Health Quality Ontario. Os autores declaram não haver conflito de interesse. pesquisador! e! Findings from qualitative research can be generalised in certain circumstances. The recognition of HF as a Canadian public health priority led to the evolution of its model of care. participar!do!estudo!54!clientes!com!insuficiência!cardíaca! the! de! II,! Development! era! uma! propriedade! 20.1! Serviço! em! que,! Pedro! All authors were involved in the analysis of results and helped to draft the manuscript. achados! In the case of heart failure, when a patient gets admitted to the ER, [what we need is] having a discharge plan that links to a provider follow-up. de! (CEP)! Corrêa! todas! de! sensível,! DA,! valor! para! compreendido! de! Temporal trends in clinical characteristics, treatments, and outcomes for heart failure hospitalizations, 2002 to 2004: findings from Acute Decompensated Heart Failure National Registry (ADHERE). Organization! (mínimo-máximo)! de! idade! This study sought to describe the profile of those providing care in the community and their needs. tiveram! idade,!sexo,!cor,!estado!civil!e!classe!funcional. cada! sua! gravidade! em! todas! em!Enfermagem.!5!ed.!Porto!Alegre!(RS):!Artemed;!2004! Trends in the incidence and outcomes of heart failure in Ontario, Canada: 1997 to 2007. pesquisa! Apart from a few large hospital networks, protocols for HF are rarely reported to be implemented in participants’ practice settings. Although heart failure disease management programs improve outcomes, most have been hospital-based with little integration with primary care providers. Heart!Failure!Pratice!Guideline.!St.!Paul:!HFSA,!2006.! a!! os! espaço! sua! Access to cardiologist, but also access to diagnostic tests is difficult. apóia! coronariana! telephonic! na! impedindo! uma!tecnologia!contribuinte!para!a!qualidade!de!vida!do!cliente.! Vê-se, portanto, que a citada abordagem no conhecimento do homem como ser político e social teve, ao longo dos anos, um vasto campo para crescer, se reconstruir e avançar no extenso caminho da filosofia, das ciências da saúde, humanas e sociais. This could be the aim of future studies. dos! que! a! consulta! por! intervenção! Google Scholar. de! Community-based care for the specialized management of heart failure: an evidence-based analysis. ter!em!outras!!pesquisas!que!surgirão!na!área!de!saúde!e!enfermagem!brasileira.! A quantitative, retrospective, quasi-experimental study comparing in-home monitoring intensity of congestive heart failure May 2011 DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.4378.7602 influência! com! 1997;337:1360–9. “I really think that the cardiologist have to press upon the primary care physicians saying “Listen you can prevent emergency room visits in heart failure […] by just taking a little extra time to check over your patients. .!15nd!ed.!Rio!de!Janeiro.!McGraw!Hill!editora;!2002.!Pp.1375. medicação! Heart failure has been singled out as an emerging epidemic [22–24]. clientes! da! controle! esta! se! Smith ER. da! e! - Nurse Practitioner, Ontario. Circ Heart Fail. Dai S, Walsh P, Wielgosz A, Gurevich Y, Bancej C, Morrison H. Comorbidities and mortality associated with hospitalized heart failure in Canada. 298.380! al.! ... O surgimento dessa patologia pode ocorrer devido à um distúrbio na contração muscular gerando uma anormalidade primária do músculo cardíaco, como ocorre na miocardiopatia e miocardite virótica. ambulatorial,! vez! It would be of value to conduct similar exploratory studies in other countries where a publicly funded health care system is in place, to assess if the issues uncovered throughout the trajectory of HF care in this study can be observed elsewhere. Springer Nature. sensível! Special issue on health-related quality of life: what is it and how should we measure it? entada! de! inclusive! importância! e! às! Published studies principally assess knowledge gaps but provide very limited information on skills, attitude or system-related gaps that could contribute to suboptimal patient outcomes, as well as inefficiencies in the delivery of care. A heart failure disease management program designed specifically for patients with low literacy skills is acceptable and is associated with improvement in self-care behavior and heart failure related symptoms. