I recently made a weighted blanket for my husband and have no idea what weight/ply I used. I encourage you to step out a bit and try some different weight threads in future projects. It’s perfect for constructing seams, edge stitching, quilting…it does it all. The Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed model is ideal for any denim job, including multiple layers. (affiliate). It can also help to create a thread shank when sewing button in place. Textured Filament Thread: If you’ve ever used “wooly nylon”, then you’ve used textured filament thread. Thank you again for the great information you provide. It’s not as heavy/thick as “heavy duty thread”, nor as thin/light as embroidery thread. It defines the stitching and adds another layer of texture to a project. Bonded Nylon is very strong and comes in a variety of weights. Suitable for either home or commercial sewing machine. All Purpose Thread: Your go-to, does-it-all thread. If you … This thread, and the Singer thread below, are the absolute best denim threads you can get. For hand and machine sewing. I work in a fabric store, and this information will help me to better serve my customers. When dealing specifically with weight, the smaller the number, the heavier/thicker the weight. The thread should always be just as strong or stronger than the fabric. Clear Thread: Also called Monofilament and Continuous filament thread, this type of thread resembles very fine fishing line and is useful when you want your stitches to be invisible. Many manufacturers use corespun thread comprised of a polyester core wrapped in cotton. Sulky, in any form–breaks, which is a darn shame because they beautiful two-toned shiny threads. This is a tricky question. It’s also resistant to salt water damage. The key to successful sewing with 40 wt. If you want to do some hand stitching or heavy topstitching then a 12 wt. Serger Thread: Overlock machines use 2 or more spools of thread to both construct a seam and/or finish the raw edge. I really enjoy your pointers. Here I add the word extra heavy-duty because once upon a time I sold 12 sets 5 thread Overlock machine. Before you sew metallic thread, read our tips and tricks for sewing metallic thread. It’s also highly absorbent and fade-resistant. It’s not as strong as polyester and the manufacturing process is pretty bad for the environment, but it’s inexpensive and comes from a renewable resource (wood pulp). For jeans sewing, hemming, etc. Gutermann 2T100E/327 Maize 100 Polyester Extra Strong Sewing Thread 100m. I thought that it was ideal for hand quilting because it defines the quilting without being overly heavy. Thread is either animal-based, plant-based, synthetic, or a combination of those. CDN$8.99. These threads are polyester or a poly/cotton blend. Generally,  a medium-weight thread is between Tex 27 and Tex 35. Perfect for jeans, denim, canvas, button-sewing and more. 5 out of 5 stars (56) 56 reviews $ 7.90. From shop MySlowTime. 2000 yards Jean thread,Heavy duty thread,Top stitch thread,Denim thread,Polyester Thick thread,Leather thread,Sewing machine thread-203 MySlowTime. The weight number refers to the the weight of 1 ply – so in a 40wt 3 ply thread you have 3 lots of 40 ply and in a 40wt 2 ply thread you have 2 lots of 40 ply. What type material (cotton, polyester, poly-cotton, etc), weight and ply should I use for weighted blankets so I don’t run into this problem in the future? For denim stitching a coarse thread size is recommended, for example ticket 50 / Tex 60. The 12 wt. Coats Thread & Zippers Coats Dual Duty Plus Jean & Topstitching Thread, Red Clay 4.3 out of 5 stars 35. The first number is meant to convey the thickness/heaviness via the Number Standard. WHAT IS that? Add a fine touch to denim, sportswear, activewear, home, and craft projects with Mood’s premium heavy-duty jeans thread! Available in a 100 m roll, this Gutermann thread comes in a range of great colours. Also, ensure the metal or steel parts are coated to prevent the structure from damages. The exception is performance products. Use for seams and hems in new garment construction or for mending. Thank you for helpjng me understand all thise thread numbers! I sewed the rows and columns twice, to make it stronger, but I’ve noticed the threads are breaking and the pellets, that give it the weight, are coming out of the blanket. Waxed Thread: This thread is usually multi-filament and is coated with wax to give it water-repelling qualities. Note: When using heavier threads like these you will likely have to adjust your tension a bit. Color 1870 gold is a heavy duty jeans thread 100m or 110 yards per spool Colors 4888 Indigo and 5397 Washed are lighter weight and are 200m or 220 yards per spool. Wow! Singer 4423 Heavy Duty. Is it possible to use serger thread on an embroidery machine? 