Rob, Big Three upgrades are usually done using 1/0- or 4-gauge wire. Grant, Usually an amplifier goes into protection mode when the load it's trying to drive is too low. Whereas the wire entering your house might be designed to conduct 200 amps, an extension cord might only need to conduct 20 amps at the most, or even less than 1 amp, depending on what is plugged into the cord. installing a new system, that consists of a JL audio jx400/4D, and an Alpine M500D. There are many factors to consider before choosing the proper gauge. A 4-gauge kit will probably work. For larger tools that require them, it’s not enough to simply tap into the temp power pole or a nearby outlet. That's a 900w 4ch amp. 1 for the two 8ohm subs running parralel at 4ohms, and the Kicker ZX200. Also what gauge wiring would you recommend? Dan, We recommend using 16-, 14-, or 12-gauge wires for subwoofers to ensure good current flow for efficient power production without loss due to high resistance in the wire. I also have a Kicker 46CXA400.1T connected with the same wiring kit and branched off with a distribution block. im just running a type r 12 in. I'm positive that I have a good "solid" ground with all paint removed. I find it hard to believe the typo in the formula on the page. I have 14 gauge wire coming from the amp. We still believe that the gold standard for auditioning speakers is hearing them in your own environment — that’s why we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. Justice, This chart is for copper wire, whether oxygen-free or not. Comments may be edited for clarity. But please, make sure all the connections are tight and secure and won't work loose and arc and possibly burn your car up. 3) What size inline fuse from the battery to the 3-way power distribution block? 2 for the components. Hi , Front the battery to the seats I'm guessing 3 to 5ft but no more than 5ft. So 100A total. 100 watts x2 @ 4 Ohms RMS Power Someone please help me!!!!!!!!! 1/0 ("one-aught") is the common name for a 0-gauge wire; 2/0 ("two-aught") for a 00-gauge wire. comp sub. Not sure why that would be? Sorry, I didn't read through all of the comments. A JL Audio M600/6 amp to 6 JL Audio MX650 speakers and a JL Audio MX500/4 to 2 JL Audio M3-10IB subwoofers. I want to install it but i don't know what gauge to get. Perhaps the amplifier is not stable at 0.5 ohms - I see no evidence that it is - and tries to pull more current than the fuses can bear. One more thing to keep in mind is to select the style of wire that best fits your needs. After doubling the 600 watts of RMS power and getting 1200w RMS I then divide that by 13.8 to achieve my total of 86.95 amperes. But they are not foolproof, and it is still important to guard against exceeding the amperage rating of any given circuit by plugging too many appliances into them. If you don't know what Class your amplifier is, use the Class AB calculations for the safest result. The more electrons are set into motion, the stronger the current becomes, and the more heat is generated. Hi Buck, Would the already ran 4 gauge cover my power draw or jumping to 2 gauge for sure? From what I have read here on crutchfield, I simply add the fuse ratings together to arrive at my total, for the power wire up at the battery... which is 190amps. QUESTIONS: Get a 4-gauge amp-wiring kit - it'll include the proper fuse. Current (Amperes) equals Power (Watts) divided by Amp Efficiency (X%) divided by Voltage (Volts). What do you suggest I do as far as install and gauge size? My receiver block has like 18 gauge wire. I'll throw another curve your way. I belong to a culture of fine sights and sounds, and I like spreading the word. Thanks!!!!!! Can you please help me with which one should I go ahead with? Nate, Check all the connections. I have about 7 feet of wire from the batter to the amplifiers. No idea what brand, wattage, or impedance the speakers are. Hi Please i need a response to this question. Understanding the needs of your system can help you know when to choose 4-gauge wire instead of 8-gauge wire. I'm using a 4 gauge wiring kit from Starsound audio the car is roughly 11ft long the first amplifier for my subwoofer is a TG-10000d1 Targa monoblock amplifier rated to 2500 watts RMS at 1ohm stable the subwoofer is a Targa TG-VM7000 dual 2ohm voice coils rated to 2500watts RMS 10inch the second amplifier is a XTC audio da brat series 3000 watt 4 channel amplifier which I'm using to run the standard door speakers and works perfectly but my problem is the mono amplifier if I plug in both RCA leads into the amplifier it totally stops playing the woofer the woofer is wired to 1ohm so that it can run if I remove 1 of the RCA leads it starts playing again is my 4gauge wiring enough or should I go to 0gauge because I veel it should be playing louder and stronger could you please give me advice as what to do. The reason different cable lengths bear different ratings is because the electrical resistance, inherent in all wire, builds up as the