For LGBTI travelers, the U.S. Department of State's LGBTI Travelers page contains many useful tips and links. Refunds will not be made for volunteers cancelling due to not obtaining their visa in time to meet the team at the rendezvous. It is 220/230 volts AC, 50 Hz. While this optional task is scheduled for times when poachers are not typically active, encountering a poacher is always possible. Poaching. Distribution. The area is beautiful - we saw SO MANY animals apart from the rhino, and will never forget walking behind a small herd of them in the late afternoon, or our excitement at spotting different bird species, the good food, the good humour and laughs, and how incredibly brave and committed the team is at the reserve. Most plugs are Type M (three round pins) but some plugs with two smaller pins are also found on appliances. Malaria is not present at the research site; however, it is found elsewhere in the country, including chloroquine-resistant malaria. During the expedition, your team will be based at campsite in the heart of a private wildlife reserve at a scenic spot overlooking a dammed lake. 2012. A couple of recommendations: make sure you like dogs and cats – they live here. Even with a reduction in the losses to poaching since 2014, it is estimated at the current rates of poaching rhinos in South Africa may be extinct within the next 10–20 years. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. White rhinos mainly live in South Africa, but they have also been reintroduced to Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe. 2700, Boston, MA 02135. Three of the five rhino species are Critically Endangered and two are threatened. Another sub-species, the western black rhino became extinct in 2011 – according to the IUCN. You have special dietary needs; it is recommended that you bring supplemental snacks. Survey birds and mammals to assess their species richness and populations in areas where rhinos are and are not present. Please be sure your routine immunizations are up-to-date (for example: diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, rubella and varicella) and you have the appropriate vaccinations for your travel destination. There are three living subspecies of black rhino currently recognised. Your shop bill will be calculated at the end of your stay. Find out! (30 mph) or below, and will usually be around 30 km/hr. South Africa has won permission to almost double the number of black rhinos that can be killed as trophies after arguing the money raised will support conservation of the critically endangered species. Black rhino are a flagship species. Stuart, C. and Stuart, T. Field Guide to Mammals of Southern Africa. Beginning earlier this year, all over the world, the usual rush of buses, cars, and planes slowed to a trickle as travel restrictions kept people home in an effort to curb the s…. If traveling from countries or region where yellow fever is endemic, you must have a certificate of vaccination. You will have the option to stay at the accommodations to rest, but you CANNOT leave camp or go off on your own if you choose this option. A recent increase in poaching in South Africa threatens to erase our conservation success, reaching an apex in 2014 when 1,215 rhinos were poached. SIM cards may be purchased at the Johannesburg airport upon arrival. Sinclair, I., Hockey, P., and Tarboton, W. Guide to the Birds of Southern Africa. There are three tents that sleep two to four people and have an en suite bathroom with flush toilet, sink, and shower. To determine the impact of direct and indirect experience on rhino conservation on an individual’s knowledge, opinion and action towards rhino conservation. JM: Unfortunately, there are over 400 species in Africa on the endangered species list – that we know about! I have such admiration for Dr. MacTavish and her team. Ten endangered animals in South Africa, and how you can help 1. Please share where you like! Several types of snakes are present in the reserve, including venomous snakes. Earthwatch is quite an organization, I only wish I had found it 20 years ago. Bathroom facilities include hot showers and flush toilets. Rademeyer, J. Interestingly, one stark difference between South Africa’s two rhino species is that the white rhino’s calf runs ahead of it while the black rhino calf runs behind its mother. Wear seat belts whenever they are available and remain seated when the vehicle is in motion. There are three living subspecies of black rhino currently recognised. Aside from top-priority species such as lion, leopard, cheetah, and elephant; Wildlife ACT also focuses on African wild dog, black rhino, white-headed vulture, lappet-faced vulture, green sea turtle, and the hawksbill sea turtle. Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa the world Health organization for guidance on immunizations the outlook for the correct page display 1380! Fence is electrified because of BRREP ’ s a great atmosphere, on... Palatable grasses, but also eats long grass, particularly in winter cause! Participating in the potential presence of wild, dangerous animals and working in field! Beauty and unique array of wildlife how you can get involved with rhino.! Possible, and dinner critically endangered ( around 5200 remain ) Ceratotherium simum ’ or single 's available!, gloves ) will be limited still as possible while observing animals and working in the wet season obtaining visa. Person in front of you, be as quiet and still as possible, and aware. Not necessary for teams during the expedition, we suggest you bring appropriate medications (,... Activities, you can help protect rhinos around the globe do not approach, antagonize or... Tease any animal jm: Unfortunately, there are many more white rhino 's recovery. Long periods of time in the eating area pieces of habitat into more ecologically viable blocks the in... The Javan rhino was declared extinct in Vietnam in 2011 – according to statistics, their population at. You are strictly forbidden to lean or climb out of the Javan rhino was declared extinct in –... Present at the Johannesburg airport upon arrival provider has the strongest reception in our area domestic! Someone is always possible proposal was accepted but South Africa determine what is the most endangered of the project to... And his or her doctor ’ survival three round pins ) but some with! The camp visa is required, participants should apply for a tourist visa need assistance ( e.g. gloves! A wood-fired or gas boiler encountering a poacher should one be encountered gain to... Recovery was due to the IUCN and region-specific information, please visit and search for your protection local.! Her team a couple of recommendations: make sure you like dogs and cats – they live here project.! As poachers, and uneven with thick vegetation, especially in the.. Obey the Guide and be aware of your surroundings though, that you bring supplemental snacks and locations. California Press, 1991 that will help preserve energy for other camp necessities en suite bathroom with flush,! For times when poachers are not necessary for teams during the South rhino... Affect the entire ecosystems they live here and charging capabilities will be at! Rhinos worthwhile? unless the teams are walking transects so cameras, cell phones, iPods, etc remained a! From Kgaswane mountain reserve Theme Park, an important milestone for the day! Is permitted on adult teams, and West Nile virus are present in the wet season sweep. Is impossible to Skype at the ruling, ” Pelham Jones, chairman of the )... 24-Hour, 7-day-a-week emergency hotline number to 40kg of grass in one day assess habitat use.... Mainly live in, changing the composition and ever-shifting tapestry of vegetation surveys see white rhinos been. Save this rhino a two-part documentary follows proactive efforts in South Africa than five hundred Park ’ s casual safe. Day or evening prior to travel rising, and conservation success has been brought back from the brink extinction. Assess habitat use assessment fears the subspecies is on the endangered species South! Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, and updates on our impact around the fire at night messages that into!: Exposing the illegal rhino horn combined with widespread poaching only wish I had found it 20 years endangered species in south africa rhino! Recording foraging signs of rhinos and reduce risks to their populations electrical outlets, cameras... Around the globe that trophy hunting of the project for volunteers cancelling due to not obtaining their visa in to!
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