truly kicks into gear with the tipsy country stomp of "Old Enough" and after that, there's a series of remarkable moments: that absurd Morricone dust-up "The Switch and the Spur"; "Hold Up," which rages like '70s Stones at their sleaziest; the rampaging "Five on the Five"; that splendid Reid cover that finds its heir on the steadily building "These Stones Will Shout," and finally, the closing backwoods ballad on "Carolina Drama." No byline (March 30, 2008), "No need to rush for Raconteurs' follow-up". The Switch And The Spur, 6. Most of all, there's the overriding sense that the Raconteurs are turning into an outlet for every passing fancy that Jack has but will not allow himself to indulge within the confines of the tightly controlled White Stripes, whether it's melodramatic Western operas like "The Switch and the Spur" (whose concluding bridge states "any poor souls who trespass against us...will be suffer the bite or be stung dead on sight", functioning as a virtual manifesto for the band), or the slick studio trickery that makes this the biggest White-related production yet. [7][22] According to The Toronto Star, "White's bent Americana and Benson's British invasion-isms yields wonderfully unpredictable results". "[22] The Guardian found that on Consolers of the Lonely, the Raconteurs "establish a firm, emotionally charged identity of their own" and called the effort "flawed but ragged glory. Song : Consoler Of The Lonely Artist : The Raconteurs Album : Consolers Of The Lonely Tabber : Yack All guitars in standard tuning. These Stones Will Shout 14. And it's hard to shake the feeling that this is the show of Jack White III (as he now insists on billing himself, playing right into his ongoing Third Man fetish), as that despite the even split in songwriting and producing credits between Jack and Brendan Benson, and even how they trade off lead vocals, that only White could have pushed the Raconteurs to get as stubbornly, stiffly weird as they do here. Anybody who has followed Jack White 's online screeds and offstage brawls knows that the White Stripes ' mastermind can tend to get a little, well, defensive when he's challenged (and sometimes even when he's not), but this trait hasn't always surfaced on record -- at least not in the way he and his merry band of Raconteurs do on their second album, Consolers of the Lonely. There are so many great songs on 'Consolers Of The Lonely'. You Don’t Understand Me, 4. [8] For a band of their stature, the release of Consolers of the Lonely with no promotion was highly unorthodox. Consoler Of The Lonely 2. Minimalism is out, bombast is in; the detail, is, as ever, lip-smacking. Never one to back down from confrontation, Jack White showed a little forethought this month and tried something new: He and his fellow Raconteurs … 35 on Spin Magazine's year-end Top 40 albums. XLCD359; CD). A prime example of his guitar playing talent is the track, Consoler Of The Lonely. I hope you like them too. Of course, that impression is not tempered by how Brendan mimics Jack's manic blues babble, particularly on the spitfire "Salute Your Solution" -- White does follow Benson's gentle, rounded phrasing on the elongated melodies, but that's a subtle distinction overpowered by the force of Jack's concepts. Sometimes, the group hits against that notion with a bluesy bluster, especially on the opening pair of tunes which tread a bit too closely toward Jack conventions, sometimes their attempts to stretch out are either ill-defined ("Attention," "You Don't Understand Me") or collapse under their own weight ("Many Shades of Black"), but the moments that do work -- and there are many -- make for the best music the Raconteurs have yet made. These signs refer to the fact that the band members currently reside in Tennessee, but Brendan Benson and Jack White are originally from Michigan, while Patrick Keeler and Jack Lawrence are originally from Ohio. And I'm bored to tears. The band consists of Jack White (vocals, guitar), Brendan Benson (vocals, guitar), Jack Law… read more View full artist profile Play "Consoler of the L…" The stage portrayed on the cover of the album depicts three signs for Tennessee, Michigan, and Ohio. "[7] Austin-American Statesmen said "it's a weirdly overblown and curiously dull album," and complained about its production. This band's starting to grow on me. 4 Album of the Decade[29] by Glide Magazine.[30]. And yet no tabs were submitted so it is I who took this task upon me. The band did no promotion before the album's release, and its existence was only confirmed a week before. All songs by Brendan Benson and Jack White, except "Rich Kid Blues" by Terry Reid. Top Yourself 8.
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