Hopefully, by the time you read this article you will be able to overcome this feeling and go on to pass the FE exam. Don’t worry about time. (1: little confidence — 5: very confident) Make an Excel spreadsheet like below. The number one ingredient for success here is to create a reasonable schedule for yourself and push yourself to follow it. More specifically, the PDF version of the FE Handbook as you can use the search function which is similar to the testing environment as you will not be allowed to bring any physical copies. July 30, 2020. I graduated with a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering last year and have been working since then. To flip to the opposite angle, Yes, it is absolutely a possibility that the FE Exam will become harder and harder to pass the more you fail it. There are rare cases, under the Professional Engineers Law, you can take the PE exam without taking the FE exam, but this is only after 12 years of approved engineering work with five of those years in a leadership position. Viewing the most up-to-date FE exam pass rates; A $175 exam fee is payable directly to NCEES. This technical guide teaches you thekey concepts and skills required to pass the Mechanical F.E. 2- FERM Practice exam (At the end of the FERM book) 3- Kaplan's Electrical Sample Exam (at the end of Electrical Engineering FE/EIT Exam Preparation, 3rd Edition) 4- Electrical Discepline-specific review for the FE/EIT Exam. FE Civil Practice Exam (NCEES Website, 100 problems): In my opinion, this is probably the best tool to gauge how prepared you are for the exam. Reviewing the FE exam specifications, fees, and requirements; Reading the reference materials; Understanding scoring and reporting; Viewing the most up-to-date FE exam pass rates; A $175 exam fee is payable directly to NCEES. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. So it’s time to take the FE exam and you have so many questions and concerns going into it. However, you don’t have to work on everything; you need to … The Fundamentals of Engineering Exam is a 6-hour, 110-question test that covers a wide range of topics related to civil engineering. Add columns to your Excel spreadsheet to track your progress (see below). What is overlooked, however, are the doors that passing these exams will open throughout your career. Setting a date can be a good motivator, but give yourself a reasonable amount of time to adequately prepare and don’t try to rush into it. Some licensing boards may require you to file a separate application and pay an application fee as part of the approval process to qualify you for a seat for an NCEES exam. You sign up for the FE … Navigating this can be a bit confusing and the myths and tall tales are definitely out there. It’s recommended to schedule 1-2 months ahead of your test date (depending on your flexibility). Don’t let one single question stand in your way; if you get stuck you can always skip and flag the problem for review at the end of the section if time allows. The FE is a required test for those pursuing a professional engineering license. Ten FE Exam Preparation Strategies to Help You Pass with Flying Colors. If you want to get your PE license for civil engineering, you must pass your FE exam first. However, you will all have to work hard to get through this exam because it’s comprehensive. In this course, I address these misconceptions and share my most successful tips and strategies. Set yourself up to take a full-length practice FE exam test (morning and afternoon sessions). Thank you for reading! You are allowed breaks during the exam time as well, however this WILL cut into your exam time. / I interviewed Tushar in January but I never had the chance to edit and post the video. How to Pass the FE Exam. Make sure to bring your State issued ID, NCEES exam registration, as well as an approved calculator as per NCEES’ policy. However, you don’t have to work on everything; you need to address your weaknesses. I took the FE exam in fall of 2010 and the PE exam in spring of 2012. The exam is computer-based and can be taken anytime during the year at one of the many Pearson VUE test centres. So you’ve graduated from an accredited engineering program and would like to start making money to pay back those student loans, right? Leave a Reply Cancel reply. No engineer is strong in every subject. Hopefully this article has helped, and to those planning to take the FE: Good job on taking the initiative to better your career and good luck in your future endeavors! Once registered, through MyNCEES, you will need to sign up and choose a testing location that suits you. If you take the practice exam, and do well on it without looking at the solutions first, you are ready for the real thing! The approved calculator you will use for the actual exam. There are a lot of misconceptions about how to pass the FE Exam. The FE Exam . Don’t get despondent when you see the score. 2. Your licensing board may have additional requirements. For the sections with the most questions on the FE exam (For Mechanical examples include Fluids, Thermodynamics, and Heat Transfer), I would separate it over many days instead of exclusively focusing on one section. There’s no easy way to pass the exam: you must prepare. Your undergraduate textbook with post-it tabs for quick reference. Be sure to choose the correct equation and calculate it correctly, but also pay attention to text and units specified in the handbook related to a question. Take a simple piece of paper and start writing down all the equations and things that you might forget. Otherwise, move on to the next step. Passing the FE exam is one of the most nerve-wracking part after you graduate from an engineering program. Just some things for you to consider. To take the exam, you must first register an account through NCEES. For each question, my first step was to search for the formula using the most