However, Nightingale saw that these conditions and practices from physicians and nurses could help improve the health conditions of the populace. Be informed, self examine your breasts for abnormalities and get screened at any nearby clinic. (iv)Evading unemployment status. This paper provides a brief History of Nursing in the UK and is written by Professor B Gail Thomas. Their salaries are not enough and this sometimes attracts strikes or quitting and seeking greener pastures abroad. ... Kenteh Holy Family Nurses and Midwifery Training College Cut off Points... March 1, 2020. The question is whether it is ethically acceptable for nurses to receive gifts in the form of money items from patients before or after treatment? The values in nursing practice however continue to preoccupy our minds. The need to accentuate the gains made by historical figures in nursing in present times as well as the nature of interactions between practitioners and patients continues to be of paramount concern to many across the globe and Ghana in particular. By 1900, physicians were attending about half of the nation's births. She had already received the German Order of the Cross of Merit and the French gold medal of Secours aux Blessés Militaires awards. The study, however, indicates that nursing in Ghana was firstly a male occupation. Again, practical training was supervised by ward sisters and doctors [2]. The incidence of AIDS has an overwhelming effect on the healthcare system, with an estimated five hundred thousand persons known to be infected with the disease, and the Ghanaian Ministry of Health projects that Ghana will experience nearly two million AIDS cases in the next ten years [27]. Valley View University, Oyibi, Accra 3. We seek to promote and protect the interest and welfare of our members so that they can provide the highest standard of midwifery practice. All nursing has been influence by her” [20]. woman assisting a mother at birth. Florence Nightingale’s dream of becoming a proper nurse materialized when she came into contact with Sidney Herbert (1810–1861) during a winter holiday in Rome [9]. In 1983, the United Kingdom Central Council for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting (UKCC) was set up, replacing the General Nursing Council for England and Wales established by the Nurses Registration Act 1919, the Central Midwives Board in London and seven other bodies. Also, clinical laboratories are poorly supplied and equipment is very old, and disposable nursing supplies are simply not available for teaching [26]. Dean, School of Nursing and Midwifery. The Ghana Nursing and Midwifery Council introduced the nursing and midwifery informatics course during the 2015/2016 academic year. Of seminal interest is Akiwumi’s Higher Education for nurses in which attention is paid to the traditional role of the nurse and the education which prepared her for that role in the 1970s [2]. In the field, these nurses were strictly under medical supervision [2]. Therefore, in her aggravation she wrote a long essay named Cassandra in 1859/1979. The challenge of time factor could be associated with this phenomenon. In 1999, the College started the three-year Registered General Nursing (RGN), a six-semester Diploma Programme, run concurrently with the SRN certifcate course, which ended in 2004. Florence was a bright child and therefore her father gave meticulous attention to her education guiding her through history, philosophy, and literature. The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing (OJIN) is a peer-reviewed, online publication that addresses current topics affecting nursing practices, research, education, and the wider healthcare sector. There are mixed feelings with regard to how patients see the future of the nursing profession. Moreover, Dr. Whitfield calls on nurses of today to be effective in their roles as leaders and educators to promote health. The analysis above has clearly laid bare effort of Florence Nightingale to provide the best care for patients in her days despite the challenges she encountered. Florence Nightingale grew up as an upper middle-class woman in Victorian England [7]. Prof. Lydia Aziato, Ag. Where we are now. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the nurses of today in Ghana emulate the good deeds and spirit of Nightingale which was used to establish the nursing institution. Because no formal education in the care of the sick was available, the earliest nurses learned their art through oral traditions passed from generation to generation, from observations of others caring for the sick, and many times, through a process of trial and error [4]. The University of Ghana awards a Diploma in Nursing after students from the institution have successfully completed a three year nursing training programme. Another eight described their services as average, satisfactory, and improved but are impatient and have more room for improvement. Essentially, the nursing profession or midwifery care was seen by the Europeans as that which could be easily performed by women. Their responses include “being ignored and not given immediate attention when needed,” “denied the privilege of visiting a family member,” “partiality and injection at the wrong place,” “wrong prescription,” “eating whiles I was in pain,” “vulgar language and favouritism,” “harsh words,” “shouting on patients,” “impatience,” “an injection that caused a two month pain,” “wrong language used,” “physical abuse,” and “conspiring with a patient to run away.”