cable gets longer, until it forces the voltage to drop below a useable level. This easy to use gauge is used to determine the carat weight of your diamond or gemstone and to tell you what the pearl grains are for your pearl. I was hoping I could leave the stock speaker wiring intact?. Get the answers to these and other questions here in our Capacitors FAQ. I've always had my expectations met with the Crutchfield family. That kind of overkill would be a waste of money. I have I Rockford p300x2 running my components up front and an Alpine mrp m350 running my subs. Looking on the chart you can tell that for a 4-foot run 10-gauge AWG size wire will do. I can't buy a 190a ANL, so a 200 is what I am planning on putting in. Ryan, The owner's guide for your amplifier recommends 4-gauge power and ground wiring. I am upgrading my sub amp and want a second option on the wiring. On the other hand, there is no danger whatsoever by plugging appliances with mild electrical loads into circuits with heavier gauge wires and a higher amperage rating. Shopping with Crutchfield was great. If you can please give me any of this information it would be truely amazing!!! Will be running Rockford fosgate prime 5.25 in doors, one JBL GT5-15 in trunk. Crutchfield, thank you for your help!!! question, you should put them in enclosures sized to. Wanted to verify my setup is 4 gauge wires from the distribution block protection... Your short runs from one speaker to the directed movement of electrons between two sizes American... The amperage rating in the chart could lean either way between two sizes, wire. A nominal rental fee, and the total impedance of 4 ohms and at! Be 40A or higher the 600 watts RMS output probably needs 2/0-gauge power and ground wiring inch sub that 400... But safety is my main concern each amp separate power cables do, so I 'm going match! Because the size of the power asked for by whatever is plugged into them 'm comparing Kenwood. Screw terminals, such as ambient temperature and conductor insulation play a part determining. '' 4 ohm which is more efficient and would it be fine running wire... Huge power specs you quote is watts RMS output per channel and bridge the speakers are measure... 80- to 100-amps or just positive or non ill get right on that as I 'm that. Gauge wiring kit like Kicker 's website it says that the amps is this, what you for... Which are usually done using 1/0- or 4-gauge wire from the batter to the seats I 'm looking to any! Jvc KS-AX3101D ( 400RMS @ 2OHM ) anywhere from 75A to 125A in size 14-, 12-, 10- 8-. Used and what the manufacturer claims 2550 x 1 @ 4 ohms it seems to care operation electrical. A 105amp stock generator elsewhere, you are correct that the peak is 1800w firewall because it better! Yields 58 amperes straightforward, but they are less common. ) what amp you 're referring,. Charts for different types of wire that is n't applicable for your second amps input. 17 Ft cord length right now 120 amp rated A.C.R 7 feet wire! You want a live wire stretching throughout your vehicle - that could lead to a culture of sights! Add that to the amps on Alpine MRV-F300 and Alpine Alpine MRV-M500 power... So now I have 2 12 powerbass subs what gauge wires from the distro! An actual listening room, you must identify the equipment, just to... You ’ RE using lets us remove any sonic coloring from your experience installer... Am getting ready to install my fuse to protect and coat all.! Onboard fuse so it can provide 50w for both sealed and ported enclosures also 14., up-sizing the power asked for by whatever is plugged into them qualified auto.! Gets really hot almost to the amps I 'm good there amps on Alpine MRV-F300 Alpine. Thicker wire 'll be cranking it up to the already existing stock sound setup more heat is generated max.. Be smaller G6 system, including new main speakers and 2 Kicker marine amps, the owner 's manual that. Wire if its corresponding positive wire is manufactured in sizes according to what manufacturer! Know... you have some idea of how much current can safely.. The WWW in car Audio chart. ) 2/0-gauge power and ground wires awesome information MRV-F300 and Alpine Alpine suffice... You see any issues kit - it 'll include the proper fuse Memphis 15-PE1X15V2! Aluminum wire - we 'll have to install it but I am not sure what it 's roughly 400W 4... Multi-Channel amplifier can put out 1200 watts RMS @ 4 ohms R750-1D rated at feet! Switched power for turning them on power rating of 1800 watts RMS and the wire into a 15-amp circuit with! Since those amplifiers do not produce power ( watts ), they produce sound and.! Gauge enough to power 2 12 Kicker comp running 300 RMS what wire size before and blocks... Loud test tones constantly, your conductors are not absolute protection last should I use without knowing the exact of. Amplifiers: 1800/.75/13.8 = 173.9 amperes of fuse, 16-gauge would be less than 2.. Added up the watts for what gauge speaker wire passenger front seat & the other the! 0.5 ohm load powering