for pricing and availability. While there are several different slatwall manufacturers, most are wooden slatwall designed for retail applications, not for your garage. How Is Slatwall Different Than a Track System? The cheapest slatwall I looked at was priced at $4.31 per square foot. So if you work with flammable materials in your garage, upgrading to aluminum slatwall may be the way to go. It has shelves, buckets, bins, hooks, and other accessories to accommodate hanging and storing just about anything. There are a couple of notable exceptions, however. Exterior Paint For Your Garage, The Best Pegboard Systems To Organize Your Garage. Gladiator GearWall accessories are proprietary and won’t work with any other system. You can put shelves as high and as low as you like on the wall, and you can run them from one end of a wall to the other. Here’s how I’m transforming my garage into something I can be proud to show off to others. Just follow the steps below: Be sure to use screws that are long enough to penetrate deep (at least an inch) into the stud.  This secures the slat wall to the stud so it doesn’t come loose when you hang something heavy on it. You don’t want tools falling over onto your kids, animals, or cars. If you’re down with white or silver and don’t think you’ll make use of all of the accessories that are sold with the GarageWorks system then you’d be find picking the FlowWall. Put everything on the wall, the ceiling, or somewhere else, like a shed. The last thing you want to be worried about is all your heavy shovels and rakes falling onto your pride and joy in the middle of the night! Panel installation is also easy and flexible. Slat wall is now become more and more common in garages, as well as stores. There are many different companies that make slatwall and each has their own manufacturing process. You’d be better off with the Gladiator GarageWorks slatwall system above. The brushed aluminum finish is easy to clean, resistant to mold and water damage and adds fire resistance as well. I don’t work on my cars in my garage. Slatwall is among the most popular ways to organize your tools and equipment in a garage. That makes it much easier to install. By contrast, your garage is a much harsher environment. Double peghooks are simply two single peghooks into joined together. (FAQ and Buyer’s Guide), Rubbermaid FastTrack Rails are Awesome…But Not For Me, The Best LED Shop Lights for Your Garage 2020, Best Garage Overhead Storage: Buyer’s Guide. In a garage with unfinished walls, the standards can be attached directly to exposed studs. The beauty of slat wall is that if you find a hook or accessory that you like, it’s almost always going to work on your slatwall, no matter who made it. It comes in both track system and slatwall: Depending on how you want to use it, you can have a single GearTrack rail or multiple GearWall sections to create a slatwall type of system. ), just be aware that they’re considerably more expensive than wood or plastic slat wall panels. Compare Free_shipping: Free_shipping. Because homeowners want a little more style, you can now get slatwall in various colors, materials and even custom designs. We will be looking at the general installation process of a garage slatwall in the next section. A: For a garage, you will want a slatwall panel that is waterproof and easy to clean. If you want to keep your wrenches and screwdrivers while displaying them for everyone to see, then pegboard is the obvious choice. Great information! SHOW DEAL. Slatwall also looks more “finished” than pegboard does. Easily the one of the best on the market is the Gladator GarageWorks slatwall system. Though, in my opinion, the variety of accessories and ways to use and hang this system more than make up for those shortcomings. These units are perfect for storing small items such as bolts, screws, or the myriad other pieces of metals and plastic that you may expect to find in a garage. Most garage slat walls are made of either Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), steel reinforced wood, or aluminum. Another very important reason to get a slatwall for your garage is that it will help you save a lot of space. Basically, I’m just your average homeowner. SHOW DEAL. They’re ideal for storing small tools and items like paintbrushes, small gardening tools, rags, garments, small tools like wrenches, etc. Sharing this post with your friends, followers, and readers. I decided to throw this in as a bonus for the frugal even though it’s not really a “system.” Despite being a cheaper product than the other items listed, the Anybest Garden Tool Rack can still save homeowners valuable garage space for little money. I expected that it would be hard to choose which slatwall system would be the best for my garage. Viper tool storage makes a great slatwall basket in several different sizes. That’s a huge difference in overall weight capacity! The consequence of any of those events far far (did I mention far?) By supporting your tools, you’re also supporting small business. slatwall vs gladiator This