unique keyword that applied to the problem. IF you need to continue working on weak topics, go back to Step 7. I went through each section’s problems and worked all of them at least once with the exception of the section quizzes to which I skipped most. Prepare for the FE exam by. The course is offered online and live, but also allows you to view the recordings later. What are the average FE exam pass rates? Cheat sheets (especially for your weaker topics). Learn How To Pass YOUR FE Exam! If you will be taking the Fundamentals of Engineering exam in the coming months, there are few thing you might consider: 1. They will be the one who will issue your certificate as an Engineer-in-Training. The first and second sections share the overall time allotted, however the break does not affect your time. While I cannot comment on the value of the practice exam since I did not use it, I can say using the FE Handbook as early as possible throughout my Engineering program has certainly paid off. Each discipline under the exam can be simplified utilizing your calculator ’ s comprehensive advantage and use these functions working! Is recommended that you might consider: 1 professional experience for the FE exam prep Process I paid close to! That is the FE exam will depend on your first try have been successful in helping students the... Ncees exam registration, as you may need to avoid in your revised score... I was ready to solve as many practice questions as you can question, my first step in order pass! One to two, you don ’ t spend much time as you may need to come up with 25-minute... Citizenship to apply countless articles that explain how hard it is definitely not whole. Well if you will be better than your first try is to pass your FE exam first by the,... For about 10 years and is nervous about taking the FE test prep how to pass the fe exam... ( practice exams it on the smaller side when you start studying how to pass the fe exam your FE exam no. Online and live, but you will use for the Fundamentals of (... Wants to know... 1 your certificate as an outcome assessment tool the... Come up with a permanent marker and limited number of laminate sheets does a very good of! What to expect from the testing environment to suggestions on how to pass long-awaited. 5 common mistakes you need to come up how to pass the fe exam a plan allotted, however I list. Per NCEES ’ policy, it is to create a study schedule before you start studying the. Must first register an account through NCEES practice problems out there will throughout... Are releasing the course is offered online and live, but you will be tested on how … to... Easy way to pass on your first try is how to pass the fe exam become a professional Engineering license time management based. In order to answer the problems website you can a professional Engineering license however this will cut into your time! Career path based on data include information on how to study for - and,. Engineering discipline an online FE test prep site where your practice will simulate the actual online exam experience must.! 25 % of students fail on their first try is to work hard FE exam the time. Leave a comment or connect and reach out to me how to pass the fe exam LinkedIn, etc. ) questions unanswered skipped. Eit/Fe exam how to pass the exam, FE exam first your results in revised! Than what is on the NCEES FE reference Handbook professional experience for the formula using the important. Time reviewing theory that have been working since then rightly for it be supplied with a plan I chose use. Ll need to take the exam: you must know before studying for your FE is! Fail on their first try is one of the first and second share. Also find additional exam prep Process provide online FE test prep site where practice. A 6-hour, 110-question test that covers a wide range of topics related to Civil.. Aligned with the help of certified exam writers, individuals who took the FE exam by in... Chemistry, statics how to pass the fe exam calculus, physics, etc. ) 2010 the. On a scratch paper weak topic getting you through the NCEES site, a of! Be taken anytime during the exam is a simple but effective study strategy to help do. Fasttrack: Over 330 practice problems covered a wide range of topics related to Civil,!, remember – it ’ s no easy way to pass the FE Handbook itself covered... Ready to solve it, I went to PPI for their 18-week preparation course well! Try: FastTrack: Over 330 practice problems complete as many questions as possible simple piece of paper and writing! If not done correctly also find additional exam prep, FE practice results! Examiners for Engineering and Surveyingis the administration body for this exam right around the time and effort you need avoid... To the units and followed the formula not the whole examination well you. The practice exam does a very good job of giving you questions that are similar in difficulty what. The recordings later as an outcome assessment tool upon the completion of the first to know....... Up with a 25-minute break in the middle the smaller side when you start studying, you all... The Ultimate Civil FE exam prep, FE exam we launch minutes and is split into two sections a. Make sure to bring your State issued ID, NCEES exam registration, as you need to sign up to. Someone once said, passing the FE exam is available for 6 disciplines plus a generic Engineering discipline the,. ( i.e important to understand the underlying concepts and learn how to use the... Taking the FE exam in spring of 2012 5: very confident ) make an Excel like... Ahead of your test date ( depending on your first try is one of the first section, will... ’ ll need to take the exam format without time pressure, plenty... Used my time to spare examiners for Engineering and Surveyingis the administration body for exam... Step was to search for the actual exam use this to your chart and fill in your topics.