100% Cotton Extra Heavy Bull Denim Calico. They go a long way and you can fill them again if your supply is short. Because it’s highly absorbent, it dyes wonderfully. we all use all-purpose or polyester thread. AVAILABLE SIZES: #16 (T-105) - 3,000 Yard Cone #20 (T-70) - 4,800 Yard Cone Knowing this in depth might make you a thread weight expert, but it’s totally unnecessary. It’s gassed to reduce lint and designed to smoothly pass through the fabric without damaging it. Heavy Duty Cotton Quilting Thread - Denim Blue - 2500 Meters - 40 Wt. “Industrial thread” is really a 2-part term; it can either describe the spool size (like a 5 lbs spool) or convey strength not found in the home-sewing realm (like Kevlar Thread). Considering denim are sturdy fabrics, they require heavy-duty threads and needles. Please try again. thread. This site may contain Amazon and other affiliate links. I always thought that embroidery and serger thread was thinner than regular sewing thread. Selric High Strength Polyester Thread. The above image depicts a 3-ply thread. This measurement is determined by how much 1000 meters of thread weighs in grams. Here at The Seasoned Homemaker. A heavy duty aluminum outer body, extra high presser foot lift, and manual thread tension control make this the perfect machine for working with denim. cotton quilting thread. It’s important to note that this measurement is really only used in the US and, again, isn’t 100% accurate, because not all companies actually follow the above formula. As long as you are using mercerized cotton, it shouldn’t shrink like your cotton fabric (unless exposed to very high heat). all-purpose thread is significantly different from a high quality 50 wt. 3875050 - S8800 is Dual Duty Indigo ticket 50; 5000m in Indigo shade S8800. Is size 50 the same as 50 weight? If you machine embroiders then you’ve probably used a 60 wt. Do you have a black thread you could recommend? Make sure to frequently clean your machine when using a thread with this type of finish. Also, I’ve seen some that use m after a number, like 228m or 183m, is that a size? Wool will wick away moisture, but once it’s saturated, it loses much of its strength. 3000 yards Jean thread,Heavy duty thread,Top stitch thread,Denim thread,Polyester Thick thread,Leather thread,Sewing machine thread-20S/2 MySlowTime. It generally performs quite nicely. The Number Standard is tricky, I’m still not sure how the numbering is determined. I prefer Floriani polyester thread for all of my embroidery. I wondered if anyone else has found this to be a problem. What thread should I use for denim? Occasionally, you will see a 12-18 wt. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total ratings 1, AU $27.60 New. 76 sold. Like the number indicates, it sits somewhere between a heavier 12 wt. Variegated Thread: This term describes a type of dyeing. With adjustable presser foot pressure, you can also sew very lightweight sheers, and the stainless steel bedplate allows fabrics to glide over the machine with ease. Once it’s spun, it’s finished to accentuate project-specific features. It is a bit heavier than a 50 wt., but this wouldn’t make a difference if you were sewing something like a pillow or bag. The key to getting it right will be adjusting the tension – and only you can do that with your particular machine. The special coating is essential for firefighting gear and race car suits. Doing this will dramatically shrink the thread. Leather, Canvas, Denim, all the way up to lighter fabrics, the Singer 237 is an excellent machine. Most 40 wt. Silk: This thread is fine, flexible, and strong. In my experience the faster speed you sew at, the more my machine would bounce around. Thanks for taking the time to share. Which thread should I use for sewing denim ? Fully Adjustable ZigZag Width. It isn’t very strong and breaks easily, which is why it needs the “white glove” treatment. Heavy duty extra powerful Kenmore 1.0 amp motor. So, a thread listed as 30wt is heavier than a thread listed as 50wt because it only takes 30 kilometers (of said thread) to reach 1 kilogram. Another option for hand quilting or hand stitching is a 28 wt. What weight thread would you use for sewing normal seams in garments? I recently had my Pfaff embroidery machine serviced. Though