Except for 2 things, which if you get wrong, it can be very bad. Some depend on the sex and breed of hamster you’re looking for as well. Male or female hamster They all would fit in the palm of your hand, even as adults. Adam When female hamsters have their first heat, they can get pregnant if they mate with a male. Larger wounds with steady blood flow will require immediate attention and possibly vet care. You can check the listing on Amazon here, and read the reviews as well. If you put him on the floor or somewhere not contained, he will run everywhere. It needs to be wet, but not soaked so you get the hamster wet. If you want to know more about us hammies, you should definitely check out the articles below to find out how to care for us properly, and keep us happy.... Hamster vs Gerbil – Which Is A Better Pet For You ? So stick to soft wood and paper. Downsides/cons of having a pet hamster Your hamster’s eyes, while kind of useless for his navigation and daily life, are still capable of injury and infection. Yes, there is, and giving your hammy dog food instead of his usual meals will eventually lead to a vitamin OD. Posted by 2 days ago. Hamsters bleed when they get a cut. 15 to 22 days after mating is when her pups (baby hamsters) will arrive. Much like guinea pigs, gerbils need to be kept in pairs, at the very least. Do not scare the hamster, or handle him when there’s a lot of things going on around you. And also how and when to clean his cage. Wolfenstein Other animals, such as dogs and cats, also have estrus cycles. 9 10 11. Gerbils on the other hand have been known to live up to 5 years in captivity. Difference between hamster species when it comes to temperature This can be very expensive if you can’t rehome the pups. Stress and nervousness in hamsters can be caused by several different factors. Faye Internal bleeding could be due to an illness or disease, or from a nasty fall your hamster encountered in her cage. Table of Contents How to choose your first hamsterThe hamster’s healthThe hamster’s eyesNo missing teethClean earsNo odd lumpsBald spots, and how the fur looksDischarge in the eyes or nose or earsWet tail, or soiled bottomSlender hamsterNo weird smellsThe hamster’s personalityBaby hamsters are hard to readMale or female hamsterWhich hamster breed to getBringing your new hamster friend homeIs a hamster really the pet for you ?A word from Teddy It is important to know when discharge or blood from your hamster’s private area is not normal or part of her estrus cycle. Then we also give him unscented, clean paper towels, ripped into smaller pieces that he can move easily. Eye problems can be common in hamsters, like in most animals. Let’s start with the health checklist, to see if your future hammy is healthy. good luck. Lady You need to make sure you have space and money to be able to look after all these hamsters, as well as find homes for them afterward. Leo So not clean her cage, neither spot-clean nor completely clean. My Teddy was part-tarantula when he was young, so let me tell you about climbing hamsters. I have no other explanation for this. That’s alright, as long as he has other forms of stimulation, he will be fine. Juniper Amelia Spot Make sure you get home and have his cage set up beforehand. Open a side of the box, and from then on leave the hammy alone. Another sign, in case you missed the plug, is the fact that the hamster will still secrete a whitish substance but this will be consistent, creamy, and whitish. An average budget, for a new cage, wheel, exercise ball, transport cage, hideout, and toys can get to $225. You won’t trip over them randomly He should want to come closer if you reach for him, but not too confidently. There is also the way dog feed is thought out. Many other small pets such as guinea pigs and rabbits use straw as bedding for inside their cage. But first… Table of Contents Do hamsters know their name ?List of hamster names, for female hamsters:List of hamster names, for male hamsters:Talking and interacting with your hamsterLetting your hamster pick his own nameA word from Teddy Just not what I had in mind when I decided I want a hamster. If you have a hamster, and you’ve picked him up, you know what I’m talking about. A good, non-toxic glue that the hamster will be able to hold the popsicles in place. Overlapping levels in a cage Vic What about the playtime between hamsters and guinea pigs ? But an adult hamster will have the cutest, furriest face you’ve ever seen. Excessive bleeding from your hamster’s private area could signal internal bleeding. Hamster eyes are not meant to be able to see in bright conditions, since they must survive in a dawn/dusk habitat. Minnie The article continues after the image.) It’s an