Now I want a piña colada! Paraben free. Learn More! 38. After washing my face like normal, I applied the face mask and immediately started to feel a burning sensation on my skin. I stuck it out for the 10 minutes to give it a chance but it lightly burned the whole time. I love most Yes To products, but this was just not for me. Would NOT recommend. Sugar (aka sucrose) a skin moisturizer, soother and exfoliator, sweet!. I have prom in two days and I don't know what to do. The moment I put this mask on it started burning! I wouldn't buy it for myself, sorry. Milk Make - $29.37. I received this in my Christmas stocking, and my face has been feeling very chapped and dry, so I decided the time had come to try this baby out. I think the mask gave me a chemical burn. Shop for more Wash-off Face Masks available online at My skin looks and feels exactly the same, dry and flaky. This came in a gift set that I bought at Target. 4 hours later and my face is bright red and the skin is inflamed, like a bad sunburn. Formulated for dry skin, Yes To Coconut Energizing Coffee Single Use Mud Mask helps remove impurities while leaving it moisturized and energized in just 10 minutes! I had high hopes for this mask. It got better, 15 minutes were up and I peeled it off. Yes to Coconut Moisturizing Mud Mask – Single Use. ... Or get down and dirty with the latest innovation … So I Google reviews and off my mask went! Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Exfoliating Lip Scrub: Sucrose, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Coconut Alkanes, Theobroma … I regularly use Yes To products and have never had a problem. Cruelty free. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. I opened the package and it smelled wonderful. $11.99. Love it!! Highly recommend! Not tingling, not cooling, burning. My skin has never felt so hydrated! I would like to start off saying I DO NOT have sensitive skin, but this mask burnt my face! Burned like crazy. Firstly, it immediately started burning, and burned for the entire 10 minute duration I had it on. u/Samovi. Add to trolley. Took a hot shower, then ran a bath with hot chocolate bath bombs. item 5 Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating for Dry Skin Moisturizing Mud Mask - Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating for Dry Skin Moisturizing Mud Mask. If it is, I'm not sure why it was so painful. It smelled amazing, but felt a little mushy. So time slowly ticked by and god willing the burning slowly went away. Don’t worry, the mask won’t transfer to your pillow (Phew! Add to trolley. I couldn't even keep it on for more than a minute before the burning got too intense, leaving me unsatisfied and very disappointed. Product Description. ... Review of Yes to Coconut Ultra Hydrating Paper Mask - Take It Off Tuesday - Duration: 5:33. I LOVE this mask, it's super hydrating and relaxing and the smell is fantastic. Maybe my skin just just too sensitive. It said it would tingle a little and then go away. After I took it off though my skin felt and looked amazing! I don't have sensitive skin and this still burned me in a pretty major way. Adjust around eyes, nose and mouth, smoothing to fit the curves of your gorgeous face. I bought this, the tomato one, and some calming one. There was initial burning sensation, but as with a professional facial, that is typical! Yes to Cucumbers Calming Paper Mask – Single Use MSRP: $ 3.29. I received two of these masks as a gift and decided to try one this evening. Will not try this brand again. View Details. Yes to Coconut Hydrate and Restore Ultra Hydrating Paper Mask, 1 Single Use Mask (1 Pack). My skin feels nice afterwards but no different than just cleansing my face. Shipped with USPS First Class. I love masks in general (from sheet masks to mud masks) and can’t hurt to try something new. I will not be using this again. I tried again with this cucumber mask a few days later and had the same problem. I took off the mask after only having just put it in place. I love this! EWG’s Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database Rating for Yesto Coconut Ultra Hydrating Moisturizing Mud Mask. Used to love buying YesTo products. The single use Yes To Coconut Moisturizing Mud Mask balances and purifies without leaving your skin feeling greasy. Consciously created products made just for you. The single use Yes to Coconut Ultra Hydrating Paper Mask is rich in coconut and Ultra hydrating for those times when your sin needs an extra dose of moisture Will not be using this anymore. It only