rayon is very popular, polyester embroidery thread has made large strides and is now stronger and more “colorfast” than rayon. Really, all you want to know is this: The most common fabric store threads would be considered an all-purpose 50 wt. Fabulous content in this post! They have helped me so much. This creates a stronger, more durable thread. Genuine SPEEDY STITCHER Heavy Duty Sewing Waxed Fine Thread 180yd US made No.170. They are the thread’s denier divided by 10. Only the people on the thread manufacturing side really understand terms like Cotton Count, Denier, and Tex. It really cleared up many of my thread questions, This a great introduction to thread weight as it can be very confusing – a can of worms, is the phrase I use! You may have to take it a little slow with your regular machine, change the needle to the appropriate one for a thicker fabric. Denim can fray something awful, so unless that’s the effect you want, be sure to finish those seams. Favorite Add to More colors Egg Collecting Half-body Apron/ 18 XLarge pokets/ heavy duty denim REScrafts. polyester thread for sewing decorative stitches and appliqué. It is now my thread of choice for machine embroidery. Pay close attention to the thread fiber make-up to determine how it will perform on your fabric. 1.) Greymore. Recently, I’ve heard that a few quilters are using 60 wt. thread would be super thin and seriously strong. Again, denim garments should be made to last! So much terrific information on thread and thread weights and what they are used for, I always grab a spool of Gutermann and consider it done, now I’ll check out some of the other threads, Thank you!!! Gassed: This type of finish uses high heat to reduce the amount of fuzz and lint created by the thread. I had always thought that embroidery and serger threads were thinner than regular, everyday thread. These qualities make it perfect for All Purpose Thread. Most of the heavy duty topstitching thread you see at sewing stores will likely be 18 wt. A ‘Z’ twist is suitable for single needle sewing machines. I’ve looked at the spool end papers and can’ find the information. Thanks for sharing. You may have also seen thread measured as No. Over the last year, I have been slowly switching to high quality 50 wt. Industrial Thread: Industrial machines are built to sew daily at faster speeds and for long hours. Extra Long Staple Egyptian Cotton thread is considered the gold standard. This number is saying that the weight of 9000 meters of ‘x’ thread is equal to 225 grams. Which weight should I use in my bobbin? The Tex system is supposed to be a universal system and for those that really want to know all about thread weight I think this is a useful document – http://www.ylicorp.com/CPanel/Document/A_THREAD_OF_TRUTH.pdf. I prefer 50 wt., but 40 wt. Product Tags. The second value describes the number of plies (strands of yarn) used to create the thread. It can even be finished with a vibrant, color-reflecting sheen, like quality embroidery thread. They are utilized for sewing denim, canvas, duck and other substantial, firmly woven textures. 110 yd spool. Great info Leslie!! 50 is thicker than No. A heavy-duty sewing machine can last you a lifetime, and an extended warranty can help you to get there. In addition, many finishes make it easier to pass the thread through the fabric and can create visual effects, such as a silky shine or a soft sheen. Loop Strength: This is tested by looping a thread strand though a loop of the same thread and breaking it. Polyester: Polyester thread is synthetic-based and is entirely man-made. However, a high-quality wool thread is expensive. We use the finest American made material (denim twill). The fibers are dyed in intervals of alternating shades and colors along the entire length of the thread. I delivered those heavy-duty Overlock machine is a denim bottom factory. Like I said earlier, the only thing you really need to know is this: The higher the thread weight number, the thinner the thread. Popular quilting thread brands are Aurifil and King Tut. Good to know. If you purchase something through the link, at no cost to you, I may receive a small commission on qualifying purchases. If you’re unsure, go by the feel of the thread and trust your judgment. Understanding thread weight becomes confusing because there really is no universal standard of thread measurement. Polyester threads can now match rayon threads for both sheen and color choice. Jeans thread is a cotton-polyester that is very thick and long-lasting compared to other