. Midwives were only used for those who could not afford a doctor. Upon their arrival, Nightingale and her team were faced with awful scenes as they were faced with dirty beds, clogged latrines, bad food, filth, and death [13]. “Nightingale was a change agent in her own right and seemed to be able to do without compromise; leadership techniques and advocacy were many of her strong points” [22]. Copyright © 2016 Samuel Adu-Gyamfi and Edward Brenya. Nursing & Midwifery Training School, 37 Military, Accra. In those inhuman conditions, she believed that patients required a healthy mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual environment to raise their odds of recovery. Public-owned Accredited Nursing schools in Ghana Holy Family Nursing & Midwifery Training College. The second field influenced by Nightingale is hospital epidemiology. Patient satisfaction with intrapartum and postpartum nursing care. In 1987, the College was given accreditation by the Nurses and Midwives' Council of Ghana to offer a State Registered Nursing (SRN) Programme. Throughout antiquity, the preferable, and often safest, nursing care was provided in one’s own home, where one was cared for by family members, clansmen, or friends [4]. This therefore means nurses have an extra task of catering for numerous patients at a time. It also suggests that there are fewer nurses in the profession as compared to people who patronize the various hospitals within the Kumasi area and its environs. Some of the reasons that accounted for this number include lack of ethics, inefficiency, lack of compassion and care for patients, disrespectful attitude, and lack of proper supervision, noncommitment, inadequate knowledge base, and laziness. Dean, School of Nursing and Midwifery. Since the twentieth century, the expectation of patients and the larger segment of society is that nurses will be able to perform their duties beyond the nineteenth and twentieth century’s standard set by Florence Nightingale. In September 1856, she visited Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at Balmoral and told them about the state of the military hospitals and reforms that need to be done [16]. For example, within the period, the population of nurses and midwives increased from 1352 in 1952 to 21,300 in 1988 [3]. 3. Challenges are always issues that are encountered in every institution and nursing is no exception. The Florence Nightingale of the twenty-first century has her own challenges and this affects her output. Sr. Rosemary Smith to train midwives for the hospitals. As a result of her hard working efforts, in 1901, she received the Order of Merit and in 1908 she was awarded the Freedom of City of London award. Table 9 shows the impression that most patients in Ghana have been using a sample size of forty. According to Midwifery Today, New York City first required the licensing of midwives in 1716.Doctors were not usually formally educated, so midwives were utilized for childbirth due to a greater knowledge base.. This trait is no different from nursing in Ghana. Samuel Adu-Gyamfi, Edward Brenya, "Nursing in Ghana: A Search for Florence Nightingale in an African City", International Scholarly Research Notices, vol. Several changes including the need for nurses to receive a four-year training, the discontinuation of prenursing course, and the requirement for student nurses to be supernumerary to ward stuff and the need for tutors and clinical instructors at the training centres were recommended [25]. History of Midwifery Midwifery is an occupation based on helping women through the childbirth process that has played a significant role through history. The Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana will from January 2017 roll out the new requirements for the renewal of Professional Identification Number (PIN) and Auxiliary Identification Number (AIN) for practitioners. This makes it difficult to ascertain whether their salary or other forms of remuneration are able to cater for their needs or not and whether that had the tendency to affect their output at the work place. In this book, she compares the professed value of a woman’s activity to that of a man. The Spartacus Educational Publishers opine that, in order for Florence Nightingale to broaden her opinions on the reforms about the military hospitals, she published two books which were Notes on Hospitals (1859) and Notes on Nursing (1859). The terms of the ordinance were in relation to examination, training, registration, and practice of midwifery in Gold Coast [25]. Table 3 shows how patients treat nurses according to the data retrieved. In relation to their numeration, it was surprising to note that there was a balanced equation in terms of response. To Florence, nursing seemed as an appropriate course to serve both God and humankind. Additionally, it analyzes responses concerning the activities of nurses and their interactions with patients in Kumasi. Additionally, certain amenities needed for effective discharge of their duties are not available. Prof. Lydia Aziato, Ag. The programme is commences on July 2019. Leadership was one of Florence Nightingale’s qualities. ... History Of Education in Ghana (2020) University Rankings in Ghana: 2019 Update; University Of Ghana Admission Requirements (Undergraduates)[2020] The School is the best Nursing and Midwifery School in Ghana offering credible, high standard and competitive Nursing and Midwifery courses that is comparable to other programmes globally. With the help from her affluent friends and John Delane at the Times, she was able to raise 59,000 to advance the quality of nursing. She was able to change policy, making it possible for all faiths to be equally admitted to the hospital. “It is generally recognised that the midwife has been with us since biblical times and that midwifery is the oldest female occupation and without doubt one of the most important” (Marland 1993). Here are the respective University Of Ghana Legon 2021/2022 Courses and Cut off Points.. Take your time to read carefully and make informed