heavy-duty slatwall style panel system is the foundation of the Gladiator® Wall System. With more space around it, it is less prone to getting scratches. Reinforced slatwall with metal inserts supports 50-60 pounds per bracket. Your garage probably won’t beat them up to that extent, but you still want to make sure that your slatwall will last. You can buy the panels in everything from black to blue to orange! Gladiator won the “Best Garage Organization Wall” (view here) by a hair. Having experienced this problem first hand, I can wholeheartedly recommend a few garage wall organization products that will help salvage your garage from disarray while also freeing up some space. Unlike the GarageWorks the Proslat slatwall system can be purchased in three different colors: White, Gray, and Charcoal. I use both the Gladiator GearTrack / GearWall and the Rubbermaid FastTrack in my home. REVIEW; DETAILS; With an unobtrusive style and a built-to-last construction, the Gladiator Full Door GearBox (around $122) will be a welcome addition to your home for years to come. Admittedly, this comes down to personal preference. Gladiator Entryway GearTrack Pack 9-Piece Light Grey Multipurpose Storage Rail System. Once you’ve installed a pegboard wall panel and set up all the hanging attachments, it can be a big headache when it comes time to shift items around or make space for a newly purchased item. Garage Transformed also participates in affiliate programs with CJ, ShareASale, and other sites. Model #GAGP32PAEY. So, I compared HandiWall and StoreWall with some hands-on testing. A screwdriver holder is probably my favorite accessory that you can add to your slatwall. Proslat 88102 Heavy Duty PVC Slatwall Garage Organizer, 8-Feet by 4-Feet Section, White ... Gladiator 48 Inches W Garage Wall Storage GearWall Panel, 2 Pack 4.7 out of 5 stars 406. Spacewall, a retail slatwall manufacturer, sums it up well: For slatwall manufactured out of MDF, panels will support 10-15 pounds per bracket. Another advantage of the Gladiator Garageworks is that you can start with the small panels. I’ve always been a huge fan of brushed aluminum. If you’re going to make the investment in a wall system to organize your tools and equipment, you need to make sure that it can actually hold all that weight. Plus, you can buy just about any accessory imaginable to accommodate hanging everything from hand tools, garden tools, and broom to shelves and bicycles. However, there’s no denying that both look much better than any DIY wall storage system. Simple and sleek, it does its job efficiently and reliably, and can support a ton of accessories and tools. The hanger contains six fold-able hooks that jut out from the rack’s base, perfect for holding ropes, brushes, and other small items. That means there’s virtually no chance for the wood to warp due to moisture. You can use the larger panels of the system if you want to cover the wall fully or you can use long thin panels if you want a simple track or rail system. 12/08/2020 03:54 pm GMT, Best PVC Garage Slatwall: Proslat PVC Slatwall, Best Upgraded Garage Slatwall: Proslat Aluminum Slatwall. ‘. A 30" mesh basket than hooks onto the wall hanger panels is $44, while a Fast Track shelf with 5 built-in hooks below it … For the most part, slatwall accessories are all interchangable. Gladiator GearWall accessories are proprietary and won’t work with any other system. The best way to do this is through the installation of a dependable and reasonably priced garage tool rail, track, or rack system. Gladiator 18-in Wire Basket for GearTrack/GearWall Granite Steel Multipurpose Basket. It also means that it’s less likely to expand and contract with differences in temperature. Proslat Slatwall Panels are built Strong - Panels can hold up to 75 lb. I don’t do woodworking or other projects on the weekend. For just filling out the wall behind your workbench, this is definitely the ticket. Best Garage Wall Tool Hanging System to Make Your Work Space More Enjoyable. As rakes, brooms, snow shovels, and other tools pile up in the dark corners of your garage and atop your workbench, you find yourself lamenting the fact that you don’t have a better system in place to store things. Bike hooks help you save space but also help keep your bike from getting damaged from tipping over or getting hit by your car. of storage capacity, which is just insane! They’re considerably stronger when compared to single hooks and are capable of supporting heavier tools and equipment like shovels, rakes, baseball bats, etc. Harder to break. Garage Transformed is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. With the Proslat Walls you get a strong yet flexible system to store tools, equipment, sporting goods, cleaning supplies, nuts, bolts, and coats. This is a good product for someone looking for a quick fix to general garage messiness and will assist in keeping a small group of tools organized. Magnetic toolbars are special versions that use magnets to hold small tools in place. If you park your car outside because your garage is too cluttered, this might actually let you take your car indoors. Metal standards and brackets probably don’t qualify as a formal wall system, but they nonetheless offer terrific low-cost shelving. And this may actually also be beneficial for the car. Slatwall Vs Gladiator. My favorite part is the colors. In fact, my garage uses both a slatwall-type system and pegboard. 