She should understand that not all estheticians are keen to wax her scrotum and penis. We were recently contacted by a woman named Kenzi. The latest Meow Mix news and updates. Meow Mix spoke with Surrey RCMP in late January – charges were filed by police and sent to Crown Prosecutor for approval. Videos open in a new browser window. There are allegations that Yaniv assaulted a young girl during a seizure and another in a school bathroom. Jessica Yaniv – The History of a Potential Serial Killer. He’s sent nude photos to underage girls already and tried to share child porn with at least one. Meow Mix Blog. Hmmm @trustednerd you're literally pathetic. It therefore follows that female beauticians must wax Jessica Yaniv in the same way they would wax other women, even though Yaniv has a penis rather than a vagina. Yaniv is unlikely be able to mount any viable defense. The current focus is on Jessica Yaniv Simpson – talking to alleged victims, analyzing Yanivs’ history and behavior, and watching current events. What is Jessica Yaniv, and what’s in Yanivs future? 30 Oct 2020 20:16:03 UTC: All snapshots: from host Webpage Screenshot: share download .zip report bug or abuse donate Written by Yaniv's Meow Mix February 19, 2020 Riley was just 13 when she first encountered JY, who still went by Jonathan at the time. Jessica Yaniv Simpson Sends Humiliating Nude Photos of Donald Smith via Snapchat. @DLunasea @LangleyResident Police told me JYS has contacted the RCMP over 2000 times. #DeplanetPredators, Jessica Yaniv – The History of a Potential Serial Killer. Yaniv lost on both accounts as well as having his application for costs dismissed. I don’t expect that his google results will look appealing to anyone. August has started with a hefty bit of paperwork for Jessica Yaniv aka Jonathan Yaniv. As long as Miriam is alive, there may be some wiggle room for Yaniv, and maybe there’s a life insurance policy or inheritance that will support him for a while, but that won’t last. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Jessica Yaniv’s Ongoing Chronicles (and Crying Wolf) to the Langley RCMP divebomberinc July 28, 2020 5 min read Today, I finally met with some members of the Langley RCMP while visiting Greater Vancouver to provide evidence and statements about Jessica Yaniv. What’s next? I appreciate how the article doesn’t misgender her or otherwise question her identity (something tons of people on this and r/Vancouver have done), but also goes full bore into what a fucking lunatic this horrible person is. He think’s it’s perfectly acceptable to encourage people to kill themselves (multiple times) and make death threats. Witnessing extreme violence – there are rumors that Yaniv’s father abused his mother, but there is nothing to substantiate this. Jessica Yaniv Document Library A continuously updated library of legal and other documents related to Jessica Yaniv, aka Jonathan Yaniv. This video demonstrates that he is not physically handicapped and is able to walk and run – there are standards to qualify for handicapped status and s/he is violating this type of assistance. MeowMix December 31, 2019 7 min read. WGKitty – a nameless, faceless resident of the same strata as JY has been that ever-present thorn in Yaniv’s side that keeps him on his chunky troll toes. Harming small animals – Yaniv is believed to have killed his dog, then blamed it on burglars that broke in and stole nothing. Murder? It’ll be hard for Yaniv to build a self-sustaining career with all the harm he’s done to himself already. Starting at the beginning, Yaniv was a reasonably normal appearing teen male living in one of Canada’s most vibrant communities. That’s an entirely different topic. His life trajectory transformed that into a path where Yaniv uses electronics to spy and abuse, bully and prey. Please click HERE to donate to help us cover these expenses. He encouraged Katie to drink, alone, at her house, while he watched. #DeplanetPredators, Abby’s Weekly Wrap Up – 5 December, 2020, Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs. Aestheticians – Civil Suit Update and Schedule Conflict. If you’d like to contribute to The Meow Mix, email We can’t ignore this case. He’s allegedly crushed the skull of one family’s precious pet dog, leaving it on their step with a note saying, “Karma’s a bitch”. He even used the Amanda Todd video as a bullying tactic. Her favorite band was Cimorelli, which placed her square in Jonathan’s target range and reach. I swear every month we post these and I think, "He can't possibly fuck up worse next month" and he takes that as a challenge. Future financial outlook? Submit a File., The November 2020 Wrap-Up is out! Thank you! @facepalmchris hope @trustednerd has to pay back 100% of its fraudulent claim for CERB, it must have cooked its books for that defunct so called web business. 16:36. We’ve already seen multiple victims speak up. You want to improve yourself. Jessica Yaniv Simpson September Wrap-Up | MeowMix | 14 hours ago | Article Details | Related Articles | Share. He has never had a real girlfriend, his sex life consists of one or two self-reported hookups in his early 20’s and another event with a paid hooker. What’s next? He’s not an entrepreneur or inspiration. Jessica Yaniv – Assault. He cares nothing about anyone else, unless they can be twisted to benefit him. Yaniv isn’t a lesbian, and nearly everyone (including this writer) is of the opinion that his trans claims are made up (he often talks about having traditional male-female sex). He tried to extort money from the rest, even claiming they were acting improperly to the HRT member when they refused to negotiate with him, but he failed. Jessica Yaniv ; Meow Mix ; Simpson ; Stations of the Cross ; Supreme Court of the United States ; 464 Tags ; 1 Feed Let’s quickly review where Yaniv is at right now. Jessica Yaniv is a Canadian transgender activist who is known for causing controversy. Leave your answer in the comments. JY Profiting From Cops Tragedy Elmo Day! His career as a tech adviser and reviewer is destroyed by his own actions. Early promiscuity and voyeurism – plenty of stories about Yaniv being a pervert in general, but known can be linked to his childhood. We really appreciate it, and hope to keep serving you fresh Meow Mix as often as we can. He