fabrics such as silk or cotton. Upholstery thread is available in cotton, nylon, polyester, and silk. 3875050 - S8800 is Dual Duty Indigo ticket 50; 5000m in Indigo shade S8800. For quilting, topstitching, piecing, garments, and serger? A domestic (home) machine can't take upholstery thread.... You'd need heavy duty/industrial. The purpose of “finishing” thread is both practical and decorative. It’s also resistant to mildew. There was an error submitting your subscription. It would work equally as well for topstitching denim. THREAD TENSIONS REQUIRED FOR HEAVY THREAD SIZES Generally a heavier thread size will require more thread tension to properly set the stitch on denim fabric. Most importantly, imagine the possibilities. You can also find embroidery thread made of cotton and silk. Denim materials can only be handled by heavy-duty machines, and therefore, ensure to choose a sewing machine made of high quality and durable materials. Using an inferior quality heavyweight thread for hand stitching or careful top stitching may cause a lot of thread breaks or fray on garments. Offers excellent UV Resistance … Coats and Clark Dual Duty Thread for denim make for an ideal fit for hemming a pair of jeans. Place your order using product code 3875 for Dual Duty Indigo, followed by the shade reference S8800 for Indigo, e.g. Straight Stitch, for normal sewing, raised seams, quilting, basting or decorative top stitching. It’s then divided to achieve the desired thickness (when the user is ready to embroider). Silk is washable, lint-free, and comes in a variety of weights. Dual Duty Indigo is ideal for decorative stitching as well as for general seaming. AU $6.95 New . Make note that No. Wool thread is commonly used during hand needle work, but specially designed, fine wool threads can be used in machines. 1. It can be wax coated for shoemaking or silky smooth for low-lint quilting. Every machine will handle this type of thread differently. However, it doesn’t hold color well and will yellow over time when exposed to sunlight (unless specially finished with UV resistant properties). Heavy duty sewing machines are special machines that are capable of working with thick fabrics like leather, denims, canvas, jeans, etc. However, it’s a bit more abrasive than cotton and silk (you wouldn’t want to use it on expensive silk chiffon). Because so much thread is used, serger thread is wound on large cones with about 2,000 to 3,000 yards of thread. Companies like Coats & Clark and Gutterman don’t always label their thread – which means it’s probably 40 wt. A ‘S’ twist thread isn’t commonly used in home sewing machines. Because of its two-colour appearance, the jeans thread is an ideal match for denim. For instance, it’s best to use silk thread for silk upholstery fabric. Metallic Thread: Metallic thread is used to embroider and to sew decorative topstitching. Each boll contains approximately 250,000 fibers. Made from a high quality polyester material, this extra strong thread is ideal for sewing heavy duty fabrics such as jeans, heavy woven fabrics, leather and canvas covers. Quilting Thread: Generally, quilting thread is either cotton, polyester, or a blend of both. To prevent bulk, serger threads are generally a bit finer than traditional sewing machine thread. Thanks for being so fabulous!! for Denim, is greatly minimised. AU $10.00 New. Singer 100 yds Heavy Duty Denim Jean Thread Old Gold. Welcome, I’m Leslie. which would work, too. To read more, click here. This is suitable for most sewing projects and will hold your project together quite well. So, the term “industrial thread” can also mean “industrial strength”, like the strength needed to sew firefighter’s jackets, rock-climbing gear, and parachutes. It’s the last thread reference you’ll ever need. For example, heavy duty outdoor thread will be thick and resistant to UV rays and may contain water resistant properties (depending on the manufacturer). Unmercerized (soft): The fibers are left untreated and remain in their natural form (relatively speaking, of course). Share $1.74 $2.49 You save $0.75! Quilting thread is mercerized for increased strength and color longevity. For instance, a polyester core with wrapped cotton has the strength of polyester, but the finished look of soft cotton. Depending on the weight, you’ll see monofilament thread everywhere from quilting to upholstery. Elastic Thread: This type of thread is great for gathering and shirring fabric due to its high stretch and rebound. It’s low maintenance, durable, long-lasting, and relatively inexpensive. 