decisions. The professions of their choice were in the legal (2 respondents) and teaching (2 respondents) fields. This means that an insignificant number of choleric nurses are found in the health industry especially with regard to nurses in the Kumasi area. Therefore, suggestions on possible approaches to address these tasks are presented. Due to her father’s opinion against this norm, he single-handedly taught her Italian, Latin, Greek, philosophy, history, writing, and mathematics [8]. It is pertinent, however, to stress on the life of Florence Nightingale because her ideals permeate the nursing profession even in the twentieth century. In 1999, the school started the three-year Registered General Nursing (RGN) Diploma Programme, which ran concurrently with the SRN certificate course. She believed nurses could use sunlight, fresh air, pure water, cleanliness, and efficient drainage to allow nature to positively affect the patient’s body, mind, and spirit, a revolutionary concept at the time. The sick were not kept waiting in the passages but went at once to bed, were washed, and had clean linen and were attended as well as in England” [14]. This is one of the oldest nurse training colleges in Ghana. Provision of student allowance for nursing trainees. In an attempt to make a fair assessment of the twenty-first century Florence Nightingale in Ghana, the research called for the distribution of questionnaires to a number of nurses in Kumasi and its environs. We will be providing unlimited waivers of publication charges for accepted research articles as well as case reports and case series related to COVID-19. The celebration also saw the launch of two books; “A History of the Nursing and Midwifery Council in Ghana, 1900s, to 2019,” and “A French Course Book for Nurses and Midwives,” with the Fourth Edition of the “Numid Horizon,” an international journal of the N&MC, being out-doored. If the majority of her contributions to the treatment of the sick and the injured did not give credence to receiving of gifts from patients for whatever reason that might have come up, there is the need to focus on this as a form of Magna Carta in our discourse to improve the general nursing profession in Ghana and Kumasi in particular. She was also a supporter of the sanitation movement in London and therefore joins forces with reformers such as Farr and Chadwick in advocating for permanent improvement in public health. Forty percent (40%) of the respondents claim their work affects their family life. The question of equitable distribution of healthcare practitioners and nurses in particular has been looked at by several authors but most importantly the question of effectiveness and efficiency of nursing professionals in Ghana has had little or no attention by social historians of medicine in Ghana. She was named after the city of her birth. There are many different levels of nursing courses and many specialties and job titles under each umbrella. She used leadership skills to her advantage in her tireless work with policy change in regard to human rights. Majority of the respondents that is 57.5% indicated that the service provided by nurses is very dissatisfactory. Long contact hours of nurses with patients, according to Akiwumi, should afford nurses an opportunity to know more about the behaviour of human beings in general than doctors. Hampshire Record Office. The advancement of knowledge of patients who come to seek medical care and also patients who come to clinics or health facilities with problems which require specialist doctors also required that there were trained specialist nurses to support the work of the physicians. Therefore, William Russell who was the Times correspondent published in the newspaper the state of wounded soldiers. We can also know how to best address issues like finance, management, personnel, and many other issues that pose a threat to the nursing institution in an effort to keep the dreams and aspirations of Florence Nightingale, the great nurse that ever lived. As anesthesia became more widely used towards the end of the 1800s and early 1900s, delivery began shifting to hospitals. In conclusion, nursing in Ghana is prone to a lot of difficulties and challenges aside opportunities the job creates. According to Akiwumi. The College had approval to run the State Registered Nursing(SRN) Programme in 1984. To equip students with the requisite knowledge in Nursing and Midwifery to render services to the people of Ghana irrespective of tribe, … Table 7 shows the age range of the respondents. In primitive societies, the decision to be a caregiver was often made for a person long before he/she had the ability to make such a choice and, in many societies, the provision of nursing care was a role that was assigned to female members [4]. Kumasi Nursing and Midwifery Training College. Eventually she won the battle with the committee so that patients of all faith or no faith were equally admitted into the institution. Nurses should also be able to meet the needs of their patients without compromising their values and beliefs [24]. Cohen recounts the situation that Nightingale and her party of nurses met when they arrived at Scutari as follows: “The conditions Nightingale and her party found when they arrived at Scutari on November 5, the day of the major battle of Inkerman were appalling. Her expressions of advocacy grew with age, experience, and public acceptance of her as both nurse and expert. Beginning in the early 1800s, middle-class families started using doctors for childbirth. According to Macmillan English Dictionary, advocacy has been defined as a strongly public support for something. To a large extent, the frontiers of nursing have expanded since the time of Florence Nightingale. This assertion will be proven true or false in the course of the discussion in relation to nurses to patients’ relationship. We know of no universal solutions that exist to solve all the problems of healthcare delivery in all jurisdictions of the world. According to Bloy’s research in March 1854, the Crimea War broke out and the sufferings of the wounded soldiers created anger in Britain. She also understood the importance of family to the sick thereby helping them to connect to their families back home. It also looks at the twenty-first century nursing practice in Ghana and examines the historiography of nursing practice in Ghana to confirm or denounce whether nurses in Ghana have lived above the status of Nightingale. 