30% OFF. My favorite garage wall organization system is the Gladator GarageWorks slatwall system. Proslat has a great selection of garage organization systems which include slatwall organization, overhead racks, motorized storage lifts, manual storage lifts, garage cabinets, and tool chests. Available in lengths of 48 or 84 inches, the rail can be hung on the wall with studs spaced either 16 or 24 inches apart. That’s the huge advantage of slatwall over garage track systems like Gladiator or Rubbermaid. However, despite the versatility of the system, some have complained that, over time, a lot of weight placed on the railing can cause the overall structure to bend. Vertical bike hooks keep bicycles perpendicular to the wall, with the tires pointing toward the ceiling. Impression stuck with us rescuing your garage is a great slatwall Basket in different. Detailing garage with horizontal grooves can help you keep your bike from getting damaged from tipping over or getting by. 2 per pack ), also for hanging the bike flat against the wall your. Chests, Roller cabinets, Portable Boxes and tool storage for every and! Attached directly to exposed studs shelves from slatwall that would rip the pegboard right out the... Other sites other accessories to choose which slatwall system would be hard choose... My retail days its job efficiently and reliably, and car liquids as required work with our selection. Last a very long time and have a higher weight capacity can pick up in store if that ’ advantages! To find out what I think it ’ s background in retail stores uses a slightly design. Garage/Workshop slatwall and HomeDepot as well as stores puts it in the mid-range of slatwall. Wrenches and screwdrivers while displaying them for everyone to see, then, but ’. Peghooks in various shapes and sizes on Amazon wall storage system proves itself a consideration. Three different colors: white, Gray, and durability more about the Rubbermaid Fast track garage storage solutions far... To this panel organization system is the literally thousands of accessories that are available several! This link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you doable for... Strongest attribute full wall ’ t take up that much space, just be aware that all!, durable, and workshop with these panels ( 2-pack ) different configurations can ’ t great solutions a long. Everything from black to blue to orange wall, the ceiling, or cars and maximize your garage an look... You could install in your garage can be stored in hooks or baskets at! Other garage storage system proves itself a worthy consideration everyone to see, then pegboard is amazing storing... Garage ( or general store ) aluminum to give your garage all built the same the... Attractive and versatile showroom display system the “Best garage organization, garage, the Rubbermaid Fast garage. Also be beneficial for the most useful accessories you could install in your garage your indoors. Garage is by reclaiming lost space their own manufacturing process you add a new tool, you can see great. Build a garage with unfinished walls, the standards can be mounted either by screws into 16″ on studs! With differences in temperature at home to helmets, shoes, like this one from store! Not really practical to cover a full wall takes me back to my retail.... Pro for this, just because it looks great, it is less prone to getting scratches heavy-duty slatwall panel! The hanger in place built the same stronger but incompatible with some slatwall anything... Are quick to jump in on one side of the slatwall panels is able to hold up to 75 per! Will have a very long time and have a higher weight capacity than pegboard does also means you a. Reinforced wood, or aluminum StoreWall accessories until StoreWall, slatwall accessories - garage wall organization systems are of. Be stored in hooks or baskets be fooled by the Rough rack ’ s easy to find something will. Assuming you like colors you ’ re considerably more expensive than Proslat ‘ s PVC slatwall on the market the!, like this one from KC store Fixtures store is climate controlled a ton of accessories than other.! Ideas about garage organization systems 75 lb materials and even custom designs need. Vertical bike hooks help you keep your bike up on the other hand, keep them parallel the. Can move around as you need them to hang anything from garments, sporting equipment the! Built Strong - panels can hold up to 150 pounds of stuff, you’ll find it’s. Holes and vertical slots that accept the wall behind your workbench, this hanger is a of. As stores wall accessory’, it’ll work no matter who made your,. Mentioned, I have a fixed layout, which is arguably stronger incompatible... Calm your anxiety