50/2 means Number 50 thread composed of 3 plies. Great article! This creates a smooth finish and improves performance. An unmercerized thread is very absorbent, making it more ideal for towels, dishcloths, etc. thread will be your best choice. this is great to learn that i can use 12-18 weight for hand embroidery! It can either be twisted in a ‘Z’ direction (left twist) or a ‘S’ direction (right twist). You wouldn’t want to use this thread with very fine, sheer fabric or very heavy denim or canvas. With these sturdy models, you can stitch through nearly every fabric – chiffon, silk, denim, and even leather. It’s especially useful when embroidering thicker fabric and when you want your design to have great texture. However, take all measurements with a grain of salt and use your own experience and judgment. By finishing the thread, it’s given protective properties, allowing it to better withstand heat, water, and tension. It doesn’t absorb moisture well and is able to withstand moderate heat. You mention a 50 wt all-purpose thread is significantly different than a 50 wt cotton quilting thread. Alternatively, you can also make use of double strands of threads together. When used properly, metallic thread is beautiful and is always worth the extra effort. Nylon: This synthetic thread is relatively inexpensive and easy to use. (affiliate) I don’t own very many of these threads, but they definitely can add drama to all types of projects. Corespun Thread: This type of thread is composed of a “core” of continuous filament polyester that is wrapped with either cotton or polyester yarn, like a cocoon. Coats and Clark makes one brand, check out a sewing store. What information or recommendations do you have for clear or nylon thread? Occasionally, you may run into a 30 wt. Denier: How many grams does 9000 meters of ‘x’ thread weigh? The HD6380 Heavy Duty sewing machine is designed with your heavy duty projects in mind, from denim to canvas. I delivered those heavy-duty Overlock machine is a denim bottom factory. I learned so much from reading this. Aurifil thread – it’s strong and thin. If you are planning on sewing heavy materials, I would suggest you purchase some of this or similar Heavy Duty thread. We hope this helps and that you can continue to use this article as a reference throughout your sewing journey. 4 x 5000 YARD OVERLOCKER SEWING MACHINE THREAD 120s ( CHOICE OF 20 COLOURS ) £10.99. Upholstery Thread: This thread is used when upholstering furniture and comes in a variety of fibers and weights. Thank you adding such valuable content to this discussion. Use single quotes (') for phrases. A 40wt 3 ply thread is thicker than a 40wt 2 ply thread. After the thread has been spun, it needs to be given a “finish”. We’ll continue to update this as new types of thread are engineered, so be sure to bookmark this article and check back frequently. Most of the heavy duty topstitching thread you see at sewing stores will likely be 18 wt. Thank you for that explanation. 2. It’s acceptable for both hand and machine sewing. Customers who bought this item also bought Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. As you can imagine, a corded thread will be stronger and thicker. The Heavy Duty needles are a must-have when sewing with thick or heavy fabrics such as denim, leather, corduroy or suede. 10 Black . Scroll to see all of our available colors! You can use top stitching thread to sew denim. The key thing that I’ve learnt is about the plys of threads. However, it is recommended that you choose a higher quality 50 wt. I'm … However, it’s important to look at thread quality. Articles. Yet, they still label the thread as 40wt. 40 wt. You’ll often see thread described as 2-, 3-, and 4-ply. I recommend using an Embroidery needle because it has a large eye and a special scarf that will protect delicate threads. However, I’d give it a try and then let us know how it works out. Large cones of long staple, mercerized 100% cotton thread. They can be used to perform overlock and safety seams as well as fine ornamental stitches and decorative seams. If the denim is too thick, switch this to a size 100/16 needle so that it does not break. cotton thread for quilting projects. threads in stores or at quilt shows, I like to pick up one or two in neutral colors since I wouldn’t use it that often. It adds a little shine and a lot of color. I have been known to use my serger thread for all-purpose sewing. CDN$2.21. S974 is an all purpose weight that blends well when sewing or mending jeans. Please check our color card and indicate the color numbers on your Purchase Order. This type of measurement is describing two different characteristics. We use cookies to provide you with a more personalized experience during your visit to The Seasoned Homemaker. All of the sudden thread weight was a pertinent topic that needed understanding. The lower the number, the lighter/finer the thread. There are many different ways in which thread is measured and categorized. 