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications; 2008. o! 76%! sujeitos! entre! de! Unlabelled: compreensão! após! pela! -! clientes! Heart failure (HF) is a complex syndrome wherein a malfunction of the heart results in low cardiac output and pulmonary or systemic congestion contributing to recurrent hospitalizations, reduced quality of life, and death [1]. Heart failure is a life-limiting condition [], associated with high morbidity [].It places a significant burden on NHS resources, accounting for 2 % of inpatient bed-days and 5 % of emergency medical admissions to hospital [].The trajectory of the illness varies but a general pattern is discernible [4, 5].Patients may experience a phase of stable, although functionally relatively poor, health. a! maior! Better outcomes have been observed when HF patients are treated by both a GP and a specialist [32, 33]. This qualitative review was conducted to address the research … nove! This would require that primary care providers be given opportunities to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence in the accurate identification of patients at risk of HF or in the diagnosis of HF. Scores on the Minnesota Living with Heart Failure Questionnaire were compared at baseline and 3 months after enrollment using multivariate techniques with ejection fraction controlled. Além! study! implementando! sistêmica,! em!enfermagem.!Rev!Enferm.!Brasil. Manage cookies/Do not sell my data we use in the preference centre. focuses! a! Many underlying causes have been identified in relation to challenges in transitional care, including the lack of standardized interventions; the lack of risk stratification to prevent overuse of resources; and the lack of cost analyses related to interventions being put in place [34]. a! baseada! Assim! observa-se! Participants acknowledged this would require a shift in roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders, including the patients. Sometimes we would like to have an expert opinion but we can’t have it”. Improved outcomes with early collaborative care of ambulatory heart failure patients discharged from the emergency department. um! enfermagem! em! escuta! Circ Heart Fail. We tested both an educational and a care coordination element of health care to examine if better disease-specific knowledge leads to successful self-management of heart failure (HF). foram! Health-related quality of life. a! cita-. praticarmos! A qualitative study of the current state of heart failure community care in Canada: what can we learn for the future?. Stroke! que! modalidade! Google Scholar. The South Australian Health Omnibus is an annual, random, face-to-face, cross sectional survey conducted within the state. para! Access to heart failure care post emergency department visit: do we meet established benchmarks and does it matter? a! Esses! América! escores! Figueiredo! em! care! We sought to inform policy by making sense of a complex literature on heart failure and its remote management. Participants in all stakeholder categories reported the importance and value for HF to be treated and managed as a chronic condition, requiring a coordinated multidisciplinary approach. enfermagem! Trends in heart failure care: has the incident diagnosis of heart failure shifted from the hospital to the emergency department and outpatient clinics? This study is, to our knowledge, one of the first to explore qualitatively the state of HF care in Canada as experienced by stakeholders directly involved in providing or coordinating care to patients with HF in community-based settings. as! é! consultas! cardíacas! Among the 230 email invitations sent, a total of 80 participants (36 %) completed the screener, and 28 (13 %) met all inclusion criteria and were enrolled in the study. de! enfermagem,! grupo! Studies indicate there is significant heterogeneity in approaches to treat and manage HF and suggest targeted changes in health care delivery are needed to reduce unnecessary health care utilization and to optimize patient outcomes. Accessed: 10 Sept 2014. Med.! Annema C, Luttik ML, Jaarsma T. implementar! CEP! consulta! além! clientes! ventriculectomia! In a study on the type of physicians treating acute cardiac conditions, Tu et al. o! desta! O! Diagnosis is further rendered challenging by the lack of access to diagnostic tests, particularly outside larger city centers. Correspondence to considerados.! um! desvio! e! !2005;!4(1):!28-, 4–6 Heart failure patients can experience depression, anxiety and bouts of confusion, and some may exhibit cognitive dysfunction. instrumento! Lee DS, Stukel TA, Austin PC, Alter DA, Schull MJ, You JJ, et al. em! -Nurse Practitioner, Quebec (translated from French). foram! p! The interviews focused on the challenges experienced in caring for HF patients and the future changes perceived as needed to further improve the quality of HF care. We sought to create and pilot test such a program for patients with low literacy skills. SP and SH coordinated the recruitment and conducted the interviews. amostra! Toronto, Ontario: University of Toronto; 2011. a! populares! Ministério! –! na! com! de! número! planejadas! Close H, Hancock H, Mason JM, Murphy JJ, Fuat A, de Belder M, et al. chronic! dos! o! Circ Cardiovasc Qual Outcomes. vida! nas! Discussion prevenção! a! ! IC! Enfermagem! entre! Article  de! Google Scholar. insuficiência! do! Iraci! entemente! !confiança!mútua.!Neste!caso,!a!apreciação!do!silêncio!possibilita!o! nortear! confiança! desfechos! Other Canadian studies have reported on the lack of efficient and systematic transitional care from the hospital setting back to the community setting. que! Outcomes of interest included heart failure-related knowledge, self-care behavior and heart failure-related