infection in the uterus, which will produce a yellowish discharge from the hamster’s genital opening. As for the bedding, it can be wood shavings or paper bedding. They become very irritable and a bit smelly in that period. The topmost level was a safe distance, however there was a slight gap that I had to mind, the two levels didn’t overlap completely. If they are in heat and you see a speck of blood, there’s no need to panic. Thunder That’s okay, each hamster is different. To prevent this from happening again, you might want to permanently move your hamster’s home into a place that has fewer variations in temperature. Climbing toys for your hamster friend Maab (as in Queen Maab) Teeth are crucial to a hamster’s health, so they should be something you look at. But even those are funny. They don’t jump often, but all it takes is once. It’s mostly the same across all hamster breeds, maybe some adjustments would need to be made according to the hamster’s size. In this case the solution is a lot like with the infection. This is the most obvious and definitive sign that the male has successfully impregnated the female. Hamsters do not see very well, and can’t use anything else to judge distance. Breeding your hamster is a decision that needs a lot of consideration. Wash your hands before handling your hamster so your fingers don't smell like food. Lightning Damon By the end of her cycle (day 3 and 4) the substance secreted from the genital opening becomes drier, more waxy. Do female hamsters smell when in heat? They use their sense of smell, and their sharp hearing to navigate and live a happy life. Hamsters are low maintenance pets Hamsters do naturally hibernate in the wild, like bears for example. There’s a few things you should consider, and I’ll get into each of them. Especially for the dwarf hamsters out there. Rodent Life is a blog where we share fantastic resources to help you take care of your small pet and to ensure they have a long happy life. Shaggy Female hamsters become sexually mature very young, usually between 4 to 6 weeks old. In the meantime, make sure you’ve got your vet on call if you need any extra info or guidance. Table of Contents So why are hamsters good pets ?Hamsters are low maintenance petsThey’re funny on their ownThe hamster’s cage will not take up much spaceHamsters are very clean animalsHamsters are cheap pets to keepHamsters are among the cutest petsThey have a shorter lifespan than most petsYou will not need to exercise them yourself too muchThere is no shedding problemHamsters are very quiet 90% of the timeYou won’t trip over them randomlyHamsters are okay in no-pet buildings or apartmentsBut are hamsters good pets for children ?Downsides/cons of having a pet hamsterA hamster is harder to tame than other petsIt’s very hard to guess their personality when they’re babiesHamsters are less affectionateThey’re nocturnal, you might miss them oftenHamsters are very sensitive to a lot of thingsSurprise littersA word from Teddy The best part of Teddy being such a climber was that he sometimes … well, I think he forgot he was climbing the the cage wires. If you’re not very decided, you can let the hamster pick out his own name. Table of Contents Is a rodent a good pet for you ?About the hamsterAbout the gerbilThe hamster lives alone, the gerbil loves a groupCage, toys, and bedding for the hamster and the gerbilFood and treats for the hamster and the gerbilHealth problems the two can getA word from Teddy This is the second thing that needs to be done a certain way, otherwise your gerbils won’t be happy. Or you’ll find them perched on top of the open door and freak out if you want to close it. Your petshop should be able to let you handle the hammy before you walk out with him. Gwen That being said, a blind hamster will not be very handicapped. It should wake up and begin moving around within an hour or so. Madeira No, hammies can’t have dog food, neither wet nor dry because they have a different digestive system (and dietary needs) than dogs. The hamster stores the bedding in his cheeks to use it in his home, and cotton keeps moisture and has fibers that can get stuck in your hammy’s teeth, which can be fatal. The bedding and hideout should be picked out beforehand too, so they’re already laid out in the cage and ready for your hamster friend. The best time for hamsters to have offspring is when they are between 10 weeks and 15 months old. Desert nights are colder than you’d think at first. And he does not need a nightlight, since he’s got his cage memorized and know where everything is. Hamsters are cheap pets to keep The same goes for how much exercise your hamster gets. It should be obvious, but a hamster should have all of its teeth. For example on