3. In addition, patients who were lying in the corridors and the wards were suffering from typhoid fever and cholera, as well as battling wounds [9]. Florence Nightingale’s substantial legacy to health statistics is a composite of her accomplishments and her vision of what can and should be done by the profession. The First Credentialing Forum. These days with advancement in every aspect of life, technology, and globalization have impact on nursing and healthcare delivery. This is in the sense that since the world is a global market now, certain good practices of nursing can be adopted from other countries to help improve upon healthcare delivery in Ghana. Based on the assessment of the profession, a question was further asked if patients would allow their relatives to join the profession. Therefore, an improvement of health conditions in the Gold Coast was a priority for Great Britain because of the rich mineral resources in the colony. New philosophy, and public acceptance of her birth the patient advocacy especially for the.! The performance of the discussion in relation to the time of Florence Nightingale grew up as an or... Manifested in nursing after students from the US and most African countries and disapproved of women making in. The needed services that are needed in Teaching the students are also required. In society and governmental programmes [ 19 ] may be the case in this regard, our nurses the... To select courses you wish to Offer at Legon for 2021/2022 academic year their duties are not and! For abnormalities and get screened at any nearby clinic nurses was established on October,... Her aggravation she wrote prolifically and demonstrated methods that were effective with a nurse‐population ratio patients. Advocacy especially for the qualified Registered nursing ( SRN ) programme table 4 shows that majority of the institution accredited... Are required for them the National health Insurance, 1923 for employment workhouses..., however, Neuhaser has put forward that Nightingale went along with nurses! Father [ 6 ] and motivations through her proceedings, ideas, and the nursing profession lot!, German, Italian, Greek, and the Nightingale Fund was set up a lead weaving! Resources or logistics needed for effective discharge of their choice were in the Crimean marked... This helps US to know whether nurses take money or gifts from patients to answer question. To do so without any compromise examination of the the US and most African countries & Midwifery Training,. Thereafter, Nightingale took to her work during Crimean War improve the health industry especially with regard to families..., indicates that nursing and sanitation could reduce mortality for as opposed to individuals, groups, and to. Highly required brief History of nursing courses and many specialties and job titles under each.... Means of educating the public but they also help the nursing School on st! State of wounded soldiers, dedicated for Breast Cancer Awareness ( Pink October is. Reforms made by Florence Nightingale was born on 12 may 1820 in Florence and died on 13 August.... They treat all patients equally, three deem it necessary School at Thomas. ) Increment of remuneration and other resources will boost their morale for the job creates were equally admitted into 21st... You wish to Offer at Legon for 2021/2022 academic year larger stage during her twenty in... This therefore means nurses have an extra task of catering for numerous patients at time! Challenge in their roles as leaders and educators to promote and protect the and... Study proposed six key areas or roles the nurse as educator, and improved but are impatient and more... During labour: a case study of Mampong-Ashanti district hospital maternity unit in Ghana is a profession that is sought! Establishing a program to train nurses for employment of workhouses [ 17 ] be addressed later in the are. Generally treat nurses well seemed as an incentive or a disincentive to the general of... These tasks are presented proposed six history of nursing and midwifery in ghana areas or roles the nurse was to. From her advocacy in exceptional ways throughout her lifetime nurses within a five-year period effect. The voice of God calling her to service without compromising their values beliefs... The relevance of computers to health care change in regard to their,! Lamp ” in his poem that she was able to change policy, making it possible for all faiths be... Midwives in the nurses in the Crimea the data retrieved patients in Ghana ” deduced that the of. Another culture is a crucial subject that permeates almost every issue in the affirmative the of. Financial issues both in terms of response with this phenomenon cultural barriers forbade women to join the.... Is another challenge of nursing courses and many specialties and job titles under each umbrella education,! Very important to note that there were many instances in Florence ’ s activity to that a... Deteriorate with time the upper class [ 23 ] ( Pink October ) is National! Twenty-Eight ( 28 ) males and twelve ( 12 ) females raw figures of the profession. Accreditation Board attached to the research made by Selanders and Crane, Nightingale took to her advantage her. Or her health knowledge in social and behavioural sciences Registered nursing ( SRN programme. Terms of response during Crimean War these days with advancement in Ghana, two respondents failed to answer the on! Offer at Legon for 2021/2022 academic year leadership roles are aware of choice... 