2.) Our Heavy Duty Denim And Leather Kilts comes with just about everything anyone would need that spends time in the outdoors. poly wrapped cotton is best for garment sewing. Free shipping for many products! Add a fine touch to denim, sportswear, activewear, home, and craft projects with Mood’s premium heavy-duty jeans thread! You will need a heavy-duty and sturdy machine to sew many layers of thick denim like the hem of the jeans at the seam; the industrial machines do this easily enough. The standard speed of 1,100 stitches per minute allows for a professional result every time. 2000 yards Jean thread,Heavy duty thread,Top stitch thread,Denim thread,Polyester Thick thread,Leather thread,Sewing machine thread-203 MySlowTime. 3.) Jeans threads are made specifically for hand or machine-sewing denim and jean fabrics. You may have also heard wax thread referred to as Awl Thread. Excellent. Below are two popular brands of high quality 50 wt. The built in “snips” blade had broken. It also dyes well, creating deep, rich tones. I also buy the packs of brother bobbin thread from Amazon. Copyright © 2018 - Sewing Parts Online. The lower the number, the lighter/finer the thread. The store owner is absolutely right! Higher quality thread is always labeled (and worth the money – in my opinion). I only know because my mom sewed a lot. Poly threads are good choices to bleaches and outdoors, for example, it works great for a canvas hammock that is left outdoors from May to October Bonded thread reduces needle heat and fraying for machine sewing. The durability, wind resistance, & the double pockets make them ideal for outdoor sports. This product is out of stock. You can buy these kilts from Kilt And More. For hemming denim, you can use topstitching threads. Personally, I’ve never used it for quilting projects because I’ve only seen it in black or white. I am sewing more and more and I really needed this. It is available in the full thread size range of Dual Duty. The standard speed of 1,100 stitches per minute allows for a professional result every time. polyester thread. They can handle everything from chiffon to stacks of leather. Great post, Leslie!!! It is available in the full thread size range of Dual Duty. You commonly see this thread used in sailing and other outdoor hobbies. Because denim is a tough fabric, it is advised to use heavy duty needles that are specially made for sewing denim or a universal one that’s at minimum size 90/14. It’s available in a variety of fiber variations and adds a great bit of energy and interest to both decorative stitching and utility stitching. I didn’t use strong enough thread. Similarly, it has a sturdy metal bottom, which further improves the durability while adding greatly to the overall stability of the work. Made In Japan When Things Were Built To Last! The texture component makes it appear thick and “fluffy” (if that makes any sense). Pay special attention to how nylon is finished to determine its properties. This process also preshrinks cotton thread. 1500 meters per cone (1650 yds) of high quality type 66 filament nylon. I donate empties to the sewing machine shop who has classes. Hi, Leslie! I’m going to have reread it numerous times just to keep it straight in my brain. For example, heavy duty outdoor thread will be thick and resistant to UV rays and may contain water resistant properties (depending on … 100 thread. Heavy duty bonded nylon sewing thread for applications such as upholstery, drapery, denim, hair weaving, luggage, purses, wallets, shoes, leather, vinyl and more. For instance, No. for me and I’m having a gay old time! The absolute very first thing you need to know about thread weight is this: The second thing you need to know is the thread weight numbers aren’t always clearly stated. Free postage. thread. I’ve shyed away from the all cotton thread and stayed with polys, because as a new sewer, I’m learning to sew straight lines, navigate turns, etc., and am doing so by making baby burp cloths and blankets until they’re coming out my ears!
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