the day when the female is available (day 2 of her cycle), she will secrete a whitish substance that also contributes to the general smell around her. Ear and hearing problems can arise as well, and so can eye problems. They’re not crazy about hugs and kisses and cuddles and scratches. Here we share care knowledge and tips to keep your rodent (and rabbit) healthy and happy. On the third day, this discharge can be waxier. There will be no thin secretion, only the thick one for the following 5 days. Once her due date approaches she will become restless, she will eat more, and she will stop using her wheel. Assign a name for each hole. I didn’t know if Teddy would make a good pet, but I wanted a cute hammy running around the house in his exercise ball. He’s a Syrian male, and a fairly tough and energetic one at that. In terms of shape, hamsters are short, stocky little creatures. So there is nothing to object to there. An exercise wheel is the best way for your hamster to let out the immense energy it has. No, hamsters don’t really recognize their name. Hamsters have evolved to run away from everything, since anything can be a predator for them. A nosebleed in an older hamster is sometimes caused by kidney or liver failure or a sign that your hamster has a low platelet count called thrombocytopenia. When you’re handling your hammy, he might jump. This is actually how you should keep him as an adult, as well. No, hamsters do not have periods. It could be a sign of a urinary tract infection, a vaginal infection, or a tumor. Can hamsters eat dog food ? The Dwarf types (4 of them) are much smaller, and faster and agile and, can be a bit harder to tame since they just won’t sit still. User account menu. You’ll learn how to keep us safe and happy, and what we need for a good life.... 12 Reasons Why Hamsters Are Good Pets, And A Few Cons. So while you’re sleeping is when he might make the most noise, but again he makes very little noise. A hamster with a minor cut will probably lick the wound as it clots and may continue to lick the wound as it heals. For them that cold can be fatal, even if for you it might be just a sniffle. Vegetables are good for them as well, just keep them away from onion, garlic, leek, and other such veggies. Dogs are carnivorous animals, they live off of meat, so protein and fats. We are both mammals, and need warmer climates. 4 weeks old. Hamsters are always on the move and are curious about a million things at a time, but still, if you put your hand on the cage, he should notice it and try to come closer. So generally most interactions between the two don’t go too well, largely due to the hamster’s need for solitude. Rey I want to get a pet hamster. Read on to find out how to help your hamster when and if he develops eye problems. ? Hamsters do ask for attention, just not in the same way and don’t need nearly as much emotional attachment. Very very fast, and you’ll need to be quick to separate the two. Wet tail can also be caused by bacterial growth in your hamster’s stomach, unsanitary living conditions, and some types of antibiotics (but this is rare). If you have recently brought your hamster home, then you should let her settle in for a few days first before you attempt handling or interacting with her. And when the guinea pig would take a short nap, the hammy could possibly stumble upon it (curious as hamsters are, but also silly and a bit thick). But the end result is the same, your hamster will only take up that much space, ever. Boomer Pepita Report: Jags RB to miss season due to COVID-19. Conan This will create hybrids, which are the "Russian hamsters" you see in pet shops. If you just look to a small pet vet, he might only be able to help with pets as small as cats. Rambler So why do hamsters jump ? The article continues after the image.) And they dry out fairly quickly, so they’re not the best bet, but will do in a pinch. There are a lot of things to mind when you’re considering getting a hamster, including how large a cage you can get him. Take up little space – a hamster’s cage is the only thing taking up space, and that’s not much It is normal for them when they are in the estrus cycle. (If you like this article so far, you can pin it to your Pinterest board by clicking the image below. You have to check that it should be due to that cycle, and it must not mix … A condition call pyometra can cause foul-smelling and yellow discharge to leak from your hamster’s private areas. Did your hamster ever jump out of your hands ? He usually uses those for the actual ‘bed’ inside his home. They can come about from poor handling by the caretakers, or it could be a hereditary problem. Anything between 10 to 15 weeks is fine. Now, the running wheel will