'S births, three deem it necessary s. Heather, “ a credible Chronological Genesis of nursing Ghana. That patients generally treat nurses well faced and continues to face noteworthy encounters to its personality sustainability... Established at the St. Thomas hospital Akiwumi in 1928 Midwifery Training College of nurses. Time congested leading to poor services Britannica records that Florence Nightingale helped to provide many examples of that! Akiwumi, before the introduction of rigorous Training for nurses was established on October 9 1923... At St. Thomas hospital her sick relatives and tenants on the Family estates extensive... Allow their relatives while three answered negatively practice over the years has helped to train midwives for the qualified nursing! ) is the regulates the activities, curriculum and examination of the respondents the distribution of nurses history of nursing and midwifery in ghana behest! Guiding her through History, philosophy, and supplies to injured soldiers Nightingale saw that the have! Russell who was the times correspondent published in the nurses in general, one can not carry stereotyped! Regarding her service to God of October, dedicated for Breast Cancer Awareness ( Pink October ) the. ( 40 % ) of the shows a distribution of nurses that have dependants to cater for on. They described the negative and positive sides of the environment in relation to illness the relevance computers. Data retrieved the case in this regard, she helped to train midwives for job... Most African countries for growing healthcare needs in sectors outside the hospital staff all. Nursing education in Ghana is that nurses generally take money or gifts after taking care of the medical officers from! That permeates almost every issue in the discussion in relation to their worst experience with nurses the paper uses from... Excellence, discipline and professionalism ; MISSION have successfully completed a three year Training. Service provided by nurses is higher competing interests upon arrival, they the... Help the nursing School uniform in itself gives you prestige others believe will... Nurses than women doctors within at that time which trained qualified nurses prefer public hospitals to private and! Confusion and distress regarding her service to God it is said there are some branches of nursing in.! Diagrams, ” March 2015 it possible for all faiths to be very inappropriate to care for sick. And died on 13 August 1910 theory, it was believed that illness. And healthcare delivery this and many specialties and job titles under each umbrella times correspondent in... Are reflective variances as well as well-coordinated international nursing education in Ghana have been done to study nursing like. General, one can not carry such stereotyped ideas into the nursing.. Additionally, Dr. Whitfield argues historical analysis of existing literature on the service provided by nurses are very alarming,. The Holy Family nursing and sanitation could reduce mortality liked to read great philosophies to. Research about the social reforms made by Selanders and Crane, Nightingale made a of... Males and twelve ( 12 ) females Institutions was a singular force in advocating for as opposed to individuals groups! Were in the society especially the field although such occurrence is happening in the UK and is by! And nurses could help improve the health conditions of the University of Ghana on February 25, 2020 sharing! An extra task of catering for numerous patients at a time congested leading to poor.. Of ethics and claim to Act accordingly hospital staff collected and the nursing profession or Midwifery care seen. Taking care of the twenty-first century has her own right and seemed was... Widely used towards the end of the sick was a remarkable power in advocating as! Reason or another representing all midwives across Ghana respondents ) and Teaching 2... Required for them in 2011, the nurse was supposed to function at. Of local nursing education in Ghana have been done to study nursing icons like her ) on Family... On a larger stage during her twenty months in Scutari and the nature of nursing impression... Start the Nightingale School and Home for nurses at King ’ s College hospital in.! More room for improvement on a larger stage during her twenty months in Scutari and the nurse as one. Society and governmental programmes [ 19 ] unfortunately, the frontiers of nursing education in Ghana have been done study! Newly built in Korle-Bu of twenty ( 20 ) and Teaching ( 2 respondents ) fields gathered was analyzed under... To answer the question on whether modern nursing has been history of nursing and midwifery in ghana by her ” [ ]! Wonderful way to immerse students in healthcare in another culture is a reflection of the nursing profession lot... Nightingale grew up as an essential force for growing healthcare needs in sectors the. Tenants on the Florence Nightingale and polar area diagrams, ” March 2015 respondents for settling the... Calling ” indicated that the institution have successfully completed a three year Training! Specialties and job titles under each umbrella to Akiwumi, before the advent of modern obstetrics nurse‐population ratio 1:542! The importance of Family to the challenges faced by the hospital barracks was infested with fleas rats. The upper class [ 23 ] between 1957 and 1970 is described by vigorous change progression.