Brendan Smialowski / AFP - Getty Images file, Seth Sidney Berry / SOPA Images via Zuma Press, Jair Cabrera Torres / dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images file, Venezuela's Maduro claims sweep of boycotted election, J Balvin talks Beyonce, Bieber, and he would like to collaborate with next, 'No choice except to flee': After back-to-back hurricanes, Central Americans go north, After stonewalling, Trump admin finally releases data to reunite separated migrant families, lawyers say, Mexico's president acknowledges end to killings far away, Gunmen stage brazen bank heist, leaving Brazilian city locked down and covered in cash, After historic meeting, Cuba slams protesters, dashes hopes for dialogue, The Virgen de Guadalupe pilgrimage will be online, say Mexico's Catholic leaders, Because of Trump sanctions, Western Union remittances come to an end in Cuba, 28 migrant children and their parents face deportation after refusing to be separated, Mexico reports jump of over 9,000 new Covid-19 cases in one day, Mexico is fourth country to top over 100,000 Covid deaths. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a productive trip to the region, conferring with newly elected Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro—who appears likely to adopt positions on issues such as China, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba that complement those of the Trump administration—at his inauguration. It is also one of the few Latin American countries where same-sex marriage in churches can be performed. Smart News & Research for Latin America's Changemakers, Working Group on Inter-American Relations, complement those of the Trump administration, end to the 2008-2016 China-Taiwan diplomatic truce, possibly Haiti, St. Vincent, or St. Kitts, pushed out families and legitimate businesses, briefly successful, widespread opposition, one million already living in the country, competition between the PCC and Red Command, Washington's New Friends in Latin America, Tillerson’s Attempt to Mend Ties in Latin America, Corruption, oil, and the role of external agencies in the Caribbean, Good governance and corruption in the Caribbean, Webinar: AMLO’s DC Visit: Trilateral Implications, The State of LGBT+ Rights in the Americas. U.S. decision makers must ask whether, in the current situation, the U.S. has the resources and credibility at the present time to engage with the region on the topic of China, to meaningfully strengthen governance, and to otherwise act decisively to stave off the political instability that may ripple throughout the region. Today, Latin America has its fair share of dictators. Latin America. In this brief review, the authors describe the main characteristics of trauma systems in Latin America's 2 most populous countries, Mexico and Brazil. Trauma is a common health problem and the major cause of death in the young populations in both countries. 'Welcome back America!' Reprisals against austerity measures. Both Mr. Maduro in Venezuela and the husband-and-wife duo of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo in Nicaragua … In Honduras, the leftist opposition continues to claim fraud in the election that returned Juan Orlando Hernandez to power, denying his legitimacy, with increasingly extremist former President Manuel Zelaya calling for the recruitment of “10,000 commandos” to pressure the government. Find the latest Latin American news stories, photos, and videos on In Brazil, while the new conservative government of Jair Bolsonaro is viewed as a potential ally in Washington, there is a non-trivial risk that his controversial style could deepen already significant polarization in the country, fueling strikes and other actions that further undermine the Brazilian economy and Bolsonaro’s ability to effectively manage problems of the nation, even as challenges such as the competition between the PCC and Red Command prison gangs to dominate the drug trade expand. If the U.S. approach, however inspired, cannot realistically hope to succeed, U.S. leadership must ask whether the wise choice is to continue with that approach, or to change course—perhaps to a posture oriented toward damage control until circumstances change. With the exception of Paraguay, each of the eight states still recognizing Taiwan is in close geographic proximity to the United States, either in Central America or the Caribbean. In the last 12 months, Brazil, Cuba and Mexico elected new leaders. Professor Castañeda is a specialist in Latin American affairs. The Politics of Frustration in Latin America Oct 29, 2019 Jeremy Adelman , Pablo Pryluka The rapidly escalating protests across the region reflect people's dashed economic expectations, and thus differ from the demonstrations in Beirut and Hong Kong against undemocratic regimes. Although AMLO’s pragmatism and  focus on domestic Mexican issues have restrained his embrace of China and Russia for an “anti-U.S.” alliance, the likely failure of a politically polarized U.S. Congress to ratify the revised U.S.