have to be tall in order to be a proper size for him. Here’s why hamsters make good pets: They’re low maintenance – not hard to look after The fur will cheat you there, but you should be able to tell if you look at the head and eyes, and how plump the skin is there. Do not use antibiotics you’ve got around the house ! Alduin These are all things a 6 year old can and will do, since they’re children. Hamsters can’t sweat like we do, and his fur coat will keep him warm no matter what. This means silly things like a cardboard tube can be amazing for them, since they both love to tunnel and they will stick their faces everywhere they can fit it. Keep in mind that previously owned hamsters might be a better choice, since they’ve been handled before and are most probably already tamed. So keep that in mind if you’re looking for a cuddly, affectionate pet. So what is the ideal temperature for your hamster ? No. He might try to paw at his eye and cause further damage. Like scaring the hamster, or holding him for too long, or too high. Talk to your hamster much more often, before you get near him so he knows you’re coming So make sure you’ve for tissues, toilet paper and paper towels at hand, and give her more than you think she needs. But they don’t get noisier than that most of the time. Ice Then, place bits of food or hamster treats on top of each name – like a piece of carrot, a peanut, a bit of cooked chicken, or something else from this safe foods list. As it turns out, the ideal temperature for your hamster is basically the same for all species, with a few minor differences. This is mostly because the wheel needs to be silent, and run smooth, without a hitch. Not necessarily to pick him up often (some hamsters do not like that at all) but to talk to him and feed him a couple of treats. My Teddy had this a couple of times, and I didn’t know about the saline solution at first. So whenever you handle a hamster, be close to his cage, or where you’ve decided his playpen is. Health problems the two can get If you want a more detailed comparison between a hamster and a guinea pig, you should read this article. Instead there will be a whitish substance that the female will release at the end of her ‘period’. I’ve met hamsters that only used their running wheel to gently swing in it while they ate. Caring for baby hamsters without their mother is difficult and time-consuming. Another way is to place the hamster in his exercise ball, and stick a few sticky notes with the names written on them. This is possible with every type of hamster, but especially true for Dwarf kinds because only these can be kept in pairs. Although they don’t require to be cleaned, they may smell slightly than usually and produce thick discharge with a small chance of blood during the end of the cycle. Rest assured, hamsters can live their entire life without their eyesight. Drax the Destroyer Never let your hamster get too warm since it’s not easy for him to cool off naturally. If you want more info on how often to change the hammy’s bedding, and which type of bedding is best for him, then you should read this. No. You can find the listing on Amazon here, and read the reviews as well. Hamsters are omnivores, who maybe sometimes eat protein if the get the chance. Wetness surrounding your hamster’s bottom, near her tail, could be wet tail. The treatment can last up to 2 weeks in some cases, and your hammy might be required to stay at the vet for a couple of days. Does he look mostly calm and curious ? You might see a drop of blood or two just before the birth. He was already nearly blind from birth, so being completely blind doesn’t take away much from him. So your hamster would stay in his burrow below the ground, when the temperature is too hot or too cold. Hamsters never really ‘grow up’, as most pets do. Or, you can use a sandbath in the corner your hammy uses as a bathroom. Like see-saws, or bridges, or climbing toys. No, they were scurrying somewhere and did a backflip on the way. We’ll talk about the safest options you have, and which to avoid. Have you got a hamster, and he’s all over the cage ? In general, bird toys make good climbing toys for hamsters, as long as they’re the ladder/climbing  types like this one. The female needs to be kept alone, away from her cage mates, so nothing can disturb her. Steve My Teddy never had one, so in this particular case it’s best to check with your veterinarian. And finally, it’s okay if it’s small-ish, since your hammy will only use it to sleep and eat, and he does not take up much space. Ideal Temperature For Your Hamster’s Comfort. This means no surprise, unplanned litters. On the 3rd day, you may see more solid wax-like discharge. A hamster is harder to tame than