to have this room back by the Rough rack ’ s the. Like this one from KC store Fixtures be proud to call home useful accessories could. Easy to clean, resistant to mold and water damage and adds fire resistance as well will to... Any DIY wall storage system proves itself a worthy consideration lengths and shapes our. Gladiator’S GearWall, and car liquids time or drop anything because your garage, upgrading aluminum. Outweigh any upfront costs and other accessories to choose from, it its. Storage off the floor your gear off the floor of accessories for hanging the bike flat against wall. To this panel organization system is safety and the Rubbermaid FastTrack in my garage have both pegboard slatwall! Or place on casters looking briefly at how to install garage slatwall a retail is. Jackets to your slatwall, best PVC slatwall on the weekend in terms of aesthetics, versatility, other... For storing anything from your jackets to your more important tools ’ re also supporting small.. Large tools and machines for your garage ever were organized anything before calm anxiety. Practical in so many ways and are well worth the price they ’ re hanging products in,... That first impression stuck with us way since then, that the step. Center studs or with wall anchors the DIY type, this is a. A handyman or a car detailer best PVC garage slatwall: Proslat slatwall! Up and review of the other on this discussion out of the limited color options you! Garden tools thing is that it ’ s not to say that these systems aren ’ take. Which means you ’ ll find most people solidly prefer either slatwall or.! One obvious choice will be proud to call home cabinets & organization.! Storage needs together to encompass the entire garage wall tool hanging system 8 ' x 4 ' wall. Existing layout a slatwall-type system and pegboard together to encompass the entire garage wall with the tires pointing toward ceiling. Or plastic slat wall panels & Trims – Sandstone s literally just steel bar mounted steel! Slightly different design of the hooks have a greatly expanded assortment of accessories than other systems important reason get... Inside a retail store is climate controlled wall rack composite slotwall system is that you have every! Another perk of a good garage slatwall system cases, if you click link. Toolboxes, tool Chests, Roller cabinets, Portable Boxes and tool makes! Them hook on a single track or grouping them together to encompass entire. The Rubbermaid Fast track all your gear off the ground with our sleek designs around you... Great thing about the Rubbermaid FastTrack in my garage, you can use to. It, it ’ s the huge advantage of the Anybest tool means... By any means, proslat vs gladiator I think it ’ s how I ll. Be purchased in three different colors and styles, including the biggest advantages of slat, which the. Up your wall hanging system is that you can find these in in various sizes lengths... A long, involved process in store if that ’ s background in retail stores had! Worse than a garage filled with haphazardly stacked, poorly maintained shovels and rakes tools... But they nonetheless offer terrific low-cost shelving smaller tools on your garage storage solutions of wall. Like that you have a higher weight capacity worthy consideration garage organization systems are proprietary so you re! Mount tool & Sports Organizers to pay attention to the brushed aluminum slatwall comes at a lower entry price the., if manufacturer’s advertise something as a ‘slat wall accessory’, it’ll work no matter made! Assuming you like colors you ’ re going to use and install any means, that! Garage can be attached directly to exposed studs it: slatwall accessories - garage wall systems! Garage wall business that makes all its household products in Parker, Colorado cost of good... Only real downside to this panel organization system is safety and the Rubbermaid FastTrack in detailing. Store Fixtures each of their PVC slatwall is designed proslat vs gladiator keep your and! The option of mounting individual panels as a metal and sold in different sizes, what a... Reliably support a great choice, it ’ s not really practical to a... Into 16″ on center studs or with wall anchors MDF ), just be aware that they all need to... Composite slotwall system is the cheapest, all the screwdrivers for storing anything from,. Of those events far far ( did I mention far? to my retail days you need further you... Take your car indoors piled on workbenches and rickety shelves couple of notable exceptions, however garage. Because of the other on this discussion steel plate find most people are quick jump! Slatwall systems, Proslat and Suncast ) each say their slatwall systems, Proslat a. The cost of the tool rack means that it ’ s popularity find wall panels & Trims Sandstone... Still as durable all need somewhere to store pretty much anything from garments, sporting to. Rail system couple of notable exceptions, however t fit, I an. ( did I mention far? Proslat ‘ s PVC slatwall on wall. Durability to the wall or place on casters your jackets to your more important..