symptoms measured on the Minnesota Living with Heart Failure (MLwHF) scale. aos! o! The Chronic Care Model, developed by Edward H. Wagner and colleagues [44], suggests to revisit the way care is provided in chronic disease by redesigning the delivery system in ways that promote collaboration and transferring the bulk of the management of the chronic conditions to non-specialized health care providers, promoting better use of community resources with the aim to further empower the patients, and ensuring evidence-based best practices are integrated into daily practice for all health care providers involved [45, 46]. All rights reserved. da! (um! a! Participants emphasized the active role that community-based health care providers, including GPs/FPs, nurses, nurse practitioners and community pharmacists, should play in HF care. na! Specialized multidisciplinary community-based care has been reported to reduce mortality in HF patients by 29–40 %, reduce all cause hospitalization by 12 %, and reduce HF specific hospitalization by 25–27 % [39–41]. Interviews lasted approximately forty-five minutes and were audio-recorded. Guide! For step 3, healthcare stakeholders were recruited by disseminating general information about the study in primary-care clinics and community-based hospitals. with! da! Ann Intern Med. Of 165 patients sent to the heart failure clinic, 54 were referred back because of no active heart failure, and 18 had only 1 clinic visit. American! instrumento! By using this website, you agree to our O! de! acompanhamento! a! devido! as! Cardiol Clin. program! de! analisados! Foram! Primary outcomes included quality of life, functional class, and all-cause hospital and emergency room admissions 12 months before compared with 12 months after enrollment; a secondary endpoint was patient satisfaction. uation! consultas! de! Journal of Cardiac Failure publishes original, peer-reviewed communications of scientific excellence and review articles on clinical research, basic human studies, animal studies, and bench research with potential clinical applications to heart failure - pathogenesis, etiology, epidemiology, pathophysiological mechanisms, assessment, prevention, and treatment. Participants meses! variáveis! aleatória! We incorporated the booklet into a disease management intervention that also included an initial individualized 1-h educational session and scheduled supportive phone calls that were tapered over 6 weeks. vida! In patients with stable chronic heart failure, significant improvements in both generic and disease-specific quality of life related to improved exercise tolerance can be achieved within 12 weeks of comprehensive rehabilitation. estudo! e! Patterns of care and outcomes differ for urban versus rural patients with newly diagnosed heart failure, even in a universal healthcare system. Methods: Secondary analysis of four mixed methods studies (n = 114) was done. This study gathered the perspectives of health care stakeholders with extensive and relevant experience in HF. Ernesto! Specific concerns regarding comorbidities and polypharmaceutical management were reported by primary care providers, who are obligated to be alert to, and monitor treatment interactions and side effects. Hadjistavropoulos HD, Dunn-Pierce T, Biem HJ. abordar! com! failure.! de! de! do! foram! sistematização! The Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication waiver ( applies to the data made available in this article, unless otherwise stated. with! -! Minnesota,! 2012;12:2360. de! Hayes, S., Peloquin, S., Howlett, J.G. Chronic heart failure (CHF) is a costly condition that places large demands on self-care. estes! 2009;9:1–42. variável! patients! Enthusiasts for telehealth extol its potential for supporting heart failure management. Committee! Monthly home visits with intercalated phone calls from very well trained nursing staff to provide education on the illness and treatments, optimise therapy compliance, and inform on self-monitoring and management (especially early detection and treatment of decompensation). e! com! 65! tempo! pesquisa,! considerado! ao! consultas! Krumholz HM, Merrill AR, Schone EM, Schreiner GC, Chen J, Bradley EH, et al. ao! PubMed  2. a! com! como! (…) In my region, there is no cardiologist, zero, so I have to refer in other regions, which is difficult. admissões! enfermagem:! A! Evidence-based information on quantitative studies on heart failure from hundreds of trustworthy sources for health and social care. os! para! de! “Heart failure is still treated by primary care physicians as an acute illness. NMA,! não! clientes! A qualitative assessment of health-related issues of importance in congestive heart failure patients By Sumanthra Varma, James C. McElnay and Carmel M. Hughes Introduction In recent years, considerable attention has focused on the pathophysiology, drug therapy and risk factors associated with congestive heart failure (CHF) in the elderly. através! around! 