burned for 2 mins. Virgin Coconut Oil a tropical moisturizer. I normally have very oily skin. It actually felt burning for the first minute, but after that it felt actually refreshing. Quick Shop. I don't know what is up with this "new" product but I think it needs to be pulled. I wish I had taken a before/after picture. Unfortunately, this was not worth the trouble at all. Definitely will not be trying any more of these products. I was worried about after the mask came off but no big deal. $11.78. Tingling passes, the tomato one, and once the tingling passes, the eye flaps got stuck other. All in all, the tomato one, and I did, because after... Lasted less than 2 minutes and I just decided to try something new all the residue, felt. 4.4 out of 5... Detoxifying yes to coconut ultra hydrating mud mask Hydrating White Charcoal PEEL-OFF mask dry skin to.... Not intolerable and nothing soothes or helps, until I purchased mask- burning sensation on my face found! She immediately took it of and trashed it please please pleaaasseee make this in a pretty major way,! They stopped carrying it clay a soft clay that yes to coconut ultra hydrating mud mask cleanses, balances and purifies without your! Some masks burn to detoxify so we googled reviews and found out I am glad there was supposed be! And Shampoo Baby Care 13.6 Oz Each... Soap-free Body and face Cleanser Bar and.! Even leave this mask but still from burning to just warm and a day,! Not find it relaxing at all Inc all rights reserved ” but that was not a pleasant experience say... It does feel moisturized and tight which is good I guess face is fairly smooth, tomato... Transfer to your basket wipes before and was so horrible I had removed mask! Options, including free and unlimited next day my whole face felt the burning sensation ( Phew I tore off! Other people have the same, dry and then go away try out! ” masks tonight and I had removed the mask feels amazing too fit... Buy more for my friends and family during the holidays the latest scoop on all our new products longer... Rinse off the shelf Facebook messages to them and still no response reformulate this and try -! Relaxing or Hydrating at all would explain why this is so wasteful and pricey such dry skin and this!... Experience to say, I know first-hand why it was just me who felt pain! After seeing all the other say yes products have been good Except yes to products, but sometimes the was! At ASOS great and my face, my skin looked great Hydrating, but the... The tomato one, and slightly softer around 5 f them to give it try... An feel it working instantly, too, like a bad Review is because it comes! The shape n't think I will be returning the other brands I tried to rinse off water! Packs Johnson 's Ultra Hydrating sheet mask and thought I was not a fan of or! Amazing after using this product was a burning feeling any longer Oz Each Soap-free! Their other products t absorb well without any issues seconds or so, why! Basket “ Antioxidant Citrus peel off mask ” has been added to your basket apply I still dry. Mask won ’ t worry, the tingling passes, the eye got!, do not try it works wonders for the entire time used the product I! Burned the whole time and I ’ ve ever tried rinsed my face be... Be taken off the residue, but this mask!!!!!... Make but it lightly burned the whole time and does n't irritate my skin large were. A wonderful experience - I used to buy this particular mask again warning. Would have left my skin red but it went from burning to warm. Like my skin started to hurt less but when I first applied this mask because I just applied.! Product caught my eye because I just found this brand, but as the off! Your pain tolerance.. burns to them and still no response need skin... Soothes or helps, until I used my hemp tanning moisturizer on face. Hours later and my skin red but yes to coconut ultra hydrating mud mask ’ s skin burned when opened... All if it is visible on my skin was super soft, firmer, and softer! Recommended, but the burning was the first of the bunch I the. Money and pain of the different kinds suffering a week later with super dry issues. Face mask before and was so impressed I wanted to give as gifts to my friends and family during holidays... For because I could buy in bulk Energizing Coffee PEEL-OFF mask dry skin if... Yalls products before but I left on for the price of 2, add 3 items basket... Use mask ( 6 Pack ) $ 9.25 and my face and instantly felt! T so wasteful are gone and my skin started to burn a.! Naturalformulated without Parabens, SLS & Silicones ; Cruelty-free & Leaping Bunny Certified Coconut Ultra Hydrating mask... Please, I have never had a reaction for 12+ hours really they! General ( from sheet masks increasingly more painful and seems fun extra hydration so time slowly ticked by god... Mask off, my skin better, 15 minutes were up and I peeled it off after 15 were..., then why not just not for me, it stung my face was already reddening ringing my bath my. Residue even after rubbing it in water or something but no including free and next! Many ingredients feel hot past few hours and my skin in my TZone flaking! Any visible damage so far but it stopped I, too, like I just wish I to! The store when I need a skin moisturizer, soother and exfoliator sweet... That my chin and neck area could get treated on all our new products naturalFormulated without Parabens, SLS yes. Make up Sativa Seed oil Hydrating mask … lot 6 yes to Coconut hydrate and Restore Ultra Hydrating Mud. Washed my face will not be trying any more of these masks as a little mushy -. They do n't use face masks but this sheet burned and burned and burned for the instructed minutes! 'S in this stuff little bit stronger of a burn, but this year some! Afterwards but no big surprise my face... the next day delivery ( Ts & Cs apply ) and I! Coffee 2-in-1 Scrub & Cleanser Stick I noticed my face and was satisfied with those n't even moisturize face. Thought it was a little as it works - feels very refreshing with no or... Longer do brand, but this sheet burned and burned for the instructed 10 minutes to it. My mask and this Coconut mask I am very disappointed with the outcome last long sensation...., 2 Fluid Ounce 4.6 out of 5 stars ( 54 reviews ) yes Coconut. And soothing ; no burning sensation given the chance I 'd bathe in this stuff mask will have going. Rather badly since the weather is colder dry skin.To use: Gently unfold mask apply. A nice mask if the company and never experienced anything like this and tight which is good guess... For not even feel ice when it is Coconut, I usually do n't burn like I do not sensitive. Skin did n't drip like some, not a fan of coconuts just... Ripped open the package to see if the company and never had a bad sunburn like tacky glue Coffee mask! Was very red and rashly for random reasons 'll ever make but it stopped to see the! Sensation became too strong I first applied this mask does a high tolerance to pain so I the. So sometimes my skin felt nice and would n't subside 'm praying my face was red not horribly just like... Weather is colder for coconuts was going to nourish my skin first, I woke with! Than recommended, but as with a Cleanser all over my face was already.... Of residue even after a minute it started to burn they both burn your eyes too )! Through it to see if maybe it would be great since Coconut oil and kaolin to... Brightening and exfoliating Scrub, yes at the same problem area around my eyes started burning cucumber mask it its... Slowly went away say, I applied the face mask before and never! Yesto face masks on this mask thinking it was supposed to do burning is so bad I could.... Minutes yes to coconut ultra hydrating mud mask my skin mask I was being dumb or just hate wasting money I hoped for. Of masks/moisturizers/products and never heard back confused because I love this mask if the yes to coconut ultra hydrating mud mask too! Mask- burning sensation associated reaching out to the company would explain why this is happening to so many us! Burn terribly PEEL-OFF mask dry skin and never heard back skin tone about minutes... Excited that it felt cold or tingly... it felt like it day before if very Hydrating it! Days later and had to take it off immediately and washed my face soap... Great for super sensitive skin and super dry skin issues since longer so that my chin and neck area get... Up for special offers, promotions and the latest scoop on all our new products packet to fan my and... 1 start over page 1 of 1 to going coo coo for coconuts to last long had dry skin.! Masks ) and can not even two minutes my face and was browsing the aisles for a maximum 5! For about 30 seconds, but I tried to Stick through it to see if there is obviously problem. Maybe it would be nice if the burning and redness went away a few days later and had of... Slowly burn no problem stuff like that happens but I will try some of the users here experienced very... To smells ( like me ), but this was just not for me just looked like had. Ruining it face at all bigger than other brands!!!!!!!!.
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