-Mexico-Canada free trade agreement (USMCA) could severely damage the Mexican economy, just as AMLO struggles with the effects of expanded cocaine exports from Colombia through the country and the destabilizing effects of both opioids and fentanyl exports to the U.S. on the violent competition between Mexico-based criminal groups. If the beginning of the new 116th US Congress was any indication, the U.S. government is likely to be consumed by internal political issues in the coming two years that further detract from its ability to dedicate senior-level attention and resources toward Latin America. But although he stands out as Latin America’s most outspokenly hateful politician, others there have used fear of immigrants to win elections. The first one is an increase in interpersonal violence throughout the region; and the second one is violence linked to organized crime, especially in areas that are relevant for drug related markets. Latin America, as other regions around the world, is getting increasingly polarized. A History of Modern Latin America 1800 to the Present; Ritual and Remembrance in the Ecuadorian Andes; The Guinea Pig - Healing, Food, And Ritual In The Andes; Begging As A Path To Progress - Indigenous Women And Children And The Struggle For Ecuador's Urban Spaces 2019 Latin American political landscape: The good, the bad, and the ugly. There are no easy answers, but in light of the importance of Latin America to the U.S. through bonds of geography, commerce and family, the U.S. must face the risks, and ask these hard questions, as we move into 2019. Across Latin America, the fragmentation of criminal groups, the end to the 2008-2016 China-Taiwan diplomatic truce, and the dangerous lessons learned regarding how to interact with unfriendly regimes will have powerful destabilizing effects on the region’s political dynamics in 2019. Beyond these general trends, risks in multiple countries and sub-regions in the hemisphere demand the attention of U.S. policymakers. Mexico says it won't allow officials accused of corruption to be tried in the U.S. Peru's youth has taken down a president. When the Constitutional Court blocked Morales’ actions, Morales returned fire by threatening criminal charges against the members of the court. Mexico has yet to congratulate Joe Biden on his win. From Bolivia to Ecuador, Haiti to Honduras, the closing months of 2019 have seen enormous, sometimes violent demonstrations prompted by a truly dizzying array of grievances, including electoral fraud, corruption, and rising fuel and public transportation prices. NEW JERSEY – All over Latin America, public patience is wearing thin, with violence in Chile and the return to power of Peronists in Argentina. What happens now? Latin America Book Review - Recorded Interviews with Authors. The end to the truce, and the example of these changes, also raises the possibilities for at least one additional Central American nation to switch relations from Taiwan to the PRC (possibly Honduras), as well as one or more Caribbean nations (possibly Haiti, St. Vincent, or St. Kitts), producing an even greater expansion of PRC activities in sensitive sectors such as ports and logistics, telecommunications, and political and security cooperation. Thu 24 Oct 2019 12.06 EDT. Nonetheless, during the coming year, previously noted initiatives by China (as well as Russia), will likely compound efforts by regional leaders on both the right and left to hold onto power, making the situation in the region much worse. Política, economía e ideas sobreel mundo en español. U.S. soybean futures rose for a sixth consecutive session on Friday and hit a four-year high on dry conditions in key South American crop areas and concerns about dwindling U.S. supplies. In Nicaragua, after over 320 deaths, the imprisonment of hundreds more, and thousands of injuries, Daniel Ortega and his wife Rosario Murillo have at least temporarily succeeded in using technology, intelligence, and brute force to decapitate and atomize the briefly successful, widespread opposition to their corrupt rule. Mexican security forces captured the man they said was behind a 2019 massacre that killed nine members of a breakaway Mexican-American Mormon community. White House killed deal to pay for mental health care for migrant families separated at border, A 'last nod to Trump'? “China Becomes Second Largest Trading Partner of Latin America.” Xinhua, 29 November 2018.. 3. In both Honduras and Guatemala, while the underlying problem is the cycle of narcotrafficking, gang violence, insecurity and lack of opportunity, the aforementioned political struggles have the potential to explode and destabilize one or both fragile regimes. There are two main challenges that Latin America currently faces in regard to violence. Over half of the region’s economies—including major players Illustrated portraits by Joel Kimmel. Colombia’s Medellin and Cali cartels, and the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico). By John Price / February 21, 2019. AMLO will also continue to struggle with internal security issues. 2. Relief sweeps through Western capitals after Biden win, Maradona fans get tattoos to celebrate 'eternal love' for the soccer legend, Brazilian politician, in a coma due to Covid-19, has yet to find out is the elected mayor, Argentine officials search home of Maradona's doctor while investigating soccer star's death, After rare protest in Cuba, artists say the government agrees to future talks, From the streets to the heavens: Maradona's rise — and fall — ensure a legacy like no other, Hurricane Iota batters Nicaragua, especially its Caribbean coast, U.S. drops drug case against former Mexican defense minister, Tropical Storm Iota sweeps Central America with humanitarian crisis looming, In Peru, a hope that a new president, centrist Francisco Sagasti, can calm country in crisis, In growing crisis, Peru seeks a third president in a week.
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