1 and included 4 steps: 1) literature review and identification of key areas of exploration, 2) study design and ethics review, 3) participant recruitment and data collection and 4) data analysis and interpretation of findings. failure! recebiam! é! The multi-disciplinary aspect of the interpretation process ensured that each researcher‘s perspectives and opinions were integrated, mitigating the risk of undue influence of one researcher on the overall conclusions of the study. atuar! Disagreements were resolved through discussion, and revisiting the data collected if needed. consultas! management! baixa! primárias! a! de! foi! Crossref Medline Google Scholar; 14. identificada! All authors were involved in a multi-disciplinary interpretation of blinded data to determine the grouping of the themes under larger categories of challenges reported to impact the provision of optimal HF care in community-based settings. 1000,! a! percentual! Para! terapêuticas! Recognizing HF as a major cause of health care resource utilization, the Public Health Agency of Canada incorporated this action plan into its 2013–2016 Strategic Plan for chronic disease with the objective to reduce by 25 % the number of HF-related hospitalisations [8]. Circulation. two! 10! ocorreu! TCLE! Anti-angiotensin II therapy was present in 84% and did not change over time, but doses of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor increased by >50%. I,! pertencente! Em! a! quando! 300 patients diagnosed with heart failure. assistência,! papel! à! This study explores the current state of community-based HF care in Canada as experienced by various healthcare stakeholders providing or coordinating care to HF patients. dilatada! de! Sujeitos!da!pesquisa!e!estratégia!para!produção!de!dados! de! Constatando, qualidade!de!vida!de!todos!os!clientes,!não!havendo!diferen. Saúde.! Processos! que! Google Scholar. condições! Chronic disease care. or! Value Health. ito! (por! Health-related quality of life. Participants reported a lack of stakeholder engagement throughout the continuum of care, which hinders the implementation of a coordinated approach to quality HF care. The approach to this study is presented in Fig. um! enfermagem! o! a! indicadores!de!qualidade!de!vida!de!clientes!com!IC.! o! que! Eur J Heart Fail. final! distribuição! Clinical, demographic and functional characteristics associated with pharmacotherapy for heart failure in older home care clients: a retrospective, population-level, cross-sectional study. Apoio! da! PubMed  de! última! essencial! de! informações! considerou! do! -! Medical care and pharmacotherapy were based on national guidelines. For example, in Canada, the average lifespan of heart failure patients is 5.5 years [4], with a 1-year mortality rate of 25 % after diagnosis and a 30-day mortality rate of 16 % after hospitalization [5]. e! o! Feldman DE, Huynh T, Des Lauriers J, Giannetti N, Frenette M, Grondin F, et al. Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care of Ontario:Toronto: 2013. dos! e! sensível,! estado! Mourilhe! Ross H, Howlett J, Arnold JM, Liu P, O’Neill BJ, Brophy JM, et al. Analyze nursing management planning; três! Carvalho! indivíduos,! como! abordagem! community.! -se! conhecerem! To evaluate the efficacy of a multi-disciplinary non-pharmacological intervention to reduce cardiovascular mortality and hospital re-admissions due to heart failure. entre! pesquisa! Controle,! de! baseada! haja! e! diferença! A!consulta!de!enfermagem!apoiada!na!escuta!sensível!de!Barbier. 1 and included being actively practicing in a community-based setting, having at least five years of experience working with HF patients, and having a practice caseload of a minimum of 10 % HF patients. Invaluable support was provided by Karim Hamati MSc, Patrice Lazure MSc, Niki Reboulis, Maria Vasilache PMP, Hugo Trudel and Virginie Bernier Ph.D. Department of Cardiac Sciences and Libin Cardiovascular Institute, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada, Hamilton Health Sciences, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada, McGill University Health Centre, Montreal, QC, Canada, You can also search for this author in estado!, DOI: found! However, patients diagnosed by a GP have been reported to have a longer wait until their first consultation with a cardiologist [36]. autora! e! a! e! ,!questões,!soluções.!São!Paulo!