other pets Amethyst Another thing to remember is that hamsters are not calm animals. Or it could be from many other reasons. When I first got Teddy I was very curious about whether he needs extra-warm temperatures or not. Best would be to actually cover the top of the tank with a wire mesh. But because of a major difference in personality, how they react to strangers. This is what I wish I knew before I got Teddy. Hamsters can also randomly jump in their cage This is great news for very busy people, and it’s an easy thing to take care of. Making sure your hamster doesn’t hurt himself if he jumps They’re just embarrassed you’d find out so they only make a faint whoosh sound. But digging towers are different, as well as hideout complexes. Your hamster will have an estrus cycle or ‘go into heat’ every four days. While they do enjoy each other’s company, they also enjoy some space to run around in and have fun. Until you reach your veterinarian, you can try using a saline solution to clean your hamster’s eyes. Syrian hamsters are more prone to the disease. A word from Teddy And if you’d like to know more about how to properly care for your hamster, you can check out these essential steps. Both rodents need their teeth constantly filed down, otherwise they just grow too large. An underfed hamster will be noticeable if you hold the hamster and feel its spine and leg bones very clearly. So, when it gets cold, your hamster will begin drawing more and more bedding into his house. So make sure you don’t turn on bright lights in your hamster’s room. When you do introduce the female to the male to let them mate, you should take a few precautions. It’s very hard to guess their personality when they’re babies Sure, they’ll tolerate them a bit but you can’t hold and cuddle a hamster for a half hour as you could a dog. Are there other hamsters with bald spots ? There is little difference between species here, but there is one exception. Hamsters are the opposite of that. Syrian hamsters have two black mole-like spots on their hips, with barely any fur around them. About the hamster It can also happen because of a stray bacteria on the hamster’s food, for example on a piece of apple or broccoli. And he can be aloof and hard to read sometimes. She should freeze and stay very still, flatten out, and then lift her tail. Tell him about your day and feed him a couple leaves of parsley. Hamsters do not judge distances very well, since their eyes don’t help them much. Females come into heat every few days, about once a week. Well, dog treats are meant as treats. While the piggy won’t use the hamster’s wheel to run, he’ll use the entire cage for a quick sprint. Thanks. Getting a hammy for the first time is exciting, and a big responsibility, even if he’s so small. When a hamster is in heat, she will normally produce some mucus or discharge from her private area. This is the kind of vet that can help with your hamster, guinea pig, snake, and parakeet as well. The vet is the best option. This was a big drawback for me initially, since the main reason I wanted a hamster was to cuddle and play with it. It should not be particularly shiny, unless the hamster was bred for that purpose. It looks like the world’s slowest wink. However, their versions are much less frequent and last far longer than a hamster’s. Azura Hamsters do not have menstrual periods like women, but there may be a discharge during their 4-day reproductive cycle. The eyeballs have tissue surrounding them, and especially behind them. The more piggies your have, you’ll have to almost double that size. No missing teeth Like he doesn’t have the rest of the cage to see us, but okay. Ruckus The best way to choose a hamster is to look both for a healthy one, but also a even-tempered hamster. Best to ask before you feed your hamster or gerbils anything new. Short lifespan, not a long term commitment – only 2-4 years So to sum everything up, and give you a rounded answer: Camel They have the same type of reactions, and will know how to read one another properly. Kind of. Your veterinarian will be able to give the hamster a treatment for this problem, but until then there is not much you can do for your friend. Do not shed – no allergies, and minimal cleanup Let cool to room temperature Use a clean pad or bud for each wipe ! If you mix their food, or even if you put the food separately, there’s not telling who is going to eat whose food. Since most of the time your hamster will be in his cage, you can’t trip over him randomly when getting out of the shower. This includes hammocks and mesh nets. They grew up of the same size, species, and scent profile. You see in the wild hamsters have to forage for food, in ares that are mostly barren. NOT the fine dusty kind ! Pet hamsters are nocturnal, and will come out possibly when you’re getting ready for bed, like 9 PM. Does the hammy look like it’s angry or snappy ? Whether you're thinking about getting a puppy or wondering how a rescue dog will fit in with your family, post here to get opinions from other parents. If it gets too cold for more than 24 hours, then your hamster can enter a kind of hibernation. A bloody discharge prior to delivery of your hamster’s pups is normal.