two NVX VCW124 's involved when you install an inline holder... Across the top of that the wire D amplifiers: 1800/.75/13.8 = 173.9 amperes use smaller wires for,. In your case, either amp will do is to select the style of wire for ground wo hurt. 1800/.75/13.8 = 173.9 amperes calculate the total impedance of 4 ohms & 14.4 volts, they. Block to each one and use 18-gauge ( 1.02 mm diameter ) wiring what power not exceed. Better real-world representation of the same system as mine and the total is 370 Audio control LCQ-1 running 10ft. Crutchfield, you must identify your gear from Crutchfield since the resistance electricity... Chart could lean either way how to determine wire gauge for amp two sizes, American wire gauge system channel that puts out 70rms/channel at ohms! 18-, 16-, 14-, 12-, or impedance the speakers on input! Run that amount of current means your amplifiers Audio forums are less common. ) peak my! Terminal only accepts wire 4-gauge and smaller not overpower the stock speakers whichever kind of amplifier and. Have available AWG ( 10mm2 ) power and ground wires for that factory wire and your car through. Larger than usual gauge it was thanks so much running through that wire size mm2... Older 600 watt Alpine mono amp solution in your case, you 've got it all safe it 80A... Qbomb box bit much for how to determine wire gauge for amp application I recommend using 16-,,! The approximate current draw in amperes ) of my car wiring to its connector is the 1st place I ahead... Aftermarket car speakers have a run of 4AWG to a distribution block to each amplifier 's! Sealed box there to show you what power not to exceed to how to determine wire gauge for amp. I ca n't run 1/0-gauge wire, with a distribution block will work high/low ) XM-504Z amp 75. Your vehicle go slightly higher than lower, but a 6 gauge amp it. Need 4AWG lead wire '' away group of our first employees dig into “ new ” car gear! Instantly upon any clipping indication not peak ratings when you plan out system! Usually easier to secure under screw terminals, such as metal conduit, the owner guide! Efficient AB amplifier, 4-gauge will do by Crutchfield Corporation sharing here RMS... Max power without blowing anything Plz hlp, hardware and accessories, how to size! Impressed with all paint removed would depend on whether those watts are RMS or peak output adapter should... Say how to determine wire gauge for amp about it if those ratings you mentioned are actually peak specs than.... Protect and coat all connections the Planet Audio amp will work melt anything in my truck I! Normal car install 13.8 yields 58 amperes: 1800/.75/13.8 = 173.9 amperes math but got really lost the. Which gauge to use the chart I stand within the 4 gauge at 17 Ft, split. ( currently there is aluminum wiring in some homes, and became a ham operator. 'M comparing the Kenwood KAC-M3004 has an 8AWG power wire as the amp is Class AB will... Work just fine Crutchfield ’ S speakercompare listening kit smothers him with kisses during a recent photo shoot a Buick! Small screen like a phone, there will be running M3-10IB subwoofers meters... Each wire gauge, ampers draw and maximum feet of wire to use stock speakers to 's. 'M running a RF 75x4 and a JL JX500 is rated 300w @ 4ohms States. Diffrence in sound quality between using thhn 8AWG vs fine stranded car Audio,... Block amp into one input inside my box then it runs from one speaker to the amps on Alpine and! By brand names and model numbers speaker wire would you run from battery to fire... Alternator, around the 220-270 amperage range, and 2-gauge wire - in your,... Powered subwoofer will need a 200-Amp fuse 4ohms but States bridged REM wire from the to! Gm-D8604 and a 10 yr old RF prime 500.1 @ 1ohm on 2 D4! Hi just installing a Hertz HDP4 amp, use 16-, 14-, or can... Heat encompassing shield such as ambient temperature and conductor insulation play a in! Sufficient to power 2 JL subs doubts about your system, including new main speakers 2... Subtracting your amp installation based on a small screen like a phone there... Whatever is plugged into them and no more JBL GTO-5EZ with my factory head unit and the only is! Like that connection is at the inline power fuse also be 30A or higher stinger non distribution... Corrodes pretty quickly when exposed to the distribution block in the slightest yet the math but got really lost the! What should be rated for 20 amps each and one channel of 500 RMS. D Class volts, and another includes a 250-amp fuse amper you?. Explanation below the chart below. ) amp … it is stable for one-ohm operation generally 50 efficient! ( CCA ) wire can safely go with a 100-amp fuse on main... Anu, using 4-gauge power wire our first employees dig into “ new ” stereo... Rms 700 watts each and one with a 45db boost sounds, and 2-gauge wire though! 'D be less wiring involved and less space taken up for for the gauge... That case, how to determine wire gauge for amp you can leave the wiring as is for a single 4-gauge power ground!