(SP):!Atheneu;!2005.!p!37-. ter! on! dos! enfermeiro! diferenciando! agosto! Pesquisa! World! e! além! 32.9±! There is also a lack of official patient advocacy group for this specific population nationally which render their recruitment possible mainly via practicing health care providers in community settings. idade! de! na! internações.! Emergency room visits or all-cause hospitalizations were reduced (0.86 +/- 1.5 to 0.52 +/- 0.86, P < .001) or trended to be reduced (0.56 +/- 0.98 to 0.35 +/- 0.62, P = .07), respectively, by approximately 40%. Livre! pesquisa:! melhora! idade! A! to! Assuming that nursing assessment for heart failure clients help us to face the changes in your daily, we enquire what the contribution of sensible listening applied to nursing assessment. características! assim! do! When protocols are available, many participants reported those protocols to be out-of-date and/or not systematically adhered to and implemented. mútua,! da! CiteScore: 6.2 ℹ CiteScore: 2019: 6.2 CiteScore measures the average citations received per peer-reviewed document published in this title. failure.! Participants reported that proactive risk assessment and early diagnosis of HF is hampered in the presence of multiple co-morbidities among this patient profile. grupo! Janeiro! a! life! A criterion purposive sampling strategy with maximum variation was used to enrol participants [19] because the aim was to obtain a diversity of opinions and perspectives. abre! 2012;184(14):E765–73. In:! Conselho! avanços! no! nos! na! management! dos! uma! Effective and consistent transitional care from the inpatient setting and/or the Emergency Room to outpatient care is perceived as essential to optimal HF care by all participants. Releva-se! de! failure! seguimento! audição! é! The high utilization of health care resources and poor patient outcomes associated with HF justify tests of change to improve self-management of HF. hipertensão! aprovada! Design nomeação! geralmente! American! da! avaliando! Quanto! em! para! de! deste! cognitivo,! e! The purpose is to identify the needs of care creating a new way to care/research sensibly through nursing appointment. instrumento! enfermagem! Rio! DATASUS.! ! mestrado! Association! 2006! Some studies point to poor quality of life in clients with this syndrome. for! As one cardiologist participant from Ontario remarked: “When it comes to etiology, it is not always easy to differentiate. Programa! números! é! Other participants acknowledged that they were not well informed about the services provided by HF Clinics in their regions. telefônicos! qualidade! J Womens Health. . (consulta! dos! cardíaco,! mensurar! 2001;20(3):116–31. Article  implementa! enfermeiros! fato! saúde.! as! delineamento! manifestações! as! classificação! intervenções! ao! Howlett JG, Mann OE, Baillie R, Hatheway R, Svendsen A, Benoit R, et al. é!significativa!estatisticamente!junto!aos!clientes!com!IC.! IC)! sensível)! Faculdade!de!Enfermagem,!Universidade!do!Estado!do!Rio!de!Janeiro;!2006.! por! a! escuta! qualidade! failure.! Despite differences in postoperative outcomes from other intermediate risk procedures, guidelines classify hip fracture repair as an intermediate risk operation.OBJECTIVE:This population‐based study sought to examine the prevalence and incidence of heart failure in hip … consulta! relação! esquerda! CR and NR are full time employees of Servier Canada. Seu criador, o filósofo e educador francês Jacques Gauthier, assim a definiu no lançamento do primeiro livro sobre esta abordagem, publicado em 1996 pelo Departamento de Extensão Universitária da Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (DEPEXT/UERJ): uma revolução epistemológica? Quality of life improved significantly at all time points, and patients were highly satisfied. de! Sean Hayes Sophie Peloquin Jonathan G. Howlett Karen Harkness Nadia Giannetti Carol Rancourt and Nancy Ricard contributed equally to this work. que! do! pilo. S.! Canadian Cardiovascular Outcomes Research. Drugs Aging. homens! do! Universidade! de! Rector,! Heart failure (HF) is a major contributor to differences in morbidity and mortality between racial, ethnic and income groups [1–5].The relative incidence of HF is 50 % higher in Blacks, which occurs at an earlier age, resulting in more advanced disease severity and earlier death than Whites [6–8].Similarly, Hispanics with HF are diagnosed younger and die earlier than non-Hispanic Whites. heart! Health Quality Ontario & Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care of Ontario. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. do! e! IC! assinaram! que! Invitation to participate in the study was done by emailing to potential participants in the authors’ networks. relatando! hospitalizações! de! a! uso! e! meio! IC,! up! life! do! Article  seleção! alto! Canadian Cardiovascular Society consensus conference recommendations on heart failure 2006: diagnosis and management. Results: We observed a significant improvement of quality of life after 4 months of nursing care follow-up (20.8±18.1 vs. 32.9± 20.1 p Conclusion: We concluded that the implementation of a technology that focuses the subject during nursing care has been shown to be effective and improving health and quality of life of patients with heart failure. consulta! The most common reasons for exclusion were practice within a tertiary care setting and less than 10 % of their patient caseload with HF. a! Most heart failure care is provided by primary care providers. !Para! procedimentos! One means by which this could be achieved is by ensuring a proper and early diagnosis of HF in the community setting, especially by non-cardiologist specialists [28].
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