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'rodentlife_com-banner-1','ezslot_3',135,'0','0'])); If you are planning on or looking into breeding your hamster, then you need to do your research beforehand. That being said, make sure you do not keep your hamster in too cold a temperature. Be sure to leave her alone completely, and only bring food and give it through the cage bars. A cage big enough for a hamster will be a minimum of 24 x 12 inches, and about 12 inches tall. A female hamster in heat can smell quite strong and musky. Syrians need to be alone, and will fight literally anything or anyone put in their cage. You can delay them by keeping your hamster’s eyes away from UV light. Piggy The condensation stopped, and the home never smells. He is restless and that’s his nature. No hamster ever sits in one place for more than a few seconds, but Dwarves are terrible at it. The Dwarf types can tolerate another of their own species, if it’s a sibling and they still might fight sometimes. Which will not end up well, again. Table of Contents Can hamsters eat dog food ?Why hamsters can have dog treats, but not dog foodCan hamsters eat other animal foods ?The typical hamster dietA word from Teddy Though it is not unusual for a hamster to bleed a drop of blood at times. This is something I imagined would be the case when I got my Teddy. Additionally, hamsters with pyometra can also have a large, bloated belly. Dangers of keeping your hamster too cold or too hot If you’ve got a tank for your hamster, make sure it’s got tall enough sides. Zoomer Or place the cage on a cool surface, which will slowly cool the bedding as well. Kirk Small Guy This is partly because hamsters chew on everything and wood is safe for them. You’ve maybe seen videos of hamsters flying off their running wheels because they stopped randomly. Here’s the answer to what you were looking for. You can find out more about that here. This is because of the amazing energy small hamsters have, and how incredibly agile they are. Wet tail is typically caused by stress, like moving to a new house, living in a noisy setting, or being attacked by another animal or hamster. Get a clean cotton pad or cotton bud, and dip it in the liquid. Peanut Maury They’ve got a ridiculous amount of energy, and even with a running wheel in their cage, baby hamsters will still be clinging to the ceiling. Hamsters can’t eat dog food. I recommend hanging this toy not very high off the cage floor. As it turns out, guinea pigs and hamsters are very different animals, and housing them together is a delicate subject. This is why hamster breeders track their female hamsters’ estrus cycle, so they know when to pair her with a male for mating. A guinea pig will share his home with his partner, or the other 234 piggies it lives with. Arnold They have their good and their bad sides, and I’ll tell you both. Hamsters can lose their sight with old age. The wires in the cage are close together so that neither a gerbil nor a Dwarf hamster would be able to escape. Hamsters have so much energy to burn Hamsters are skittish and jumpy by nature, but they should be relatively easy to tame, and not very afraid of you. But aside from that hamsters are very easy to take care of. Ghandi Aside from that, hammies need grains and veggies and a whole lot of minerals and vitamins that dogs don’t need the same. But no, that was just Teddy being a bright, curious, ball of energy. Gary So make sure you are very close to his cage, or something soft that he can land on. Iris Hamsters are exceptionally good climbers, though not nearly as good as mice or rats. Wiki User Answered . They’ll bring countless moments of ”awwww” and ”ooooh” to your life, starting with how cute they look when they sleep, and ending with the odd sounds they can make sometimes. Spend time with him. I'd like a female one as I don't like the male ones balls/penis touching me. That is the absolute minimum, for just one guinea pig. Hamsters usually have litters of 6 and 12, but they can have larger ones. On the 2nd day of her estrus cycle, when her ovulation ends, there may release a whitish vaginal. You might be wondering if a hamster might be a good pet for your kid.
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