has an older car, no job, no spouse, no friends, no children (thankfully), no measurable net worth or clear assets, and his business is in ruins. Please click HERE to donate. Last Update – October 8, 2020 By an anonymous contributor. Yaniv didn’t care about rights. She is also known to be a threat to young girls with a very concerning interest in women and their periods. Jesus. Losing his temper while he’s driving and killing someone? His daily activities include preying on 9-16 year old girls, posting racist reviews on websites, spamming Facebook groups, trolling on Twitter, attacking vulnerable people like Donald Smith, and pretending he’s a lawyer with a 100% failure rate so far. Earlier this year, she lost a case against three Brazillian waxers and has to … Check out the most recent legal news posted on MeowMix! He morphed his body into an obese, only-feminine-if-you-ask-him trans woman shell that is still, despite being in his mid-30s, fascinated with teen girls. nsfw. Jessica Yaniv’s status as handicapped needs to be investigated, particularly if he is receiving disability income. Yaniv’s impact as a human- and trans-rights activist have set the community back years, at least to some. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Jessica Yaniv - Amiri King YouTube; Quarantine Orders ... Jessica Yaniv's 15 year old alleged victim speaks out - Duration: 13:55. FBI profiler Jim Clemente compiled a list of the early warning signs of serial killers. This doesn’t necessarily mean wealth, either. He’s literally assaulted people, violently, more than once. is a community united against internet predators. He described another sexual partner as a “pig”, and didn’t shy away from admitting he had hired a hooker. They say that there’s a partner for everyone out there, but what about Yaniv? He cared about getting paid. Thanks to unprecedented access to insider information telling the Cimorelli side of the story, I can now decisively tear down the illusion that JY continues to perpetuate across social media and the real world. Your support for Meow Mix helps us cover these website costs and court records searches. Bed-wetting. This means that Yaniv is likely looking at financial ruin for the foreseeable future, all by his own doing. Interest. Jessica Yaniv (whose legal name is Jessica Simpson) is a Canadian transgender activist in British Columbia who is best known for filing a total of thirteen complaints of discrimination on the basis of gender identity with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal in 2018 and 2019 after being refused waxing services. Jessica Yaniv. He somehow owns a condo, although it’s likely jointly owned by his mother and him, and paid for by her. Mahatma Gandhi said, “The future depends on what we do in the present”. There are other animal injury stories that Yaniv has brought up, often with feigned anger and graphic details. To win, Yaniv will have to spend thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars that he doesn’t have. Googling his name, his female name, or either business name exposes comes up alongside key words like “predator”, “bully”, and “pedophile”. What could have been a genuine case about trans rights was marred with racism, hatred from Yaniv, deceit, and ill intent. Who is Jessica Yaniv? He’s not a lawyer, nor a successful activist. Fantasies – Yaniv constantly lives in a fantasy world. Saved from: history. In the end, he lost his racially-charged vexatious claims and was penalized $6,000. Your email address will not be published. The only success Yaniv has had legally was when he convinced some early HRT defenders to settle and he got a few hundred dollars. If you'd like to receive automatic MEOWmix updates via email to stay on top of breaking news and information, enter your email address below and click the subscribe button. It’s extremely unlikely that Yaniv will ever qualify for gender reassignment surgery. The JY Knows IT website is defunct, and the TrustedNerd site look straight out of 2015. Even local businesses, community associations, and clubs have written statements disavowing Yaniv, from Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Canada to local groups, like this one: And this is where things take a darker turn. Putting someone in the hospital? What’s next? 🅑🅘🅛🅛🅑🅞🅐🅡🅓 🅒🅗🅡🅘🅢 ❤️🇨🇦, The Truth About Cimorelli and Jessica Yaniv Simpson, Jessica Yaniv Simpson Sends Humiliating Nude Photos of Donald Smith via Snapchat, Jessica Yaniv Simpson Vexatiously Calls Police; Claims to File a Human Rights Complaint, Jessica Yaniv Simpson Engages in Homophobic Rhetoric on Twitter, Jessica Yaniv Simpson Sept 25 Court Live Updates, Sara Speaks Up, and Things Aren’t What They Seem, Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs Township of Langley Court Live Update. It’s impossible to know now, but police inaction on today’s crimes may lead to more tomorrow. He’s not a marketer, even though he describes his gig job giving out liquor store samples as guerrilla marketing. Simpson can continue to aid Smith. Saved from: history. You want to save money, buy a house and car, put food on the table, and surround yourself with love. Distributing child porn? 31 likes. Except Yaniv. As a member of the LGBT community… Except, it’s not true. Read his messages and chat logs. Both parties that are suspected to be suing him – Keean Bexte of Rebel Media and Amy Hamm, often associated with Meghan Murphy of (a site that Yaniv mirrored with Feministcurret dot ca, and then redirected to a porn site), will have lawyers and money backing their suits. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Pictures Gallery. Unknown if Yaniv experienced this, although there are claims that he urinated in pads. … He has grand schemes and ideas, perverted dreams and desires, and strong, evidently uncontrollable urges to act out things he’s imagined. First hearing scheduled for Aug 31, 2020, 9:00 am. It raises fundamental issues about women’s rights, about how transgenderism threatens women’s rights, about the reality of sex, and about reason itself. 2020 © Copyright Simply “enough”. Video Gallery. History of family psychiatric disorders – unknown. Although unconfirmed, he’s likely facing lawsuits from multiple fronts.
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